Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Yeah Nothing Gets Done On The 29th

As is normal feth all gets done on the 29th, I watched Captain America The Winter Solider which I enjoyed, staying right to the end and seeing The Winter Solider find out who he was, yes I was the last person left in there, everyone else leaving after you find out more about Hydra.
So this morning, bad head and all I started dry brushing the Scimitar Jet Bike with Brass Scorpion, it is after all archotech. I do need to touch up the black in some areas and edge highlight and add the Chapter symbol and Company symbol.
I also started to assembly the Death Company Dread, the plan is to swop the front piece out for the Death Company front when those bits arrive, hence adding magnets to the hull and front plate.

Monday, 28 April 2014

Forge World Blog 14

So just thought to check the Forge World blog today after a couple of weeks of not really what I want posts it's back to the good stuff, what looks like a Salamander going tilo the caster soon some combi weapons and a nice shot of someones Alpha Legion army.

New Counts As Sammael

What a weekend crap does not cover it. Only managed to clean the jet bike yesterday so today was assembly and prime and dig out a sword and a storm bolter. As always once cleaned paint is going on a treat on this model. Another coat of black, some dry brushing on of metalics and seating of Sammael, the twin linked bolters and his sword to do. Just getting a post in as I feel like I've not done anything in ages.

Friday, 25 April 2014


April, I know I'm better as I'm not feeling like I want to crawl into a hole and hide till the 8th of May even though it's my 40th this year, is not my favourite time of year, I usually feel like crap from the 10th till about the 10th of May so get little done regarding the hobby. This time it's the same story just a different reason, work, RL®, house repairs keep getting in the way. All I've really got done is the repaint of the Lion's Blades, the photo shows tactical squad 6 the veteran unit hence there being more red, but I have bought stuff, I have a Scout Squad that I'm painting for The Lion's Blades, 2 old metal scouts, 1 with a shuirken catapult the other has pistol and blade and 3 wolf scouts that I'll touch up to give them their own scout squad, the catapult will be played as heavy bolter missile launcher depending on the game, the Ironclad Dreadnought for the Knights Of Blood, a Scimitar Jet Bike that I intend to use as my counts as Sammael and 20 marines that I'm splitting, 10 Bolters to The Lion's Blades to pad out the Dev Squads a missile laucher to The Glourious 1000 to replace the old dreadnought launcher, and then see what is left and what I want to do with it. Fairly sure that they are all snap fit Black Reach or cheapo boxed marines, but for £1.98 plus extoronate post and package(not buying from him again) I'm not complaning.

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Cottonopolise Coglective Present A Day At The Museum

Yesterday went out to Manchester with my oldest and her mum to meet up with The Cottonopolise Coglective for this months event A Day At The Museum...