Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Warden In White and His Replacement

This old metal Chaos Dreadnought is being re-tasked from The Unhallowed and got a Deathwing promotion yesterday afternoon.

This is the new version of Thunderchild as the old version, the metal Venerable Dread has become my Warden In White. In the DA Codex there is a small piece of background that covers the 2 Dreadnoughts that guard the portal into the depths of The Rock where The Grand Master gets his helmet, sword and combi plasma, and it tells how one of them may fight on the battle field from time to time, so I upgraded Thunderchild to Warden as the mini is suitable ornate. I basically gave it the plastic venerable plasma cannon with a bit from a DA extra set to make it blingy.

Next up are the 2 Voidweavers.

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

The Shrine Of The Vengeful Warrior

Having 4 days off I got these 34 Dark Shards done. I had 35 in total but ended up scraping one so I now have 3 squads of 10 Dire Avengers counts as and 4 options for Exarchs, the metal one I'm saying has a Dire Sword, 2 have Power Swords, one with a Shimmer Shield and one has twin linked Shuriken Catapults, Exarchs have also been given a cape to stand out.

Monday, 27 July 2015

Forge World Bulletin #70

So the weekly update from Forge World is out there featuring Mechanicus

Rhino upgrades

And a lot of Titans...

Sunday, 26 July 2015

I Chose Poorly.

All day bender yesterday, sore head today...

I got this chap done this morning, just need to finish the helmet and shimmer shield off

And of course touch up the cloak.

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Decisions, Decisions

Do I drink beer or do I paint...

I have 33 Dark Elf Dark Shards, so each squad has the option of either 9 Avengers and an Exarch or 10 Avengers.

And these 3 are my 3 options for the Exarchs.

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Tough Week

Well this week has so far proven rather more interesting than I like, I've been rather busy with work so have not had much in the way of time, but I do have a long weekend, Saturday to Tuesday, going to see if I can block all work numbers so I don't get any phone calls and can at least get the counts as Dire Avengers painted and some work done on the walls in the yard.
No new pictures I'm afraid

Monday, 20 July 2015

Getting On With The Exodites

I managed to get the gunner painted on my support weapon dino as well as starting to paint some of the Dark Shards for my counts as Dire Avengers

The project that took up most of my time over the weekend was filing and green stuffing and magnetising on the Wraith Lord that I plan to field as a Wraith Seer.

Friday, 17 July 2015

Formation Building

Opinions saut!
I have already started doing an Exodite Army and having gone through the 2nd ed Codex, only one with anything Exodite in it, I'm plotting how to shoe horn some Aspect Warriors in there... Yes I know that Exodites don't follow the Paths, but I'm saying these are the traditional roles that existed for eaons, which is why I'm allowing them in my army.
Plan A is;
Dark Shards as counts as Dire Avengers, already have over 30 on the way, either Bob Ollie Wytches or Dark Elf Wytches with the Slaughter Sister mask for Howling Banshees, new plastic Shadow Warriors as counts as Striking Scorpions with the Hand Maiden Bows for Dark Reapers, Shining Spears will be Cold one Knights.
Fire Dragons are problematic, Swooping Hawks again are giving me issues as are Warp Spiders, there isn't really anything I can see in the Fantasy Range that can cross over.

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Increasing The Exodites

I won this chap on ebay the other day, I plan on getting more of them to use as a counts as unit of Dire Avengers, they will be folded into the story at some point. I'm thinking Blood Brides for my counts as Banshees and Wild Wood Rangers for Scorpions, I'm thinking that I'd use Cold One Knights for Shining Spears, Warp Spiders and are problematic here, very high tech, I want to them in there but not sure how to justify it apart from saying Craftworlds Exiles, Shadow Spectators would be the same along with Fire Dragons as I don't thing there is an Elf Fantasy unit that fits that theme.

How it arrived

I'm painting the boots black when I get home from this shift.

Monday, 13 July 2015

Forge World Bulletin #68

So the latest bulletin has just gone live, couple of WIP's; Rapier Weapons Platform

A new version of the Techmarine in heavy armour.

And then some nicely painted minis from visitors to the open day.

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Monthly Vow, Extended Play

Cough, so yeah June's monthly vow got extended as buying stuff on pay day and delivery times leave little lea way to get the stuff painted in time so I shuffled the goal posts 12 days _that way_ and got my monthly vow in line with my pay day.

I got Jussi Nietos and Grandfather Telvig done, I even came up with some background for them both, keep an eye on the blog for the rest of his story.

I got the 2 planned versions of Mother Telvig done, Banshee/ Shadow Specter and Warp Spider, pic is with the Farseer that is the current Father Telvig.

I finally got that Space Crusade Dreadnought magnetised!

