Thursday, 6 May 2021

MK4 Casterferrium Dreadnought

 Managed to bag this bad boy last week, bit of a birthday present for me.

I spent a bit of time cleaning it up before giving both the Dreadnought and the Dark Vengeance limited Chaplain an ushabati bone base coat, I'll leave the Chaplain where is as he's got 2 coats of Coelia Greenshade wash on there.

The Mk4 got 2 coats of Black Templar contrast before applying spot colours and free handing chapter and company badges.

I do really like this style of Dreadnought and I will be keeping an eye on ebay to see if I can grab a 3rd because I like them that much, hopefully with Las cannons next time... 

I did 2 things with this before I went for the trip out yesterday, which was get the other dual, twin heavy bolters Mortis Dreadnought out for a side by side photo. 

I would like to be able to get two of the Forge World power fists left & right and do the same heavy bolters as the other one. 

As well as get the rest of the mk4's out, the Grey Knight dread was out because I had put a coat of astroganite on the base.

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