Monday, 28 September 2015

Grey Angel

As I'd been away with work last week my days off were mostly family time, the only painting I did was to touch up The Grey Angel.

I also got the whole Masque out again for a photo.

I also bought a D cannon for the Wraithseer project and an old Dark Elf Wytches with 2 swords to use as an option for the Banshees Exarch, as well as sorting out some bits to work on during the week.

Saturday, 26 September 2015

Dark Angels Pre-Heresy Colours

From Forge Worlds first Heresy Weekender.

from Codex Astartes.

from Rouge Trader.

About twice a month someone askes about how to paint Fallen Dark Angels in the DA Group I'm in, and I get to go reet Northern on 'em.
In the dim and distant past of the late '80's Dark Angels were black with red markings, Veterans had a red strip on the helmet, see the Consecrators Chapter, later none Terran recruits had white markings as can be seen on the second picture, after The Lion was united with the Legion at Caliban, recruits
raised on the homeworld were allowed green trim on one shoulder pad.
3 versions of why they became green are around, one is an early fax machine printed out the marine with green looking armour, so the artist painted the army he'd got green and by the time any one knew it was to late to change, the second is that the sample marine sent out to the painter was a Salamander, the last version is that on the box cover they where black but seen under a green light so looked green.

Friday, 25 September 2015

Something To Do.

Had a week away with work and while I had little free time I got a couple of units done.

This Troupe are called The Gray Angels, the Star Player is The Grey Angel, the Troupe is led by The Half Heard, none of the others have names yet.

I also got the Command Squad done for the Knights Of Blood.

This is the standard bearer, I did have a chain sword arm on thid guy but I think the sword looks better.

This is my Company Champion, rather barbaric looking I hope. This version of him is for the Charchadon version this army. I think I'll do a version for the KoB that is a little less loaded with blades.

Monday, 21 September 2015

Forge World Bulletin For 21/09/15

New Forge World Mechanicus styled Knight in the bulletin, talking about some Mechanicus "special" technology fitted to this one

And a reminder that the Centurion disappears on September the 30th, so if you want one get your order in soon.

Saturday, 19 September 2015

Knights Of Blood!

I dug out both versions of Jacob Kell, Terminator Armour and Power Armour and Asteroth as well, Asteroth had a wing fixed back on

Jacob Kell in Terminator Armour will use the rules for Tiberus The Red Wake and lead the Codex side of this project, basically just painted the chest and arms in red.

Jacob Kell in Power Armour will use the rules for Gabriel Seth and will lead the Blood Angel side of this project.
I also based coated Troupe Azreil and will start painting the colours when I can see straight

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

To Busy To Hobby

This week and next are right offs as far as hobby time goes.

The only real success I've had is to sort out the Vorax into 3 separate bags and work out which bits are legs and which bits are the rotar cannon mounts.

So to add a bit more here is a link to leaked photos from the set of Rouge Squadron.
You might need to cut and paste that.

And this morning a junction ofthe bifrost was seen above Chorley.

Monday, 14 September 2015

Expanded Mortis Contemptor

Sunday was, I thought, a family day, it seemed that both girls had different ideas, youngest went out around lunch time, oldest went to Newcastle with her boyfriend after lunch, leaving me twiddling my thumbs. I went and moved some bits around, I pulled all the dreads out of the big box and condensed them down into one box.

I also got these out and I'm mulling over wither to use the Sigmarine or the old scratch build as my Beliel. I put the Deathwing Knights in as I haven't had them out in ages.

RT era Las Cannons, need to add some Servoskulls on each arm to cover the twin linked with one gun.

Auto cannons

Heavy Bolters

And both of mine together. I plan to get the Dark Angel one when it comes out, get another axe, and swop the hands around, repaint the Deathwing Chuck for the 8th Company, and paint the DA Legion one as the new Blackadder.

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Plasma Mortis Contemptor

The plasma cannon arrived on Saturday morning, with working an interesting 12 hour shift all I got to do was look longingly at it.

Sunday morning I got the Contemptor out and started working on fitting the plasma cannon. I was originally going to fit this on the outside of the left arm. At the first fitting this was changed as the power cable would have taken a lot of finesseing to get the cable to fit, I put it on the right arm and cable fitted in behind the flange

I trimmed the molded arm and hand off and filed down what was left.

For now I'm waiting on the green stuff to cure and will most likely paint this on my next night shift.

Friday, 11 September 2015

Monthly Vow, August to September.

What haven't I got done this month? Well the only things I haven't finished are the Jussi Nietos and Grandmother Telvig but I did throw in the Sigmarine

And a Contemptor

On top of all the rest of the things I got done this month, despite being ill and, so far this month working over 100 hours again and it's only the 11th.

I touched up the Razorwing Malice Aforethough

The 2 Deathjesters got a black and orange touch up as did the Raider pilots

The 3rd Voidweaver was finished

As well as the 3rd attack bike for the Ravenwing, just need 3 more bikes buying, as I think, even by my standards 3 squads of bikes is enough

The Fire Dragon Exarch was painted

Along with 11 counts as Striking Scorpion and some objective markers.

So what do I plan on not finishing for September to October... Okay I have the 2 Wraith Lords to finished, I have a Troupe of Harlequins to paint and I have the prize that I won the 3 Vorax Battle Robots, as well as a plasma cannon to fit to the Contemptor, if I get those done I will get on with the Eldar Guardian squads for the Telvig Exodite. This month is also going to be tight money wise so no sneaky buying of stuff from ebay for me this time, and with it being this time of year a general slow down on buying stuff full stop till the new year really.

Thursday, 10 September 2015

9th Company Contemptor And Sigmarine

Finished painting the Contemptor for my 9th Company, for now I have a plasma cannon on the way that'll need doing at some point.
Above is the Kheres Assault Cannons, I forgot the missile launcher...


With 2 Multi Meltas.

After reading the book this is the Heavy Conversion Beamer with a Heavy Flamer

And with a Storm Bolter.
I plan to get the Dark Angel version when, not sure what weapons I'll get for it...

The Sigmarine counts as Beliel, storm bolter and sword.

Lightening Claws.

And Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield.

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Contemptor Redo...

So after looking at the mini yesterday I went and pulled the magnets off and moved them to the elbows so the cannons can go outside the hands.

I think this is more dynamic than the first build. Tonights plan is to firstly get a flamer option and bolter option in the black hand, then paint this, the Sigmarine and bikes.