Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Total Stupid Idea

I posted the poka dot dapper chap in the 40k Harlequins group a while ago, with a challenge that no one took up. As I've nearly done my Harlequins army, and having several of the old metal Warlocks and Death Jesters doing nothing, plus still having 2 weeks till I start my next month's worth of painting,  I decided to have a crack at the dapper poka dotted chap with one of the spares.
Started off with an ushabati bone base coat, then a nuln oil wash . Once dry I gave it 2 coats of Deepkin Flesh, before a light coat of white. I then killed a fine point brush doing loads of poka dots.

Sunday, 29 July 2018

Thoughts On The Primaris Astartes Bikers

I don't normally jump in with the debate about what's coming up from GW , but the recent story/ claim of Primaris Astartes Bikers with the Space Wolf codex just didn't work to my mind.
From what I know of the Wolves bikes aren't really that associated with them, like all marines they make use of them but bikes aren't a definitive feature of the Space Wolf chapter.
To my mind I think it makes more sense, if/when the Primaris bikes do come out, to release them with a White Scar update and or campaign. If GW do do this they could actually tie it up with the story of the Khan returning from the Web Way, and give The Imperium a 2nd or 3rd Primarch to tackle the 2 Dæmon Primarchs all ready out there.


I had intended to use this in my Harlequins army, but the scale was a bit off for that, so I'm thinking of running this as an Inquisitor in my Ordo Astartes strike force now.

Saturday, 28 July 2018

Touch Up

With the heatwave still on going,  I'm not really sleeping during the day when the temperature is in the high 20 / low 30 centigrade, which has given me some extra time to fill not sleeping,  so I've decided to recycle  the box the dreads are in and give them a shiny new(ish) box. Now the metal venerable dreadnoughts needed some tlc after breaking both ankles while bring kept in the box, and I have some better brushes to try the hazards stripes on the 30k Iron Warriors dread.
I cleaned up sets of ankles and firstly reattached the Chaplian dread, next up was the Warden of the Rites, I attached the legs first, then left those to cure before fitting the hull to the legs.
Lastly I re-painted the hazard striping on the 30k Iron Warriors dread.
While these were being done I also did the Hasslefree Miniatures female agent, HFMASTER A199 Resin Master - Kaela Yu. I've not finished that yet, so will post it tomorrow when it's done

Tuesday, 24 July 2018


3 weeks out of 5 in July and I'm hitting 70+ hours , got to say I'm glad I got most of the stuff done already, just the Hasslefree Miniatures female agent to do.
Have a mind to cut up the shadow Seer, cut the launcher tubes off and see if I can mount them on the old school High Warlock, see how that comes out.

Saturday, 21 July 2018

Nearly There!

My eyes aren't up for doing the jewels in Yvraine's hair so leaving that for tonight, really like how the train came out.
The Trouper is good, just a traditional style mime in black and white.
And the Gyrinx is based on my cat, who's a black ginger cat, might need another dry brush of black on it yet as it still looks very orange under the black.
And with this I am now waiting for 1 mini for this army, the Tomb Queen but I can be waiting up to 33 days for that to land, but once it does, that's the boots on the ground done!

Friday, 20 July 2018

The Great Pretender

I finally spent the night working on The Great Pretender, and roughed her up to see how she'll look when done. The first plan was to do her with black hair, but I rather like the screaming skull, just need a nuln oil wash and a high light.
Will finish the hair and stick her together when I get back to work tonight.
I'm also planning on finishing the other Trouper tonight, don't have a photo of that one yet.

Thursday, 19 July 2018

Only 2 To Go!

Well,  2 to do when I get back into work tonight, the replacement for the traditional mime Troupe and The Great Pretender herself.
Easy start, 2nd Chorus Wylde Ones shadow Seer, 1st Chorus  Troupe Milliner  Shadow Seer.
Touch up after removing a rather bad green stuff attempt at a kiss.
And a new arm on the female Trouper.
Last 2 things tonight,  tidied this one up, bringing it in line with the other Heroic Dead, and swopped the drum stick for a sword.
And the replacement for the promoted Star Players Troupe Master.

Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Harlequins To Do List

Nearly got the Grand Masque of the Breaking Dawn up to 8th legal at last. There's a few repaints to do and the Star Players need the ring painting but I am getting hungry and expecting someone so had to pack up.
First up is the replacement for the new Masque of Mimes
Next up is the Spell Singer Shadow Seer,  I'm repainting this for the Wylde Ones Troupe as I seem to be thinking with a Magpie brain and have ordered Setra to use as the Shadow Seer for the Motley Crew.
The old Warlock is getting some green to tie it to troupe Milliner.
And last up is the replacement for the Star Players Troupe.