Wednesday, 31 July 2019

Progress On The Death Guard Dreads

Days off have been enjoyed, tomorrow is the start of a 7 night run. The Blackreach dread has got its other ammo pack, just waiting for a delivery of the flexible ammo feeds from Zinge Industries to get that sorted so I can work out how to mount the second heavy bolter; either in the fist or on the side.
The Contemptor got some work done, most filing down the chest on both the Contemptor and the Terminator chest plate.
The scythe got some work done on it, mounting it like the Contemptor chain fist in place of one of the fingers. Also on a related note, the scythe is a bloody stupid thing to use as a weapon.

Sunday, 28 July 2019


And the Dark Vengeance helbrute, Hafgan , named after the enemy of the Welsh god of the underworld. Not had much chance to work on it as I've actually had to do my job tonight.
And after a some more "research " the Blackreach dread is called Math, son of Mathonway, I picked this one because Math's feet must be held at all times by a virgin and as the feet from this dread on now on the 30k Ultramarines dread I thought that it was funny.
The Contemptor I've decided to call Pryderi fab Pywll, for the first king of Wales
After something a touch easier tomorrow than another dread so I'm bringing some scouts to paint.

Saturday, 27 July 2019

Next 2

The Weeping Dreadnought wading through a mini swamp, mostly because it donated it's feet to one of my other dreadnought projects, so it's now standing in a green stuffed swamp.
And the Dark vengeance helbrute got some paint on it, plan to do the gold on it tomorrow.

Friday, 26 July 2019

Gwyrdd Tywyll Of The Death Guard

Brought the paints and the spare Huttling in and got the green meany finished tonight. This has been a nice little thing to do with some detailed work on the green stuff done.

Thursday, 25 July 2019

No Longer Green

I started off with the intention of cracking through with the second Death Guard dread, but when I had a clear out of the box the other day I had taken out the gold paints so I'm not able to get this finished tonight, as well as the Huttling. I'm also sacrificing a Warhound for the Warden in White, and I'd also left the cutters at home, so very little was sorted. Once home I'll pack what I need while my supper is cooking.

Monday, 22 July 2019

Dread Tober, With Visuals

Plans are in place, I got The Hounds box out and pulled the dreads, Reivers and Boltstorm Aggressors out, the Reivers and Aggressors are going to get a repaint next month for the Lion's Blades, the dreads I looked at for Dread Tober's plan.
Core Goal
The Redemptor Calgar, the Contemptor Björn, the Space Wolf dread for the White Scars, the Mk4 for the Dark Angles and the Ironclad for the Salamanders.
Stretch Goal
Forge World dread for the Word Bearers, metal venerable dreadnought for the Emperor’s Children and the grey resin dread for the Ultramarines.
Dream Goal
The metal standard, the plastic standard and the plastic Venerable are going to be painted for The Alpha Legion, Raven Guard, and Night Lords, not pinning myself down on any of these.
Before That Madness
So before we get to October I've got the 3 Death Guard Dreadnoughts to paint I'm not pinning myself to a dates.
And I've ordered several bits to finish off the Warden in White.

Sunday, 21 July 2019

Chop Shop Special

T/l d/r go ahead with this or not? Edit the feet will be changed. So I went stupid and bought a shed load of bits on ebay last weekend, I picked it up from the post office yesterday and several things were in it that are going to be used in different projects. The seller had hacked up the legs for reasons so I'm trying to salvage the legs with the intention of redoing this as my Successor Chapter's version of a Warden in White. To give length to the legs I've used a couple of spare death guard Terminator legs behind the Warhound leg armour and the Warlord groin plate.

Saturday, 20 July 2019

Phobos Dreadnought

Thought it would be better to get painting early tonight, which was a good idea. A quick and easy conversion of a Dread Knight into a "light Phobos pattern dread" to add a bit of extra fire power for those infiltrating troops.
Plan to start painting the death guard dread tomorrow at home when I'm distracted a bit less.

Friday, 19 July 2019

The Green Meany And The Idea For Number 3

Aiming for snail trail look for the Hutt Nurgling on the green meany.
And number 3 will be a tiny bit different, I'm giving it 2 fists with a heavy bolter mounted on each arm, used the front plate from the Dark Vengeance helbrute as a crest around what I think is the heavy bolter from the scimitar jet bike with a marine heavy bolter back pack for the ammo.

Thursday, 18 July 2019

"Phobos" Dreadnought and The Green Meany

The plasma cannon still needs work, the arm needs to be magnetised and the mini gatling requires a small amount of work while the Icarus rocket pod is already magnetised.
And the green meany, finally got the ccw this morning and had a play around with that while the green stuff on the Phobos dread is curing. Used the Lord of Contagion's axe and a couple of teeth from the Myphitic Blight Hauler, still needs some work but I don't want to paw the green stuff I've already done on it tonight.