Thursday, 28 November 2019

And Back To 40K

With the Basilisk finished on Tuesday and the long awaited issue 65 of Conquest magazine finally in my hands I was able to make a start on these 2.
Nit sure I can fit much more from the Gregor Fell Hand sprue on there, going to have to get some tooth picks and try sculpting some of the details on the leg armour. I have found that if I plan to do a Tartarus plate version I am going to need some Tartarus Terminators to do that with as I used my one spare in the next project.
The one I've been waiting for since February so I can finish the Relic squad, in the background for this squad, these are the company veterans of the 1st Company of The Lion's Blades, the last requirement to get into this squad is to have defeated a Space Wolf in the Honour Dual at some point in their time in the Chapter, the next step up the chain of the Chapter is the Deathwing Knights squad. This has been a basic hand swop, with the gun hand cut off at the elbow and replaced with a lightening claw hand , and a replacement of the chain fist arm with the other claw. Once finished it'll be joining the rest of the squad.

Wednesday, 27 November 2019

The Finished Basalisk

The Harry Potter Basalisk from the Chamber of Secrets box, the eyes aren't great but I don't normally bother as these are all so small. Mostly used washes and dry brushing, good job I bought a fresh base brush last time I was in Preston. I can't escape the feeling that those "spinal spikes" are actually part of the injection process. It's a lovely mini to paint, I just wish I hadn't glued the jaw in place before I started this but beyond my mistakes I'm looking forward to the Prison Of Azkaban box next year and I need some broom riding Death Eaters so chase Hagrid and Harry on bike and side car.

Tuesday, 26 November 2019

A Basilisk, In Blue

#HarryPotter #knightmodels #Basilisk started tonight, thinking Deepkin Flesh on the belly,where the ridge is temple Guard blue then thousands sons blue on the back, with Deepkin Flesh spinal spikes on the back.

Monday, 25 November 2019

Tom Riddell, Colin Creeve, And Both Arguss

Very lazy night just several shades of grey on the proto emo Riddell and Colin Creeve who was underfoot in book 2 and 3 then like a lot of supporting characters vanished into the background after that.
Argus got his ties done.
Did a search for snakes and this came up, I rather wish I had the talent to paint the Basilisk like this.
But I think I can get it looking sort of like this one, and with the Basalisk done I'll be finished with the latest lot of Harry Potter stuff.

Sunday, 24 November 2019

3 More Harry Potter Minis

My plan for tonight had been to get the Dead Girl and Brownie painted. Myrtle was staggeringly easy to get done and Dobby was just as quick.
The second version of Argus Filtch was nearly finished as well, I just can't remember what colour tie he wore. Coat had a base coat of the Macragge grey mix, then lighter shades of grey.

Saturday, 23 November 2019

Ainsley Shacklebolt And Nymphadora Tonks

Finished off both Tonks and Ainsley Shacklebolt tonight, two of the most colourful characters in the game. Saturday nights plan is base coat all the remaining characters and quick and easy focus on Moaning Myrtle and Dobby, with Flitch, Tom Riddell and Colin Creeve should be done by Sunday which just leaves the Basilisk for next week.

Friday, 22 November 2019

Mad Eye Moody

Brought the rest of the Order of The Phoenix blister pack with me tonight, Tonks, Mad Eye Moody, and Ainsley Shacklebolt. My main focus for tonight was Mad Eye Moody, coat was done the same way as Hagrid with 3 coats of Agrax earthshade wash over an ushabati bone base then steel Legion Drab lightly over the top and lastly a rough 50 ish 50ish mix of screaming skull and steel Legion Drab for edge highlights. Shirt was the same grey as the titans, which is 50/50 Macragge Blue and Abandon Black with a dawnstone highlights. Trousers are Ogryn Camo black wash then highlights with Ogryn Camo. Tonks and Shacklebolt have both got base colours done on their cloths and bases done.

Thursday, 21 November 2019

Small Steps

Nice and simple update, left the green stuff to cure, late last night I glued the belts to the hoppers, then this morning I glued the other end of the belt onto the fist. Plan is to pop this back in the box for now and get it painted later on, found a Blood Angel Furioso dread glint cheap on ebay so have replaced this one already. Still need to build some of the scenery I'm after for this and the other bits and bobs.

Wednesday, 20 November 2019

The Replacement Night Lords Dreadnought

Green stuff and cure time, the cannons and ammunition hoppers have been green stuffed on to the hands and shoulders respectively, those Zinge Industries ammo feeds will be glued in place tomorrow.

Monday, 18 November 2019

Hagrid Done

Pushed on and got Hagrid finished today. Again this is a very nice mini to paint and put together.

Sunday, 17 November 2019

The Other Mortis Casterferrum Dreadnought

This doesn't look like much here, just green stuff and magnet, but this is a big thing, as I can now throw this out as a Mortis plasma, multi melta and assault cannon dread, just need to source a set of venerable dreadnought twin las cannons to get a full set of these.
The plan for now is to finesse the plasma and use it on the Death Guard dread for the armies on parade board, after October it'll be repainted for The Lion's Blades and I'll hope to get some use out of it.

The Replacement Night Lords Dreadnought

Another bout of insomnia this morning has given me some time to mess around with the arms for the Night Lords dreadnought. I chopped up a couple of Land Speeder auto cannons and filed down a touch to get a nicer fit on the hands.
And took the missile war heads off the missiles in the pod and have put some green stuff and magnet in there so I can use this as a Casterferrum Mortis Dreadnought so far there's an assault cannon, plasma cannon and multi melta, just need a las cannon option from somewhere.

Thursday, 14 November 2019

Hagrid, Harry, Hedwig and Bike and Side Car

Still got plenty to do, I am tempted to leave the tires with white walls now after seeing it.
Hagrid's jacket has had 3 coats of Agrax earthshade, will give it another coat before going onto the brown.
Harry needs his hair high lighting and various parts need some black and then a metallic dry brush. And the stand hasn't been started yet.
And I am tempted to get another one to paint as Santa. . .