Monday, 7 September 2015

Q Moment

I've been talking a lot about this project and as we all know "talkin ain't doin'", although in my defense I had misplaced this guy for a couple of months... no I don't have a problem... shut up... So as I have said I have all these Space Crusade Dreadnought weapons knocking around for a while now and last night I got the bits and the Dread in the same place, along with magnets, green stuff and glue and I went all Q (from James Bond not Star Trek) on it and gave it a shed load of guns!
First up I used the Assault Cannons, one under each hand, I'm not 100% happy with this and may refit them onto the outside of the hands as I think that may look better, the missile launcher is where it partly to hide the fact that that shoulder has a massive embossed World Eaters symbol on it, and also it is the counts as Cyclone Launcher if I every play it as a full on fire support role.
Next I went with the Gravaton Cannon or Conversion Beamer, not sure which this one is as it came on a dread and I never did get the Mission Dreadnought expansion, I plan to use this as both when I get round to fielding this load out. I added a Necron focusing array onto the front of this to match the other one I have on a techmarine somewhere.
Then there is the old dependable Multi Melta, the only load out I have used less is the twin linked heavy bolters...
And lastly a single assault cannon. I plan on repainting this, along with the Sigmarine and possibly the 3 bikes that are in this box I'm carrying around in currently on Tuesday night when I get my next sleepless night.

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