As well as reviewing how my Exodite project is progressing

And seeing what I have DA Formations wise, (lots)

And as a time filler I got the Stegadon started, this is going to be the Support Weapon Platform, when I get that kit and another 2 Dinos from somewhere.
Next month I have the 2 Voidweavers, I want to get the plasma cannon and the old metal Chaos Dreadnought painted in Deathwing colours, paint the 3rd attack bike black and touch up some of the shabbier Lion's Blades chaps as well as a Troupe of Harlequins.

Saturday, 11 July 2015

Grandfather Telvig, Origin.

Telvig woke with a start from the recurring dream he'd been having for the last few months now, Isha and Curnos holding their hands out to him, telling him this is the only way, with a feeling of dread, he got a shower, dressed, kissed his children & wife and went to the portal to go to Commaragh. Many of his kind had chosen to give up work but Telvig had always worked, he enjoyed his position as Senior Clerk at Universal Shopping in Commoragh. Today was the last day before the big spring festival and long weekend, so very little work needed to be done but he could dot his I's and cross his T's and catch up on missed paperwork. After lunch a couple of the office girls ask the Boss if they could leave early, there was a party starting soon that they wanted to attend,
"Where is this party?" The boss asked looking them up and down, " You're still dressed in your work things, you can't want to go dressed like that?" One of the girls lent over and whispered in his ear and a slimy smile slid accross his face, " I'll join you," he said standing up and grabbing his coat, "Telvig can you lock up tonight, and make sure you check Longmires files are in order, she's the 3rd person to go missing this month front this office," throwing the keys to him. The boss and the office girls left giggling, Telvig's sharp hearing caught "unding more like an orgy than a party", as the group went under his window, he tutted to himself and went about his duties.
He ended up working later than he'd planned because of sorting out Longmire's desk and there where fewer people around than normal when he left and locked the office. The moment he reached the street Telvig felt hostile eyes on him, he hurried threw the streets towards the portal that would take him home. It didn't take long for the noises to start, voices but he couldn't make out what was being said and the sound of a blade being drawn along a wall, Telvig turned and saw a silhouette of someone, stripped to the waist and with their head to one side like he was listening to someone, and he ran, he threw his case at his pursuer and dived into the warren of allies that were surrounded his office. The pursuer was as well versed in the allies as Telvig and in better shape and gained ground rapidly, catching Telvig in an open area that held the bins for several offices. The pursuer tilted his head again, as if listening to someone telling him something.
"His head? They talked to him this morning?" A smile spread accross his face ,"another head for my collection." The killer reached out to Telvig with the blade when they both heard laughter and footsteps coming from the ally they had run down, he quickly hid the blade behind his back. A stranger entered the space, dressed in the bright outfit of a Harlequin, "What do we have here?" She called out, a forced brightness in her tone, the pursuer, looked like he heard the voice only he could hear again before speaking," this is nothing to do with you follower of Cegorach, leave now."
The Harlequin's mask pouted, and spoke "But my dear fellow," she stepped lightly aound the killer and helped Telvig to his feet, before turning back to him, "this is not what it seems," 4 more players dropped down from the roof tops, her tone darkened " it is you who should leave," Telvig never saw what happened next but one moment the Harlequin was unarmed, the next she had a staff and it was under the killers chin,"LEAVE", she commanded, the other players had all drawn weapons as well, but not the ones he'd seen them use before on stage, these look like weapons of war. The killer looked around the Harlequin at Telvig and left silently. The Harlequins all turned to Telvig, their manner shifting again, 2 of them dusted Telvig down as the one with the staff spoke to him, " Mr Telvig we need to get you home, there are things you need to do."

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Not Safe For Aracnaphobs

Finished the 2nd version of Mother Telvig today, lots of weapon arms as I like to keep my options open.
Drazahon body, with a skull from the Venom kit with a couple of the guns that Incubi used to have on top of the helmet as mandiblaster.

This version has the Drahazon blades on the shoulders, a blast pistol and a fantasy pistol with the Warp Spiders Exarchs jump pack and guns.

Pretty much the close combat version, spare sword from the Harlequins kit and a sickle from the Wrack kit.

And finally with shuriken catapults I mean pistols.

Monday, 6 July 2015

Mother Telvig, Warp Spider

Looks like I've started Mother Telvig's 2nd war form, this one is made from Drazahon, the Incubii HQ choice from the DE Codex, along with the Warp Spider Exarch Jump Generator, Spinerette Rifles, with 2 pistol arms and the blades from Drazahon on the shoulers, I added some Eldar Missile Launchers, if you have a couple of Tempest Launchers you'd like to send me to make this lady less top heavy, I'd take that as a kindness.

The shoulder blades aren't on these photos as the green stuff was curing. I have also done some more arms, 2 shuriken catapults, one Harlequin sword and one Wrack blade that looks like a sickyl (curly blade useful in agricultural work), to give me options.

And well what else are you going to do with this guy? Counts as Beliel with thunder hammer and storm shield, filed the shield flat and added a green stuffed bracketed sword, the badge of The Lion's Blades.