Thursday, 30 September 2021

Painting Day

 Focused on the Assault Intercessors and the Blade Guard Veterans squad yesterday with the painting, today I'm doing details on the blade Guard and watching No Time To Die.

I did use the Necron bronze that came with the Imperium series for chest aquila and belt buckles, its a slightly lighter shade than the brass Scorpion I normally use.

Tomorrow is screaming skull panels on what will be the Veteran Assault Intercessors and chapter badge on the heavy Intercessors. 

Tuesday, 28 September 2021

Building Day.

 I started off with 3 of the Lieutenants from issue 1 of Imperium, I picked up 2 copies last week that where still in the shop, and the 6 Assault Intercessors, the one with the knee pad lost that part under the sofa, so I'm currently at 5, pistols have been moved around so the new squad of Blade Guard Veterans has 1 vulkite pistol and 2 heavy bolt pistols and the assault Intercessors have 1 "plasma pistol" and 3 heavy bolt pistols amd 1 standard Primaris bolt pistol.

After getting my eyes tested again and some shopping I finally put the Heavy Intercessors together! All 10 of them.

So plan to paint them is tomorrow morning get the 8 melee troops based in ushabati bone, then black templar, the Blade Guard Veterans will be mostly black denoting a recent promotion, the Assault Intercessors will be more screaming skull, to denote they're due a promotion to a more senior rank. 

First Production Still

 For The Last Of Us Day promotion yesterday several things did the rounds on Twitter, this one was the stand out. The costume department are certainly spot on with this, only thing really missing is Joel's sling for the long weapons.

Thursday, 23 September 2021

Finished The Box Helbrute Björn

 Spent about a week longer than had been planned painting this one up.

My main build is the dual claws, each gem stone is a base of ushabati bone then 3 coats of washes, nuln oil, seraphim sepia, reikland flesh wash and the Crimson one, the gem on the axe also uses the Crimson wash. 

Absolutely prefer this one of the chaos versions finished so far.

Started the next one, but I might just pause it for a while to have a break from the dreads. 

Also of note! 

My group had arranged a date for the road trip to Warhammer World this year! We'll be there Saturday the 23rd of October and we've scored the River of Souls Table. 

Shame none of us are taking Necrons this time... 

Saturday, 18 September 2021

Plugging Away

 Reminded once again what it is I don't like about this Dreadnought, it miles of trim...

So, curse someone's sudden, but inevitable, betrayal, I'm now not getting my weekend off, but I did ask for Christmas off in return which thanks to the incoming crisis in social care when the unvaccinated are let go in November I still might not get anyway.

Put the time in on the trim on this guy, the embossed areas all started with a base coat of Iron Warriors metallic, I gave some of the stars, the lozenge around the lupus rampant on the hull and the jem on the axe a retributor gold base, then did some shopping while that dried. I then gave the wolf head and Lupus rampant a highlight of leadbleacher and the gold bits a reikland flesh wash, I then washed up, and asked my youngest if she wanted to cook tea.

As you can see I gave the wolf head, lupus rampant and gold bits an edge highlight with stormhost silver
The Worm was given a wash of seriphim sepia and a screaming skull highlight. The image of Björn got the same treatment as the Wolves, the hair and claw got the gold treatment. The cybernetic eye hot a coat of iron warrior. The last thing I did before bed was give the eye on the chest a base of screaming skull as well as big the fur out to add to this, will try the big shield on the other shoulder as well as seeing if the other Björn kit has those fur parts and seeing how they look on the other shoulder. I also need to see if I can fit those 3 parts together in a way that means I can fit them on the axe arm and missile arm as well.
The only thing I'm doing before I go to work on what should have been my first weekend off in 12 weeks is to give the eye in the chest a Sepia wash. 

Wednesday, 15 September 2021

So I Bought Another Dreadnought For This


When I got home from work today the latest Björn the Fell Handed kit was waiting for me, I snipped out the claws I needed and mocked it up to see how this looks with the correct claws.

I was planning to use the axe and fist as it's main weapons, seeing how this looks now I think I'll keep it with both hands and claws. 

Monday, 13 September 2021

Monthly Vow 12th Of September To The 12th Of October

 Hectic month at work, new season on Destiny 2, I've not even had the chance to watch Shan Chi and The Ten Rings yet, but that's the plan for tonight.

Plan for this month, finish the latest Björn dread, potentially buy the Argal Tal and have a crack at the photoshopped conversion I've seen of a Wolfen. 

I really want/need to get the heavy Intercessors done now I have 10 of them. 

Possibly start one of the other Björn dreads as well. 

Review Time.


Packing these up I noticed something I hadn't realised I had done. 

I'd dropped this and broke the sword, cross and head, so while fixing the head and cross back on I took the opportunity to sort the sword out as well. 

Spent a few hours working on this alternative assault cannon. 

The Helbrute and the Hounds were primed, as well as the heavy Intercessors, the Intercessors also got a spray of black.

I then started on the Björn box Helbrute, was looking at the heads. My original plan was the wolf skull, but after trying the Wolfen head at a mates suggestion, decided to go with that. I then went forward with the chaos chest plate.

Again fluid plans on the weapons mean I started by working on turning the hammer into an axe, and have pulled it off okay I think, before I had a look at using twin claws. I have ended up buying a second Björn for the claws so it can have a pair of claws on a pair of hands. 

There is also a plan to paint all the weapons, I'm not sure if I want to try and add a frost cannon to it yet.

I do like how this looks. 

Painting this following the Primaris Intercessors guide on the citadel app. 

The plan is to use the Iron Warriors metallic on all that trim... 

This morning I added some blood to the blood god onto the veins and tubes on this. Still bits to do.

Sunday, 12 September 2021

The Last Of Us Show From HBO

 I found these on twitter from a fan run account that is following the production, judging by the onset photo, very closely.

Looking at the above images that's around the food line and security check point that gets bombed by the Fireflies when you get the sprinting primer in the introduction.

I am following the account and if there is any more pics like this I will be sharing them here.