Friday, 31 May 2013

Shoulder To The Wheel

So after nearly 3 weeks off from blogging I'm back with a post! Hi miss me? Notice I was gone? Thought not... Anyway shoulder is back to the wheel and I'm grinding on with my Chaos army, top is my 2nd bike squadron, while checking the Y Geiriadur album I have on the Dark Angel facebook page I noticed that I hadn't actually got of photo of the first squadron or the 2 Marine Squads either so need to update those as well,one squad of Chosen, these used to be a senior assault squad in the Lions Blades who 1 battle held up a squad of Genestealers and I made them into the squad below, and used the bodies to makethese guys, this squad has been given 4 plasma pistols and one has a flamer, all with Veteran of the Long War rule. Also 2 of my Obliterator Conversions, green stuffed there upper bodies to give them a coat and shoulder pads, these guys came from ebay and had already had the guns converted and I have a metal Bonehead that will also be used in this squad.
My upgraded Company Vets, took the swords off what have now become the Chosen for Y Geiriadur and given them to 5 robed bodies I had in my carry case. The Sgt has a double lenght chain blade, this is a new one I made for him from 2 Chaos chain swords, next is 2 standard chain swords just glued together, 3rd is to standard chain sword glued back to back, 4th is an ork chopper fitted to a chain axe haft and the 5th is a chain saw that I found in a bitz box. All bar 2 have a secondary weapon as well and will bw goin through my sword collection to find a couple of blades that will look good on these guys. The shields are fro a Tomb King bag I picked up on ebay that I really need to go threw properly painted up in The Lions Blades 3rd Company colours, the middle mini has a shield on his back already so didn't get one, when possibly these will count as Storm Shields when points allow.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Bus Mans Holiday

Sorry, sort of, to announce that I'm away for a week supporting a client on holiday to Spain. If you read that and think party time, I don't see it all I'm looking at is 6 14 hour days with a 2am finish a week today. Them my holiday starts. So see you all again a week tomorrow, maybe Faeit212 will be back up by then.

Monday, 13 May 2013

Y Geiriadur Terminators

So been able to get a few bits and pieces done on the Y Geiriadur last week, I've been slowly green stuffing armour on the legs of the Mordor Trolls and also the hands, so i can hide the fact that they aren't human hands. I also painted the terminators that I won on ebay last week, which was a shame ass they where very well painted, it was an act of shear vandilism and I went and did it anyway.
So some time later I finished the 5 Terminators off black with red highlights. Although going back to the Index Astartes that shows Great Crusade era Dark Agnels with white colouration not red, but I have seen the Rouge Trader page that shows them with red high lights, and I know I'm not alone in doing GC Dark Angels with a red stripe.

Friday, 10 May 2013

Lord Saeh, Fallen Angel

So i made a start on my Fallen Angel Lord the other day, first thing I'd painted in nearly a month, crap my daughter has been living with me for a month now! Yes my life is different now as not only do I now have my 20 year old daughter living with me I have here 2 cats as well.
So top photo shows the bits seperate as I painted them. I've armed Saeh with a combi-plasma and the Dimensional Key, so no that is not a mace it's the Dimensional Key and the Watcher In The Dark is actaully a Co0mbat Fimillar as I have to loose a weapon to take the Key that allows all my Deep Striking Units to not scatter, but only after he kills someone in close combat.
So I've also added the old Rouge Trader red stripe for Vetrean status to add a touch of colour to the mini and I also added some red to the detail on the sword on my combat fimillar.
And a close up of the little guy himself, I base coated him black then dry brushed him with Karhak Stone, Ushabati Bone then a coat of Screaming skull, before adding the red detailing you can see above. I have also done the Havoc and Marine squad but don't have a photo yet, and I am adding green stuff by the ounce to the 2 Mordor Trolls to make them look more armoured, photos to come.

Saturday, 4 May 2013

On The Table

So after some more ebuying I can field 4 squadss of 10 PDF's with a bit of fetling I can put 2 squads of Marines on the table for back bone. Elites are filled with 2 Mutilators, a squad of Chosen made up for Gun Slinging and a squad of 5 Termimators. Heavy Support comes from a Predator that will also be used for The Lions Blades, a squad of 5 Autocannon Havocs and a unit of 3 Obliterators. So far Fast Attack is the only section of the army without a full complement of options as I only have 2 bike squads of 4 bikers, I'm looking for a flyer that I can use as a counts as Helldrake.