Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Thought I Was Done With The Chaos Dreads

Currently back on nights so need a plan to keep me awake at work, and I do like how those Chaos Dreads look painted up.

And those Dreadnoughts from Space Crusade were classed as Chaos, there's a stand of that style in epic as well, and I had this heavily converted hull and chassis I'm a job lot that I had tried to sell bit the guy obviously didn't like the look of it, and loads to bits left over from the boxed version and 11 hours to kill...

First thing I did was cut the Nid gun off and add some magnets for the big guns.

The las cannons and heavy bolter are interchangeable on this, the multi melta and autocannons are 2 separate builds. All had wads of green stuff and magnets attached.

I played with the files and got that arm to fit over the formed arm that's part of the hull, some cutting had to take place to get it on.

And I added green stuff and magnets again as those tendrils are not something I want to transport in one piece.
I also filed out inside the head and around the prow so that the new head would fit, and I added the horns to help hide how rough that looked.

I'm back on nights on Wednesday so plan to get some paint on it then.

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Sunday, 29 May 2016

One Left To Find

Managed to get some 'alone time' today, so I treated myself by getting ALL of my Dreads out.

My Deathwing Knights and the orginal Chaos chuck from the RT era.

And also the Chaos dreads.

All of the Lion's Blades Dreads.

The 5 Space Crusade Dreads, plan is when I get the Deredo, see how the big guns fit on the long legged version and if it fits run the 3 of them as Talon.

4 armed hulls on the short leg chassis.

The Knights of Blood dreads.

The Wraith Lords and War Walkers for Telvig.

And the evolution of the metal dreads, while I was getting these out I found out that I am missing the standard metal dread from 2nd /3rd edition.
So plan to source another of the metal Chaos dreads and paint it up in the bone, black and red and as I have a heavily converted Space Crusade dread I'll paint that up in the same colours as well, and source a basic metal dread as well so I have them all.

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Saturday, 28 May 2016


I bought one of the Harlequins jet bike the other day and it arrived earlier this week, I was able to start it on Thursday night and I finished it off last night.

I put a magnet in the socket as none of the actual stands fit and also put one in the base as well.

The bike was painted black and orange to match the others.

The wings at the back are magnetised so can come off, and I appear to have lost the control panel.

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Friday, 27 May 2016

Few Bits Done

This week I've done a couple of bits and pieces, the last Harlequin I needed to complete the RT era Harlequins collection.

I have done this one in a similar style to the chaos dreads as I quire liked how it looks.

The Dark Vengeance chaos Helbrute was re-painted to match the other 2 I had painted the other day, I may be watching another of the old metal dreads to get a set of 4 painted in the same colours.
The last thing I'm working on at the moment is one of the Harlequins jet bikes that I'm doing as a chop shop Skyweaver.

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Thursday, 26 May 2016

The Masque Of The Breaking Dawn. Harlequins Got Them All Part 2.

Photo heavy post! So with my last few buys for the Harlequins I finally have all the Jes Goodwin era Harlequins, some of the 5th ed metal and the finecast versions and some of the new plastic as well. The last thing I bought was the Harlequins jet bike that I'll be adding to one of the chop shop Skyweavers squadrons, speaking of which;

The first part of The Diplomatic Corps.

The 2nd Masque

The 1st Masque

The Masque Of Mimes

The Masque Of The Star Players.

And all of the Jes Goodwin era Harlequins bar 1 and the jet bike. If I can get some sleep today I plan to get some paint on both of those tonight.

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Tuesday, 24 May 2016

The Chaos Helbrute

I started to put this together yesterday, it's a bit of a fiddly build and there is a tiny piece behind the head that need some filing to get it to fit and the 3 bits for the hull, the front and top are okay, the back was a struggle but that may have been me more than than the kit. The various cannons are all push fit, the only issue really if you want to swop weapons out are the extra pipes if you fit them. I dug out enough plastic to magnetise the hand arm.

I started off painting it tonight by giving it an overall base of ushabati bone, and then gave it all the bits I wanted to look organic a sepia wash, and then when that was dry, I gave it a second sepia wash, before going over those bits with a screaming skull dry brush.

And then did the armour plates with a thinned black.

Before doing the fleshy bits in elven flesh which got a nuln oil wash when dry. As my vision was getting a little blurry, I called it a night at this point.

Once home and coffeeed up I got some red on it, and touched up the black and dry brushed some of the pivot points with lead bleacher.

And this morning I put it beside the orginal metal Chuck, just wish I could find the plasma cannon arm...

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Monday, 23 May 2016

Forge World Bulletin 23rd of May

Monday 23 May 2016

You might have noticed that tickets for the Forge World Open Day 2016 are on sale now. It’s not beyond the realms of possibility that the fantastic new books and models that were talked about at Warhammer Fest will be on show at the Open Day, you might even be able to get your hands on a few of them ahead of them being availabe on the web store.

So what was shown off at Warhammer Fest? Here’s two of my favourites that were shown on the day…

The Mastodon is huge! It’ll be carrying your troops and dreadnoughts into battle soon.The Mastodon is huge! It’ll be carrying your troops and dreadnoughts into battle soon.

The Legiones Astartes: Age of Darkness Army List collects together all of the units available to any Space Marine Legion – and this collector’s edition looks amazing!The Legiones Astartes: Age of Darkness Army List collects together all of the units available to any Space Marine Legion – and this collector’s edition looks amazing!
Keep your eye on this bulletin for more from Warhammer Fest, and order your tickets for the Forge World Open Day now before they’re gone!

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Sunday, 22 May 2016

Chucks, Both Large And Small

Repaired my Chucks last night and got them standing beside the newer plastic BaC Contemptor

As you can see the hip joints and the legs are both smaller.

The upper body is also down in size, I didn't do the back view but the exhaust pack is also smaller as well.

Although when stood between my 2 Forge World Contemptors it is less noticeable that it is a mini version.
Overall it is a good kit, it goes together nice and easy, it looks good even in just a base coat. But I would still go and shell out for the Forge World kit over another one of these just for the flexibility the FW version gives you.

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