Friday, 31 July 2020

Da Flashiest Git

I missed the post man yesterday so had to treck to the depot this morning to pick up my package from Black Scorpion miniatures, the plauge doctor is brilliant, very detailed, just be careful, it comes with a dove on the hand... 
The Flashiest Git gets a head at last, the tusk has come off, and it fits a bit better now. Will give everything a scrub before I go to work later and get work on the grave yard and with the green stuff being out, will add some big teeth to the neck rim. 
I had at first thought to get rid of the cane and just go with the squig but seeing it with the head I am keeping it, it just works. 


Monday, 27 July 2020

Played Around With The Heads

Oh dear, new interface Not sure how to add photos... Okay switch to compose view

Played around with the head choices and this new interface, I'll get use to as my choices are like it or lump it. 

Sunday, 26 July 2020

Orky Lootin'

Just waiting for the Ork admiral to arrive to finish this conversion off.
I'm thinking of painting this one for The Bad Moons Clan

Finished Part Of The Commission

Have been working on these most of this week, the 2 Stormcast are the finished now, and the fleet was lient is impressed so far, last thing to do is the rest of the grave yard pieces.
The Demigryph is a very nice kit to put together and paint, and I'm looking forward to doing the one for myself.
The Knight on foot is again a really good push fit kit, very detailed and a nice thing to have done, again looking forward to painting the one for me when I get the rest of the cemetery done.
I do have an led kit to light up the tombs just need some wood mount it on.

Thursday, 23 July 2020

Weekend Plans.

The plan for Saturday is to go up to Preston to GW to collect one box, mooch over to Harlequins to pick up the second box, then we'll split them up between the group, there is a third marine set to arrive but not sure when that will be. One of the Judicars is planned to be converted to this guy.
I've ordered the Black Scorpion fantasy pirates Orc admiral for the head.
Also ordered the Underworld Gloomspire Gitz, as that was the cheapest box with a couple of Squigs in it.
The plan is to use some of the chains from all those DE sprues to chain the squig to the hand to replace the hour glass, I think I'll try and fit that on one of the metal Venerable Dreadnoughts.

Monday, 20 July 2020

Back To Getting Paid

Being back in the swing again I talked with the Co worker that I'm doing some of the Mortal Realms stuff for and asked if she wanted some extra stuff to go with the cemetery set, I showed her a couple of kits that she said yes to.
I started by building both the Stormcastand the Night Haunt and gave everything an ushabati bone base coat, all bases got a coat of devlin mud as well before I moved on with the Night Haunt.
What surprised me the most here was how much giving the gold a storm host silver highlight actually adds so much to the gold.
The horse was another palidus mor with a dark rider. I am going to do the second one of these I picked up for myself at some point. The Stormcast will be started tonight.

Sunday, 19 July 2020

Last 5 Incurresors

With these 5 Incurresors finished I can call the pre 9th edition yearly target is finished, I'm planning on getting the full 10th Company, Phobos and Scouts out for photos later this week, hopefully before Saturday, when I get to start again.

Saturday, 18 July 2020

Second Incurresor Squad

The last squad for the pre 9th goal arrived today from Element Games along with the Revel glue. The first thing I did was to get all 10 built, packs and bolters assembled and arm pairs sorted.
Blitzed the first 5, just left the basing technical astro granite at home.
With these 5 finished I'm 5 minis away from the pre 9th target, and being honest with myself I'm pretty sure that I would have left these unbought if 9th edition wasn't dropping next weekend.

Friday, 17 July 2020

Back To The 2nd Company

I'd bought myself a magnifying head band at payday this month and the first thing I checked out with it was the 2nd squadron of Land Speeders, which looked terrible, so went over them with black and dawnstone highlights, with leadbleacher on the grav plate and engines.
A very rare selfie.

Tuesday, 14 July 2020

The 1st Company

So bored today I got the 1st Company box out, found the missing Land Speeders. I did a little bit of work, adding the some black to the suits. I like the way the Deathwing Companions look from the Horus Heresy and wanted to add that look, and with the background of each Astartes adding more bone as they progress through the Circles of the Chapter, when they ascend to the 1st Company they ritually strip the armour and repaint it black, then as they progress through the Circles of the 1st Company they reapply the bone paint as they learn more of the Truth, the more bone on the armour, the closer the Astartes is to the Inner Circle.
And the 2nd squadron of Land Speeders.

Monday, 13 July 2020

Lion's Blades Base Line

3rd post in a day? Am I that bored? Not really. Over the weekend and today I finished off the target for the Lion's Blades 5th Company, before that I'd found the missing scout missile launcher and dug the scouts out to check the numbers, while I was at it I base lined the rest of the 3rd Company.
I finished off the pre 9th edition 5th Company this morning with the 2nd Hellblaster and Inceptor Squad as well as the 4th Intercessor squad. I did run out of space and patience when it came to getting stuff out though.
10th Company.
5th Company
The 1st Company.
2nd Company.