Thursday, 10 September 2015

9th Company Contemptor And Sigmarine

Finished painting the Contemptor for my 9th Company, for now I have a plasma cannon on the way that'll need doing at some point.
Above is the Kheres Assault Cannons, I forgot the missile launcher...


With 2 Multi Meltas.

After reading the book this is the Heavy Conversion Beamer with a Heavy Flamer

And with a Storm Bolter.
I plan to get the Dark Angel version when, not sure what weapons I'll get for it...

The Sigmarine counts as Beliel, storm bolter and sword.

Lightening Claws.

And Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield.


greggles said...

That is a sweet DA conversion on the storm eternal paul!

Poxy Proxy Predator said...

Thanks Greg.