Wednesday, 2 October 2019

1st Legion Mk4 Casterferrum Mortis Dreadnought

I am working around the, what's now become the Honour Guard for Primarnius Calgar, mostly just green stuff and magnets on the shoulders last night, and while I was waiting I made a start on the Mk 4 dreadnought for the 1st Legion. It comes with a range of arms including a dodgy re use of the Space Crusade tarantula las cannons and a couple of spare right arms for those times when I want to use more autocannon dreads, so I can now put 4 on the table at once, or 2 mortis pattern.
There was a subtle redesign between this and the standard dread that means the weapon mounts and shoulders are slightly different to the current box dreads.
I also got the feet on this guy and finally got around to magnetiseing the arms.
And the current state of play on the big guy, I'm torn on the weapons to use the heavy Onslaught gatling cannons make more sense but the smaller space Crusade cannons look good as well.

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