Thursday, 31 October 2019

Incursors 6 To 10

Got the second half of the box done tonight , I'd be very happy to build a full Vanguard company with these kits. Maybe I'll add that to my objectives for 2020.
Little bit of on source lighting

Wednesday, 30 October 2019

Part 1 Of The Incursors Box

Got the first 5 roughed up, need a few more highlights sorting as well as the bases and squad markings, but the sleep depravation kicked in and I couldn't remember if the Incursors squad is a troop choice or not.

Tuesday, 29 October 2019

Dread Tober

I don't have a problem, everything is stored safely. 78 on the table with one next door that I need to pick up and a disassembled World Eaters Contemptor that's part of next year's project make 80 and the 8 Eldar dreads that I definitely can't fit on the table anymore makes 88 dreads in total. Will be getting the break down photos on the 31st by faction and then the way that makes sense to me.

Incursors, Librarian And A Lot Of TLC

Just built myself 10 Incursions. The box itself has a nice weight to it, yes it's 5 bodies doubled but there are so many options you can do plenty of builds without it looking like it's the same 5 guys again, so gw have been listening to some of the complaints, and loads of bits left over. Have a spare Reavor that I can upgrade to give me an option.
While I was adding the 6 boltstorm Aggressors to the 56 dreads I already have on the table for the end of Dread Tober, I found that the Primaris Astartes stuff needs a bit of TLC, including the magnet replacing on the right arm of this guy.
And the main course for tonight was getting this Librarian finished.

Sunday, 27 October 2019

Full Table, Edited

First off a quick example of the night mode being activated on my phones camera.
The end of the month is drawing close and I'm getting close to getting all the dreads out slowly, so currently I've got 56 on the table with the majority of the Lion's Blades to go. EDIT - added pics of the BoltstormAggressors, which takes the total to 60 on the table.

Saturday, 26 October 2019

Björns Assemble

Alarms blaring, the engineering crew fled from the Warp Core area, when the expected ship destroying kaboom didn't come a brave volunteer was sent back in, his report over the vox made little sense, Björn The Fell Handed was on the bridge, not battling Warp spawn in the engine decks, but it wasn't just one Björn, it was 6, 5 encased in dreadnought armour and one in power armour. Once the onslaught was over the engineers had some assistance from a Magos who'd arrived in a blue box, and to strangers calling themselves Sapphire and Steel to fix the Rift caused by the defective Warp Core.
The first iteration of Björn, the metal version that would briefly become fine cast, before becoming the plastic version.
I've bought a few of these as it's a nice kit with plenty of bits.
The fat Albert version I did not long after the kit was first released. Also included is the Gregor Fell Hand.
There's a part of this that says it heresy to have made the old metal Venerable Dread into a Björn, and there a part of me that says it was herest that this wasn't done in the first place.
And the Contemptor, I used the Forge World Space Wolf Contemptor as the base and trawled ebay for bits so I want buying yet another Björn dreadnought kit. What's left? Only the Liviathon maybe, if I can find one of the Forge World Space Wolf Casterferrum dreads cheapish I can see me definitely adding one of those to the time line project.

Wrapping Dread Tober Up Early

Objective completed

Friday, 25 October 2019

The Rift Tears Open Again

The Warp Rift tears open again and another Björn The Fell Handed washes up in our reality. So the Björn Again crew of dreads now numbers 5, with the Redemptor, the old metal version, and the new plastic from a couple of years ago, the only dread version I'm missing is the finecast, but as that's a direct copy of the metal I can live without that.

Björn Contemptor

Had a lot of fun putting some paint on this tonight, still plenty to do tomorrow.

Blood Angel Dreadnought

Added the ccw to this one tonight, while I've been base coating and washing the Björn Contemptor, yes I am actually getting paint on what was one of the core goals for this dread Tober, back on the Blood Angel dread I'm thinking it needs a huge Moog synthesiser so it can back up the sonic dread.
Could do with a white cover on the pad to stop the colour washing out

Wednesday, 23 October 2019

Blaster Master Dreadnought

I'm hoping that the fact it's supposed to look like a mish mash helps this one.