Saturday, 17 September 2011

This is Spartan

Don't know how many of you are registered to the Forge World mailing list, but I got mine through yesterday and had a good long look at the Land Raider Proteus and thought back to the anicent White Dwarf artical that showed you how to convert the Mk1 Land Raider, which was bascially a tank back then, into something with a transport capacity by mixing the kits of the Land Raider and the mk 1 Rhino together. You ended up with the tracks of the Land Raider and the body of the Rhino . There was a 2nd conversion that used the other bits to make another tank that I no longer remember what that was. The top pic is of the orginal MK1 Land Raider and is to show you what it looks like, the bottom picture is of the Spartan Conversion. Now I'd buy that tank and try to put it together like the Spartan just to see if I could.

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Trentat Hawat said...

The other tank made from the remnants was called the Sabre Tank Hunter. Plans for it's construction can be found in WD #120.

It was a Rhino chassis with the front being the angled slab from the Land Raider kit, since the Rhino hull piece was necessary for the Spartan 'prow'.

It was armed with a hull mounted Autocannon jutting out of the front of the hull, much like a WWII Axis Jagdpanzer 38(t).

With the top hatches removed for use on the Spartan the pintle-mounted Bolter was instead co-axially mounted adjacent to the Autocannon.

I had converted a squadron of three of these guys back in the day but sold or traded them off at some point.

I dearly wish I had these again now because they would be great in 6th edition. A cheap hull with an Autocannon at Marine BS that can re-roll misses if the Boltgun hits (coaxial rule)? - YES PLEASE!

Recently Dan Abnett mentioned them in the 'Know No Fear' Horus Heresy novel so I'm hopeful that they'll be included in an upcoming Forgeworld Horus Heresy army book.

Here is a link to to a photo of the original old-school conversion: