Friday, 28 December 2018

Review Of Progress For 2018

A review of progress of this year. About the only thing I remember about the plan was the Titans and getting some cash aside for them.
Photo heavy post!

My plan was to do the troll Dæmon Prince Calgar, I got the Phoenix Marines started for the Ordo Astartes as well. The Boltstorm Aggressors got a minor refit with the flexible ammo feeds, with 3 more of these planned for next month, and lastly the Ravenwing wing got another Sgt.


I got the 2nd Company bike squads out into 8th complaint squads, with an ebay raid for Hellblasters and Intercessors, the Hellblaster squad of 10 is painted for the Lion's Blades with the Intercessor Squad being for the Mentors Chapter. I lastly did 2 boxes of Inceptors and repainted one, one of the box Primaris got painted for the Hounds, The repaint and the rest got painted for the Lion's Blades.


Mostly painted Star Leopards and based the Ordo Astartes strike force before I made a start on the Harlequins Land Raider.


This was a mash up of the Land Raider and the Great Pretender Masque, Voidweaver, Incubi Mimes with a couple of others mixed in and the Motley Crew.


Picked up a lucky find on ebay that was converted into a Talon Master for my 2nd Company, the Great Pretender got some work done and I knocked out another of my Warp Spider Exarch for fun.


I'd suffered a bit of burn out in May owing to over work, and was struggling a bit in June as well as I only got a few thinks sorted , mostly the Motley Crew again, finished The Great Pretender and the Deceivers Troupe in their new gold colours.


Took it easy in July as the Adeptus Titanicus was incoming with a couple of character minis for the Harlequins, I fixed a couple of Lion's Blades dreads , and my notes are saying Inquisitor as well. . . I know I'm making notes,  but I wouldn't remember what was done when otherwise. ,


Was still Harlequins with some characters, I'd sold the Knights of Blood at this point so had the chance to repaint a couple of dreads I hadn't sold off. I redid the Redemptor Dreadnought for the Mentors Chapter,  and the Venerable Dreadnought for the Iron Hands chapter, the gun Death Company squad that I hadn't sold also got repainted this time as a gun Veterans Squad for The Lion's Blades. The Adeptus Titanicus  Knights got painted for House Lancaster, and Hasslefree Miniatures started selling the mini I wanted for my Ordo Astartes strike force so I picked that one up.


Conquest got released which lead me to scuttling around town to pick up as many copies as I could, I managed to get enough for 2 squads of Intercessors, enough for 10 Reivers, with a spare I had. There had been 2 Intercessors spare so I also did an objective marker with 2 Primaris Astartes from the Storm Giant's chapter holding out. Then I was back into the titans, I made a mistake with the first in painting it with the Deepkin Flesh, but the second was easier with the mix grey, the first 2 Reavors also got done as did whichever Knights I hadn't finished in August.


The 3rd Warlord and first maniple  got finished, then I started on the 2nd maniple with  Reavor Titan and the Warhounds escorts. The Primaris Lieutenant got painted up as an alternative Captain Sicarus for the mini chaos army, the Librarian was painted for the Lion's Blades. The Knights got a Commander in Jake Cabe , based on a man from the War Of The Roses who had stormed London and demanded the Yorkist upstarts free the King. I'd also grabbed 3 Inceptors from ebay so that when I get the ones from Conquest I can have 2 full squads of 6 in the Hounds.


Cabe got finished as I needed a box of Knights so I could refit his cannon and chainsword. I reworked the big scout titan! I bought if a BFG in the shape of a Vulkan Mega bolter and trimmed the cab down a bit. Conquest supplied some flamestorm Aggressors, I managed to get 9 so 3 were painted for the Hounds before I started on the Harry Potter stuff with the Slytherin students,  the female Death Eaters, Longbottom and the (it's not really ), Troll that I had orginally painted in full flesh tomes before going back over it with a cadian flesh, green mix.


I got my Luna, Cho Chang, Filtch, the male Death Eaters,  Dumbledor, I finished off the Weasley siblings, the hair was a worry, Ginni got plenty of attention as i wanted to get it right. Fred George and Ron all got the same done with Wazdakka red then a wild rider red dry brush which is pretty close to ginger, Hermione got a solid yellow scarf as I was worried about getting stripes lined up and to add some colour, Dobby, Kretcha, the spiderlings and back into 40k with the other 6 Flamestorm Aggressors, this time painted for The Lion's Blades.