Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Iron Warriors

These 2 photos are the current painted strenght of my Iron Warriors section of my army.
In the top photo are, from the rear, a squad of Terminators with a heavy flamer, this has been converted to have a dragon head as the nozzle of the flamer itself, a selection of converted weapons to show the old and honoured nature of these warriors, and a combi melta with a chain fist to top off that squad.
The next squad is of Havocs, these 4 are armed with 4 auto cannons and the AC has a trophy from a 'nid Teveragon that his squad downed in round of shooting.
The next squad is again Havocs with missile launchers, these 4 models are all Space Crusade Chaos Marines.
The bottom model is the Chaos Lord armed with twin linked bolter, plasma pistol and daemon weapon.
The bottom photo is of the 4 troop choices I've so far built. Okay, this part of my Army has fallen aside. I might come back to it at some point but for now Iron Warriors aren't a priority for me, what with Knights Of Blood/Carchadons next and the Eldar Corsairs after Project M annd the Titan.

Gadens Skittarii

These 2 photos are the painted straight of my Skittarii Force so far, as you can see they are a mix of Space Crusade Androids, mostly bought off ebay, and a collection of 1st edition Necrons. The top photo shows the 2 Havocs, the Terminators and Hudson Gaden at the front. The bottom photo shows the 2 troops for this army, both a mix of the 1st edition Necrons and Androids with the 2 tech marines added to the squads as AC's, with the Skittarii commander hiding away at the back I'm still working on the rest of his command squad. So dirty hack job here. Going through some old posts I see I've lost some photos, so as I find them I'll look through my g+ photos and look to sed if I have another photo to update the post.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

More books what I have reded

Actually thats fairly good as those are in the reverse order!

Starting off with Before and After by Mathew Thomas, a story about Nostrdamus, the end of the world and exploding sheep. I first read this one a years ago and enjoyed greatly, but going back to it now I find it a bit stilted, too many similarlys are used, and his next book, Conspirce Theory was a major let down, I can understand why he only got these 2 books out.

Next up is The Guns of the South a tale about time traveling South African noenazis going back to the American Civil War and suppilling the South with AK47's, the South win the war and thus their independce and then what happens next. A nice side story is the teacher learning that blacks are people too.

Then with have Manifest Destiny, again i first read this collection of short stories many many years ago, I enjoyed the last story in it the most, I';ve not really read it again fully yet, just skimmed it as it was a recent re-buy from ebay.

And lastly with have Dan Abnets Triumff, a tale of sword play and alchemy set in an alternate world, where the British and Spanish Crowns where United with the marriage of Elizabeth the 1st and Phillip of Spain, and they now control Europe and most of the world. Triumff, our hero of sorts, is drawn into a consiprice to destory everything that he holds dear. I really enjoyed this book, and am hoping that Angry Robot let him of more of these and Embedded as well as when given free rein Abnett has an amazing talent.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

The data sheet for the Poxy Proxy Banesword part 2

this is the front of the data sheet with the weapons and options.

The data sheet for the Poxy Proxy Banesword

These 2 uploads are playing silly buggers so I'm doing this in 2 posts.
This is the rear of the sheet showing the special rules I'm going to use with the tank, comments please from people

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

What's Next

Now that I've finished my Knights of Blood as far as I can for now I'm working on a couple of other things, one is the rules for the Poxy Proxy Banesword and the other is a squad of terminators for the Iron Warrior section of my army and lastly there's the re-paint on the Black Sisterhood I'm going with a yellow base coat with a purple wash as and just use the name Black to represent the fact that they are Chaos now, and I also don't have to re-pain the St. Celestine model I've already got painted up.

Okay the special rules I'm planning on going with are The Living Relic rule that Bjorn the Fell Handed has, to represent the amount of time and resources invested in the super heavy and something like this for the big gun;

After the first structural point is gone any roll of a one on the to hit roll results in a short of the cannons systems and the crew rush to patch it back up, it also means the tank is covered in a bank of steam and smoke so shots at the tank next turn count get a cover save from the smoke cloud

Monday, 20 June 2011

By Squads

Okay these are the squads by halves, assault squads with the yellow helmets, as befits a Blood Angels succuessor chapter. Top is the Sternguard squad with 2 mulit meltas and 2 combi weapons and bottom is the honor Guard for my HQ choices.

