Monday, 29 April 2019

1 Of The Buggers Done

Long time readers, if there is such a thing, will know that usually at this time of year nothing will get done as I'm normally in a pit of depression or drunk as it's my birthday. For a change I thought I'd finish off the Phobos Librarian and the Apothecary that is going into The Lion's Blades.
I also painted the mortally wounded Primaris on the base and applied a liberal amount of Blood For The Blood God.
And lastly I added some dry brush temple Guard blue to the force sword before gluing the body together, right arm and book in place before calling it finished.

Sunday, 28 April 2019


Got to say the Primaris Apothecary kind of broke me, and my working conditions are currently a bit off, so to get my mojo back I worked on the Phobos Librarian and the death guard dread, along with several coffees. The Librarian as been a much needed refreshing mini to paint after the faff with the Apothecary.
Allurn of Dale has had the various bells and censures and the Nurgling added to it, all these extra bits are from the Noxious Blightbringer kit.

Thursday, 25 April 2019

Did Someone Say Dread tober?

Treated myself to a new writing pad yesterday and spent the night transcribing lists from old to new, the end result is I'm now planning to join in the fun of Dread tober with the last 9 Legio Astartes Dreads. Obviously plans are nebulous at this stage but I'm thinking, if cash is good, of buying the Word Bearers, Ultramarines and Emperor’s Children Legion Contemptors for a different look, contemplating( but not very seriously) of swooping the Iron Warriors, Imperial Fist and maybe the Iron Hands dreads and getting 3 Deredo dreads for them, but that's looking like an expensive option after the 3 Contemptors. That leaves Alpha Legion, Raven Guard and Night Lords in one Talon and Salamanders, Dark Angels and White Scars last.

Sunday, 21 April 2019

Making A Start On The Monthly Vow

Finally got something started this month, 2 Conquest Apothecaries,
2 captains in Phobos armour,
Librarian in Phobos armour and
the wizard as something of a painting challenge. Will start painting later, plan is 1 Captain, 1 Apothecary and the Librarian painted for the Lion's Blades and the other Captain and Apothecary are for the Star Leopards, the Master of possession I'm thinking of painting for the Word Bearers.

