Tuesday, 29 October 2019

Incursors, Librarian And A Lot Of TLC

Just built myself 10 Incursions. The box itself has a nice weight to it, yes it's 5 bodies doubled but there are so many options you can do plenty of builds without it looking like it's the same 5 guys again, so gw have been listening to some of the complaints, and loads of bits left over. Have a spare Reavor that I can upgrade to give me an option.
While I was adding the 6 boltstorm Aggressors to the 56 dreads I already have on the table for the end of Dread Tober, I found that the Primaris Astartes stuff needs a bit of TLC, including the magnet replacing on the right arm of this guy.
And the main course for tonight was getting this Librarian finished.

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