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Painted Strengh of the Knights Of Blood

Just finished off my minitures for my Knights of Blood sub section. There are 2 tactical squads both with flamers and missile launchers, the Sgts have, depending on points, either a storm bolter or a relic bolter, this has no real game mechanic, just something that looked cool. There are 2 assault squads, both have 2 melta guns each. The Sgts have, on one squad, a plasma pistol and a power sword and the other has paired lightning claws. There is also a Sternguard squad with 2 multi meltas, 2 combi bolters and the veteran sgt has paired lightning claws. The Honor guard has 3 combi bolters one blood champion and the medic, as yet unfinished. 1 captain with Terminator Armour with paired lightning claws, 1 Termimator Librarian with a forge world storm bolter, and my Knight Of Blood who in game terms I'll be playing as Seth of the Flesh Tearers as he is the only character in the whole codex that isn't horribully over powered. Photos to follow.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

The, very, Big Army List

This is going to be a very big post, I'm about to post the full army list for The Reivers Chaos Warband. I'll be doing this Warband by Warband, starting with The XIX.

Abaddon The Despoiler- 275
Daemon Prince Angarrack with Wings and Doombolt -140
Chaos Lord Deacon Penworthal with melta bombs, plasma pistol, twin linked bolter, daemon weapon, personal icon wings - 180
Chaos Sorcerer Jinto Cetus with bolt pistol, force weapon, fimilar, melta bomb, personal icon, doombolt, gift of chaos-155 with bike - 185
Aspiring Champion Sennen and 6 Chosen Marines. Sennen with a power fist. 1 Chosen with a melta gun, 2 Chosen with twin linked bolters, 2 Standard Chosen, 1 Chosen with icon of chaos glory
Champion Praa and 4 Terminators. 1 Terminator with heavy flamer. Icon of chaos glory. All with powerfists- 215. All champions- 255.
Champion Criba and 4 Terminators. 1 Terminator with reaper autocannon. Icon of chaos glory, all with powerfists- 235. All Champions- 275
Aspiring Champion Trevescan and 6 Chosen. Trevescan has plasma pistol, 1Chosen with flamer, 1 with a combi bolter, 1with a twin linked bolter, 2 standard chosen, 1chosen with icon of chaos glory-186
Chaos Dreadnought Salkeld twin linked autocannon, extra armour-125
Chaos Dreadnought Knowe missle launcher, extra armour-115
Chaos Dreadnought Knuthaul multi melta, extra armour-115
Aspiring Champion Jardine + 4 Havocs with missile launchers-170
Chaos Predator extra armour las cannons all round-185
Defiler Reskendinnick-150
Aspiring Champion Gray + 4 Havocs with heavy bolters
Aspiring Champion Burn +9 Raptors. Burn has a plasma pistol, power weapon+melta bomb,2 raptors with flamers-255, with icon of chaos glory-265
Aspiring Champion Corsair+9 Raptors. Corsair has paired lightning claws+melta bombs, 2 raptors with plasma pistols-275, icon of chaos glory-285.
Aspiring Champion Yarrow+9 Raptors. Yarrow has a plasma pistol+melta bomb, 2 raptors with flamers-255 icon of chaos glory-265.
Chaos Space Marine Squads 1,2 and 3. Aspiring Champion+9 Chaos Marines. A C have bolters, plasma pistol+melta bomb, 1chaos marine with flamer, 1 chaos marine with melta gun-200 icon of chaos glory-210
Chaos Space Marine Squads 4. Aspiring Champion has melta bombs, 2 Chaos Marines with plasma guns-200 icon of chaos glory-210
Chaos Space Marine Squads 5+6. Aspiring Champions have melta bombs, 2 Chaos Marines with melta guns-190 icon of chaos glory-200
2 Squads of khorne Berzerkers. Skull Champions+4 Berzerkers, S C have plasma pistol+power fist, 1 Berzerker with a plasma pistol, rhino - 225.
Rhino, extra armour-50.

