Thursday, 20 June 2019


Does this make me a pro modeler?
I've shared the turret already on this one but this is the finished product. As said I'very got an agreement with a guy to buy the Conquest magazine, in my defence he'd already declined a Rhino so when this came along I offered to put a turret on it and he can use this as a relic Vindicator or Predator for his army. I've used one of the razorback hatches on the cavity with a panel from the Baneblade kit over the top of that, at the back of the turret is a Forge World resin wedge to hold the back of the turret up. The side guns can be switched as they're blu tacked on
Everything can be removed and the mortar cannon can be put back in so it can be used as a Vindicator.
One bonus of doing this I've found a B F G I can use as a counts as demolisher cannon on the last Rhino. I've added magnets to the back of the front plate so the compensator 6000 can be removed and this can be fielded as a Vindicator, Predator as I've got a whole set of mk2 plates at home to use, and I'm looking for something I can mount on a turret that I can use and call it a Whirlwind. The plan is to paint this multi purpose tank for the Star Leopards chapter.

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