Wednesday, 17 April 2019

Conquest Magazine Order

As of issue 30 things started changing a little from the leaked list, my plan is to edit this post as it goes along changing stuff if it needs to be done.
01 - Intercessors and paint.
02 - Plague Marine and paint.
03 - 3 easy build Reivers.
04 - Poxwalkers.
06 - 3 more Plague Marines.
08 - Librarian.
09 - 6 more Poxwalkers.
10 - easy build Myphitic Blight Hauler.
11 - easy build Flamestorm Aggressors.
12 - Foul Blight spawn.
13 - Boxes, barrels and the transport container.
14 - Mechanicus Grey and a dry brush.
15 - Biologist Putrifier.
16 - 2 Intercessors 2 Hellblasters and an Inceptor, the Dark Imperium sprue.
17 - Boxes, barrels and a transport create.
18 - Rakarth Flesh, Mephiston Red.
19 - Lord Felthius & Tainted Cohort.
20 - Munitorium Armoured Containers (16th January).
21 - Primaris Reivers (23rd January).
22 - Astrogranite & Brush (30th January).
Delivery 7
23 - Battlefield Accessories (6th February).
24 - Primaris Redemptor Dreadnought Part 1 (13th February).
25 Primaris Redemptor Dreadnought Part 2 (20th February).
26 - Abbadon Black and Reikland Fleshshade (27th February).
Delivery 8
27 - Chaos Rhino Part 1 (6th March).
28 - Chaos Rhino Part 2 (13th March).
29 - Primaris Captain in Gravis Armour, Primaris Hellblaster Sgt, Primaris Inceptor Sgt, Primaris Intercessor Sgt (20th March).
30 - STC Ryza-Pattern Ruins (27th March).
Delivery 9 31 - Layer Brush , Death Guard Green, Celestial Grey. 32 - Primaris Apothecary. 33 - Thermic Plasma Conduits (10th April). 34 - 4 Plague Marines, Lord of Contagion, Foetid Blight Drone (17th April).
Delivery 10 35 - Primaris Chaplain (1st May).
36 - Athonian Camoshade, steel legion drab, Macragge Blue (8th May)
. 37 - STC Ryza-Pattern Ruins (15th May). 38 - Plague Surgeon, Play Mat (22nd May).
Delivery 11 39 - Primaris Captain (29th May). 40 - Stormhost Silver, Wild rider red and Liberator Gold(5th June). 41 - Plagueburst Crawler Part 1 (12th June). 42 - Plagueburst Crawler Part 2 (19th June).
Delivery 12
43 - Thermic Plasma Regulators (26th June). 44 - Leadbelcher, & Necron Compound (3rd July). 45 - Space Marine Scouts (10th July). 46 - Plague Marines, Lord Of Contagion, Foetid Bloat Drone(17th July).
Delivery 13 47 - Space Marine Landspeeder (24th July). 48 - Space Marine Bike x 2 (31st July). 49 - Abandon Black, Calgar Blue, Ushabti Bone (7th August). 50 - 10 Chaos Cultists (14th August).
Delivery 14 51 - Haemotrope Reactor (21st August). 52 - Martian Ironcrust (28th August). 53 - Space Marine Bike (4th September). 54 - Typhus (11th September).
Delivery 15 55 - Alcomite Stack (18th September). 56 - 5 Primaris Intercessors, Primaris Ancient, Primaris Lieutenant x 2 (25th September). 57 - Temple Guard Blue, Baneblade Brown (2nd October). 58 - Space Marine Attack Bike, Play Mat (9th October).
Delivery 16 59 - 2 Primaris Intercessors, Primaris Inceptor, 2 Primaris Hellblasters (16th October). 60 - 10 Poxwalkers, Plague Marine (23rd October). 61 - Galvanic Servohauler Frame 1 (30th October). 62 - Galvanic Servohauler Frame 2 (6th November).
Delivery 17 63 - 10 Poxwalkers Plague Marine (13th November). 64 - Runefang Steel, Screamer Pink, Nihilakh Oxide (20th November). 65 - Captain in Cataphractii Armour and Chaplain (27th November). 66 - Plague Marine Icon Bearer (4th December).
Delivery 18 67 - Space Marine Scouts with Sniper Rifles (11th December). 68 - Haemotrope Reactor (18th December). 69 - Plague Marine Champion (25th December). 70 - Athonian Camoshade, Ogryn Camo (1st January).
Delivery 19 71 - Sector Imperialis Objectives (8th January). 72 - Chaos Spawn (15th January). 73 - Runefang Steel, Celestra Grey (22nd January). 74 - Tallyman (29th January).
Delivery 20 75 - Primaris Repulsor Part 1 (5th February). 76 - Primaris Repulsor Part 2 (12th February). 77 - Primaris Repulsor Part 3 (19th February). 78 - Primaris Repulsor Part 4 (26th February).
Delivery 21 79 - Galvanic Magnavent Part 1 (5th March). 80 - Galvanic Magnavent Part 2 (12th March).

Friday, 12 April 2019

Monthly Vow April The 12th To May The 13th

The monthly vow for next month is the Shadowspire stuff, 2 squads of everything, apart from the Librarian as I've sold that, there's also 2 Apothecaries from Conquest that I'm planning on painting, one for the Lion's Blades and it's a coin toss if I do the other for the Star Leopards or The Hounds. Beyond that the squad of Intercessors I did last month needs a touch up, there's also a third Rhino that needs doing as well. Review Time
The first thing that I did was get half of my year target finished with a Primaris demi company done.
The first dread I started was the Death Guard dread with ablative armour for the 30k army.
Followed by the Luna Wolves dread.
The next dread up was for the Star Leopards chapter, this was the upscale chuck which is a seriously nice kit to put together. Just waiting on the heavy weapon pack to arrive for this.
After that was the Sister Stern conversion or if someone takes issue it's a Phoenix Marines Seige Dreadnought.
Then a loosing trip to Warhammer World. . .
Before starting on another Conquest goodie, the Redemptor dreads.
Then the boltstorm Aggressors conversion, I still need to do the frag launchers on those.
Then the major conversation was started with the 40k version of the ablative armour dread, I think it was a success.
As that was already a bonus dread over the 10 I had orginally planned, and after getting the dreads out for a photo op.
I also based the Malevolent and Abomination class dreads, as well as painting over the green stuff to match the colours of the rest of the dreads.

Wednesday, 10 April 2019

66 Of 74

Before I got the Space Crusade Dreads based and polished off I got the vast majority of the collection out on the table to see them in the day light.
There is a bit of room left on the 2x2 board but not much, I could potentially get all 74 on if I had the patients.
The dreadnaught family tree and the 6 boltstorm Aggressors for The Emperor’s Loyal Hounds Of War
The Chaos Dreadnought family tree and Allurn of Dale
The very nice upscale chuck for the Star Leopards chapter.
The Ordo Astartes strike force dreadnoughts
The Björn project
The Lion's Blades dreadnoughtsand the Scholia Detachment of the First Legion.
And lastly, and on need of a new photo, The Exodites of Telvig Wraith Lords