Wednesday, 30 July 2014

New Legion Contemptors

Forge World Bulletin 26 has gone live with  photo from the open day, MCM Comic con in Manchester and these 2 pics of the Night Lords and Iron Warriors Contemptors.

Monday, 28 July 2014

Looking Shiny.

Mad Max: Fury Road Comic-Con TRAILER (2014) - Tom…:

Monday, 21 July 2014

Pup's With Wings

So via Talk Wargaming blog and Warseer the Pup's flyer has leaked, almost makes me want to start a Puppies army

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Sort Of Finished

Just a quick post to show the finished bits of the Carnival. The squadron of Vypers, the Maiden(silver white), The Mother(blue) and The Crone(a dark green), the Wraith Lord Yeannds Laughter and the Razorwing the I just need to finish the missiles off on. On my table are 23 Harlequins, gives me the option to play each Troupe and the Mimes with a Death Jester and without.

Saturday, 19 July 2014

WIP 17&18 of July

Early weekend for me this week, Thursday and Friday, ment I got some stuff done for the Carnival and watched some films with my youngest on Thursday and got a couple of things finished on Friday, as well as picking up Star Trek Attack Wing which I'll cover in the week. Painting wise I got the 2nd Chorus Troupe Leader finished and one Trouper both using a mix of blues, black and orange, the Troupe Leader got a stripes the first Trouper got blocks of colour. A mate gave me a spare shuriken cannon that I've mounted on the 3rd Venom. I sprayed the 2nd Wraith Lord black and did the weapons in my usual bone colour and added some bone coloured bits as well, I've also finished the Razorwing which I'm saying is a part of the Death Jesters Troupe.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Shoulder Mounted Scatter Laser

Little steps as my work load is still stupid. Mounted the magnet to the shoulder and Scatter Laser with green stuff last night while laughing my head off at Sharknado. Best moment was at the end when the "hero" cuts himself out of the shark with a chain saw my eldest daughter says that's how I imagine child birth to be, my reply was, more or less, just minus the chain saw.

Monday, 14 July 2014

Wraith Lord Ynneads Laughter

Not getting much time to even eat this week let alone do hobby stuff. I managed to get this little bit done over the weekend. This was the metal Wraith Lord that came with the claw, I added some green stuff with an embedded magnet and magnetted the shuirken cannon, the other was arm was put in a gun slinger style pose, I've been playing a lot of Red Dead Redemtion,  with green stuff and plan to magntise the Scatter Laser to the shoulder and maybe magnetise the head as well so it can look for targets.

Forge World Bulletin 25

Forge World Bulletin 25 is live, and I'm fuming, Forge World at Manchester Comic con on Saturday and I'm working, fracking, fecking, feck. *sulks*
Featured photos this week are the cover of IA4 2ed with gribbles, Elyisan Detachment D99 and Red Scorpions plus an up dated Campagin section as well as GW Readings Managers Knight Household.

Thursday, 10 July 2014

The 1st Troupe Of The Chorus

Day off yesterday and while I did some diy I also got the 1st Troupe of Chorus done. I went for a block red and white colour scheme on this Troupe, will have to buy a can of white spray from Halfords to paint their Raider. The weapons have been done in a bone colour and after adding big guns to the Venoms I don't need to buy any more Death Jesters and can fit the ones I do have into Troupes again. The Death Jester just needs a nuln oil wash on the hair and a dry brush and this squad is finished. I've added the arm off the 2nd Wraith Lord, this is the one that had the claw on the arm, I removed the claw carefully, added a magnet to the cannon last night and just left that to cure over night.

Monday, 7 July 2014

Forge World Bulletin #24

Forge World Bulletin is has gone live, with a sneak peek at what looks a Vulkan Mega Bolter Knight Cannon arm, a nicely painted Lancer for a staffers Emperors Childrens Army and some additions to another staffers Iron Warriors Army.

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Wraith Lord and Vypers 1&2

It has begun! The Dieing Light Of The Evening Star is done, not as good looking as I hoped it would be, but it is my first big attempt to blend. Next is the Mother Aspect, this mini is Hasslefrees Beacg Babe Libby and her Vyper transport, she's magnetised to some green stuff I've added to the hull and the Death Jester is for now just blu taced in. The 2nd vyper has been retasked from the Corsiar army, this one represents the Maiden and I've tried to get a silver white effect like the light from the Maiden Moon. The mini is again from Hasslefree thid is Boudi and Lenore is on the other side (she'll be my Crone aspect) and lastly is the finished Boudi.

Wednesday, 2 July 2014


Or How I've Been Doing It Wrong All Along.
I have a releatively stress free week at work this week, but so far have only got one nights painting done, I got the Wraithlord out and started with an Ushabati Bone base coat over the black on the weapons, when that was dry I gave them all a sepia wash and when that had dried bry brushed the whole thing with Screaming (biege) Skull. Got to say yes this looks better than the dry brush over a Nuln oil wash and no I won't swop my Terminators over to this method.