Monday, 13 June 2011

More Knights Of Blood

Over the weekend I finished of my first tactical squad of my Knights of Blood Army and also added my Librarian to this army, as I'd forgotten about him and pulling him out of the XIX and dropping him in here was by far the easiest option. So I've gone with one black leg, one red arm and a blue for the rest with a red robe, I also rooted out the Forge World Stormbolter for him that I recovered from the Club bits box. The Captain has had a major rebuild as well, going for the Knightly feel I found this old body with an Empire Knight helmet and added it to a pair of Knight legs I'd used before. The only original parts from the first Captain are the arms which I've just swapped over. I've also added a shield from the Fantasy High Elves range as it had tears on it that I'm going to call blood drops and it fitted with the Knightly feel I'm trying to get going.
Next up is the Tactical Squad. I've added some grey stuff to most of the helmets to give them, again, a more Knightly feel, but other than that theses are mostly basic paint jobs with no conversion work done to them apart from the Sgt, no I tell a lie there there is a couple of converted ork shooters pressed into service as bolters here. With the Sgt. I've gone with a Fantasy repeating musket to give it an archaic feel, and will use it as a Stormbolter in games if the points allow me to. Although I did get majorly distracted by the Canadian GP at some points, come on it was on tv for over 5 hours! But it was one hell of a race when it got going what with Jenson Button coming from the back of the pack to win the race ON THE FINAL LAP!

Friday, 10 June 2011

Print Offs

Okay that isn't mine, as you can tell from the paint job, but it is a Banesword though. I've printed off the Datasheet for the Banesword and the blank datasheet as well, I'll be filling that out on Sunday while the F1 cars go round and round an island in the St. Laurence river. Just one minor problem with that is I don't have the Space Wolf Codex to get the rule for Bjorn The Fell Handed I'd like to add to the P P B, Knowes Fury, to represent the feeling that Gaden and The Iron Warriors towards this massive War machine

The Poxy Proxy Banesword has been named as well, well in actuallity I've kept the old name it had and will in retrospect be renaming the Sgts in the XIX Chapter with the old Border Reivers names that I had used in the first place when they where a Loyalist Chapter. This fits with the nick name of the XIXth being The Reivers.

For those of you that don't know the Border Reivers where a group of families that where pretty much at war with England, Scotland and each other from about when the Romans left to when England and Scotland where united at the death of Queen Elizabeth the First. Although the offical story says the Reiving time only really started about 1200ish, there are stories of raids and attacks on villages and cattle going back to the 400AD all the way up to Unity of the Crowns of England and Scotland and a bit beyond, but the Crown did what it always did with the trouble makers, recuritedthem into the army feed and armed them and then sent them off to for King and Country.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

So Thats The Trick

So thats the trick of getting people to read these things, have loads of pics of a hot actress! Well she's my fav.

Monday, 6 June 2011

The New Poxy Proxy Banesword, part2

Sorry for the break there, but I had to shoot off to the dentists to get my teeth checked. Still great!

So the photos uploaded this morning are the latest work in progress on the Poxy Proxy Predators upgrade to a Super Heavy. Top is the turret/super structure with the big gun made from a retractorable pen barrle. 2nd is the sponson weapons, twin linked heavy bolter and las cannons. 3rd is the chassis with the new paint job. Bottom is the actual tank itself with a Guards man to show scale and the twin linked hull mounted assault cannons, unfinished right now. I've gone with assault cannons as I've run out of heavy bolters for now

The New Poxy Proxy Banesword

Friday, 3 June 2011

Finecast part 3

So today I had to do a favour for a friend of mine which involved going up to Preston and picking up her bike and riding it back to Chorley. Lovely day for a bike ride, just wish I'd had some cash on me to stop for a pint on the way home, will be out in the yard this afternoon when I'm done here soaking up some more rays.
Okay an almost side by side view, top is my metal painted Librarian and below is the Finecast. I know that this isn't the best camera to be comparing them with but there and then and looking at my metal version when I got home later I really couldn't see a difference in the molding. Got the usual guff from the guy in the store about how much better it is, but to be honest there's barely a gap big enough to accept even the best credit card between them. The one thing of note was the knee pad looked crisper, but that could be down to an old mold when my metal Librarian was cast, which is something that hasn't been covered anywhere. What are these things going to look like when the molds are old?

So as far as i'm concerned this isn't that great a thing model wise.

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Gaden's Enforcers

I've slowed down a touch this week to give myself the chance to do some work on my army. This week I've mostly been working on the Enforcers for Gadens Skittarii as with the army list I'm using the standard troops have a randomly determined leadership and the Enforcers have a leadership of 10. As talked about before these guys I'm building/painting are basically Marine Scouts with bolt pistol, shotgun and a power weapon. Photo to follow.