Tuesday, 15 October 2019

Honour Guard Redemptor

Toned it back a bit on this with it just being an Honour Guard Redemptor, rather than a Marnius Calgar Redemptor as planned. I am kind of thinking of going 2nd ed red on the cannons but not sure if I want to risk that right now. Rules wise I had the Forge World index put from the other day and the Casterferrum Mortis Dreadnought has the option of dual assault cannons. I am thinking of doing another one of these, using a standard dread and painting it for the Night Lords again, as when I was putting the dreads in Talons I thought an anti infantry fire support option would fit really well with the World Eater and Blood Angels dreads, also looking at making a dual multi melta and dual twin las cannons mortis arms for the Iron Warriors and Imperial Fist dreads to go with the Dark Angels one. Edit. Chose to go with the 2nd ed colours.

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