Sunday, 24 March 2013

Current WIP's

So yesterday was my first day off in 7 days, with 3 sleeps, with 2 of those back to back. And what did I get up to during this session hobbywise? Not a lot; I touched up my 8th Company Command Squad and a couple of las cannon astartes, I did get some good ebay deals in as well. I now have 9 Dark Eldar Jet Bikes, 4 at mine, 5 more on the way, I won an Eldar Battle Force as well so have a Falcon, Vyper and 3 Eldar Jet Bikes as well as some more Guardians to possibly start a core of an Exodite army or Craftworld army and a nice Farseer model that's missing a hand weapon. Also yesterday, when I got back from the supermarket, I found a letter from the tax man giving me nearly 600 pounds! Plans for that money are; new phone, i picked up an AT-ST on ebay yesterday and Index Astartes vol2, thus completing my collection of all 4 volumes and i bought a new camera and ruck sack.

Friday, 15 March 2013

Just about sums it up.

March and April are a bit of a bad month for me hobby wise as I end up doing shed loads of hours and not being able to get much time in on the hobbies
This was a sample photo of the Terminators that I've finished over the past week, this is the DV box set Terminators along side a Tartarus Pattern. The reason for this photo was that I'd run out of GW's old biege, I mean Bleached Bone and so went out and bought some Ushabti Bone to try that one, when I'd finished both squads they looked to yellow compared to the other Terminators, so I dropped into the local Worthy games and picked up a pot of Screaming Skull and gave them another dry brush with that shade of beige
(Come on guys, the misses pulls out a paint chart and I can't spot the difference between apple white and blueberry white but I can tell you that there's a difference between 2 shadesof GW biege?)
And lastly the first of the Jet bikes for my Corsair Eldar

Friday, 8 March 2013

Need A Bigger Table

My whole collection on my coffee table, I think I'm going to need a bigger coffee table
And these 2 show the Lions Blades 3rd Battle Company, 8th Assault Company, Command structre and the Lions Blades 1st Company with 50 Terminators so far, 45 shooty and 5 with Lightning Claws
This will form the coreof my Chaos force, the old Necrons will be Chaos Androids. The Guard will be Skittarii Legion and won't be to Chaosie as I'll want to use them as allies for both sides
And finally my next project the Corsair Eldar.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Dreads, Tanks, Supers a Flyer, Codex Marines and Dredd

I was asked over the weekend how many Dreadnoughts I've actually got, so on Tuesday I got them out and put them down on the coffee table, along with everything else mechanised, at the back you can just make out the Codex Marines lined up. And as I have a sense of humor here's yet another Dredd