Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Gadens Androids

Sooo, thanks to Faeit212 for the pics here.

Well that was a busy weekend for Necron leaks and as a result of that my plans have been altered once again. Looking at what has been leaked I'm planning on taking this army on and buiolding a force that can be played in, at least 3 ways. Looking through my pile of Codices at home I found the Dark Angels again and remembered an odd itme from it, that Scouts are an Elite choice, seeing the guys below I thought I could use them as Scouts with sniper rifles right off. Next off was the idea I had from both my Iron Warriors and Gadens Skittarii of using bionics to replace limbs, as my Iron Warrior Possessed, if/when, I get round to getting them are going to be mostly bionics with Marine Torso, Head and Backpack and sometimes not even head.So these guys could well be fielded as Flayed Ones I thought without too much in the way of explaining to do about it.

So planning for this I can play this army 3 ways-
1 as Loyal 'Marines' from the Dark Angels
2 as Chaos Marine
3 as your actual Necrons. I know me playing an army from a Codex with no conversion work!

I'm really looking forward to the release of the Codex, although I'm going to have to wait till Christmas to get my copy of it and after christmas till I can start buying any models for this army as well. But I feel that I can wait for that, just hope my talent is up to the project!


Well here I am after a big weekend for the Necron players with a random post of my own about colour schemes.
When I started back in 40K a couple of years ago I wanted a scheme that was easy to paint and look good, this became the basic colours for the XIX Chpater, as I got better at painting again I got better I expanded on what I could do and tried different things and have ended up with a, what I think, is a good scheme but allows a lot of variation to be done. As I went on my next project was a Daemon Hunter Force, but when the new Codex came out this was ditched and the models reassigned to variuous new projects, some went into the XIX as the Assault Troopers and others became the back bone of my Iron Warriors and Knights of Blood. The Terminators from my Daemon Hunters where kind of left without a home till I started thinking of doing a Corrupted Sisters of Battle Army, but I had to wait till the Dark Eldar Wytches came out till I could get teh heads that I wanted to give them the right look. The colour of the Lady stayed the same from minute one, but I did end up repainting the whole lot of them black at one point before I changed my mind and went with the yellow with a purple wash over it. The next 2 projects came along at the same time as a result of the re-shuffle I'd had when the Daemon Hunter Codex came out and freed up somewhere around 80 miniatures, I was rather godsmacked by how many I actually had and split them right down the middle, with the more dynamic stances going into the Knights of Blood, the Furioso Librarian Dreadnought is shown below and the static botler across the chest persent arms stance being used in the Iron Warriors. There wasn't a lot of variation allowed in the colour schemes of htese 2 armies but as my skills heve progressed I feel, oddly, better able to go and make a job of the limited palette allowed by these 2 'named' units. Once again here is my Contemptor Class Dreadnought. When I'm getting more money in I will be buying more of these. And lastly we have Gadans Skittarii, this will be split into 2 forces, one of Androids and one Skittarii which will be made from a mix of Catachan, Zombies and any Necron spare limbs I get from my next project which will be Gadens Android Force. For the Skittarii I could only go with one colour for the Mechanised Infantry really. I did a few trail colours and the combined platoon is yellow jacket under blue armour with any colour helmet, boots and pants, as I delieve in making it look like this force is picking up bits and pieces along the way to replace worn out and damaged kit. I may just change the jacket colour yet to match the Mechanised Infantry. The Mechanised Infantry are being painted up with, and if you know me you'll understand this, brown coats. I couldn't in all good faith go with any other choice for these guys.
The Androids have thier own colours of metalic and mechrite red shoulder plates. With the newer Necron kits coming out more of the may need a repaint to bring them in line with what the others are.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011


This guy is way more commited to the game than I will ever be!

Monday, 10 October 2011

1000 Page Views In A Month

Mini celebration for me, my over all pages views topped 4,000 this weekend and in the last month the number has topped a 1,000 for the first time! I'm fairly chuffed by that, especial seeing as I've not got any followers.

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Good News Everyone!

I'm working again. While this means that I'll be posting less often, it does mean I'll have more to post as I'll have some more cash coming in, again, at last and (fingers crossed+ touch wood) for longer than 7 days this time.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

October's White Dwarf

Bit of a waste of my ill gotten gains this month, I was under the impression that White Dwarf was no longer going to be an in house advert carrier? All this months is magazine is is 2 big adverts for the new tools and Dreadfleet. Although on a plus point it doesn't feature anything to do with the Lord of the Rings game for once. And there are 3 battle missions for Sisters of Battle along side the Scrolls of Binding.

Over all I wish I'd saved my money this month.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011


these are the 2 things I ordered from Hasselfree Miniatures. Yes I can count and I know that there are 5 jump packs but they come in packs of 5. As you can see they are way too small for Marines but I will be using them on The Black Sisterhood as I'm going for DE Wytches as Assault Troops over SoB's

Tuesday, 4 October 2011


Had some agents* out and about this week to find out if other WHSmiths stores are carrying White Dwarf and in the big Manchester Arndale Store at least they do.

* Okay I'm saying agents it was my oldest daughter.

Long (Long) Term Plans For The Black Sisterhood

Shiny! My order arrived from Hasslefree Miniatures today. I'm saving the model till after I've done my living room. The jump packs aren't really big enough to go on Space Marines but will fit on the Dark Eldar Wytches I've done as Chosen. Change of plan here I think is now in order rather than Seraphim models I'll be ordering some more of these jump packs, enough for 30 mini's. For the actual characters I'll be using the Dark Eldar Wytches with Imperial bolt pistols .