Friday, 28 June 2019

Painted Multi Purpose Rhino For The Star Leopards

Had fun building this, Conquest Rhino base, with the old metal mk2 Predator metal plates , using Mr Pages missile launcher as the Whirlwind launcher, Leman Russ heavy bolter sponsons with autocannon turret, used the last of my space Crusade tarantula Twin las cannons for the twin las cannons with the las cannon sponsons and the Vindicator version is a spare thing from the Baneblade kit

Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Multi Purpose Rhino

When I got back into the hobby in 09, it was pretty much #poorhammer, I wouldn't even have had the cash to do this one. It's been a week and a fun project to put together, a Rhino that I can put out as a basic transport, a Predator, Vindicator or Whirlwind, last option of a Razorback still needs working on, I have the heavy bolters from the sponsons sprue and a couple of unused dread assault cannons that I can mess around with to get there.
The last of the Space Crusade tarantula Twin las cannons has been filed and fitted on the mk2 turret as the twin las cannon option, also used are the Leman Russ heavy bolter sponsons.
Same turret just with the Predator las cannon sponsons.
Tidied up the growths on the barrel and added a muzzle hole, as well as the 5mmx1mm magnet that allows me to swop the weapons.
The rather large demolisher cannon for the Vindicator version.
And the Whirlwind launcher version, decided to buy another pack of these heavy weapons so I can use this one and on here and still have the las cannon missile launcher option on the dreadnaught, plus that gives the dread a double twin las cannons option, but that's now the first buy next month.

Thursday, 20 June 2019


Does this make me a pro modeler?
I've shared the turret already on this one but this is the finished product. As said I'very got an agreement with a guy to buy the Conquest magazine, in my defence he'd already declined a Rhino so when this came along I offered to put a turret on it and he can use this as a relic Vindicator or Predator for his army. I've used one of the razorback hatches on the cavity with a panel from the Baneblade kit over the top of that, at the back of the turret is a Forge World resin wedge to hold the back of the turret up. The side guns can be switched as they're blu tacked on
Everything can be removed and the mortar cannon can be put back in so it can be used as a Vindicator.
One bonus of doing this I've found a B F G I can use as a counts as demolisher cannon on the last Rhino. I've added magnets to the back of the front plate so the compensator 6000 can be removed and this can be fielded as a Vindicator, Predator as I've got a whole set of mk2 plates at home to use, and I'm looking for something I can mount on a turret that I can use and call it a Whirlwind. The plan is to paint this multi purpose tank for the Star Leopards chapter.

Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Dumbledor From Half Blood Prince

No I've not used any contrast paints, not had the chance to get to the shops. The tortured souls had a raketh flesh coat then a couple of washes of the camo shade then a mix of death guard green and raketh flesh as a high light with a quick coat of XV 88 amon the hair.
As I was doing the high lights on the grey part of Dumbledor's robe I realised his left arm was attached in his arm pit area rather than the shoulder, so I'm waiting for the glue to set before I get on with the blue grey parts of the robe.

Monday, 17 June 2019

The Albus Dumbledor Firestorm

This was a bit different, again for The Harry Potter stuff the stand that the dynamic Dumbledor goes on, he can also go on a smaller base. I gave it an ushabati bone base coat and then went over it with 2 nuln oil washes and a black dry brush. I then edged the base with Deepkin Flesh.
The flame storm got an ushabati bone base coat, then as I've got a little bit more experience with blue flames it got a Macragge Blue coat followed by a drakenhof nightshade wash, once dry I mixed some lighter blues and made sure I didn't get into evert nook and cranny with it, it then got an even lighter coat of temple Guard blue before a light coat of screaming skull and then a hight light with the Deepkin Flesh.
Plan to break up the black this week by finishing the Conquest captain tomorrow, Albus and the tortured souls on Tuesday then the Suppressors on Wednesday and Thursday I'm planning to read as my mood has improved a lot.

Sunday, 16 June 2019

2nd Lieutenant And Dumbledor

Okay I'm not complaining about Forge World vague instructions for a while after building the Half Blood Prince Dumbledor, it didn't help that I had a duplicate of one of the sections of flame in the box. Once I'd put it together I put the whole thing to one side to let it set properly and went back to the other Phobos Lieutenant.
I gave the Phobos Lieutenant a coat of Tau Ocher and then a 50/50 mix for high lights. Details got the black and Temple Guard Blue.

Saturday, 15 June 2019


I had a game in Leyland the other day, at the new shop that's opened up. While I lost the game I picked up the Unicorn and Dynamic Dumbledor. Tonight I brought the Unicorn for painting, I started with a raketh flesh, then gave it a coat of screaming skull, then a coat Deepkin Flesh. The horn and hooves got a 2 washes with agrax earthshade and then a dry brush of screaming skull. The mane got a wash of the drakenhof nightshade.

Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Monthly Vow, 12th of June To The 12th Of July

Next month's plan is simple so far, 2nd Suppressor and Infiltrator squad, 2nd Primaris Captain and 2nd Shadowspire Lieutenant, after loosing 23 14 at the Rogue Games store in Leyland today I picked up a Harry Potter Unicorn and, for want of a better phrase, extremely dynamic Dumbledor, the flaming attach he uses in The Half Blood Prince,
as well as assembling one of the Death Seige tanks and seeing if I can fit an old Predator turret on it so it can be a counts as Vindicator or Predator for the guy that is buying the Conquest magazines off me and gives his son some tanks to play with, and lastly the heavy weapons need painting on the Star Leopards dreadnought as well. REVIEW TIME NOTE the order is going to be off this time. First up was the Shadowspire Master of possession, I honestly think that this and the Librarian from this set are 2 of the best minis I've put together and painted, and this Master of possession is one of the best minis I've done as well.
Next up I did the first of the Eliminators, I'd liked the way the robe looked on the Master and I wanted it carry it on, and make sure it worked, also it provides a major contrast to the black armour on the Primaris.
As a break from the marines I did something for Dread Tober by using the Space Crusade tarantula las cannons as alternative weapons on a Mortis Casterferrum dread.
I also tried the helmeted head from the Eliminator on the Phobos captain to see how it looked as well as getting the event Lieutenant painted up as well, it's a minor conversion with the head turned the other way and a second holster added as most of the time he'll have bolt pistol and plasma pistol.
Then I finished off the first B sprue with the Suppressor and Infiltrators as well as an old metal marine that's being run as a Lieutenant.
I clipped out the other 2 Eliminatorsfrom the B and A sprues and painted those up to get one full squad.
The Lieutenant but I hadn't realised I'd left the glide vanes and scabbard on the other side of the sprue so he got paused while I remembered those 2 small parts.
And done.
Then came the second B sprue.
Followed by what was left of the A sprue.
Somewhere I slipped in the second 3 Eliminators but I missed them in the photos.
I then did the first of the Conquest magazine captains for the Star Leopards.
Before I played around with the heavy weapon pack for the old style dread, each weapon comes with its own mount point that fits into the shoulders and as I'd already magnetised the arms I was able to trim down the mounts and file them smooth before gluing a 5mmx1mm onto each one so it can be swopped around.