Thursday, 27 February 2014

Full Costume For Cottonopollis Event

And again with something completly different.
This blog was started about 40K and majorly I've stuck to that with the odd bit about other things that happen now and again. This time and this post this is about me, I got into gaming in the late 80's with RPG's, I had Paranoia core book at one point, but where I was very few people would play RPG's as they didn't get it. I first came accross Steam Punk in Dragon Magazine where they reviewed a game called Castle Falkenstine or something similar, and I feel in love with it there and then. The problem was very little else came about for Steam Punk for years and years, and I found beer and girls as well, and slowly over the years Steam Punk  has become more and more main stream and accepted. I like this development. So here we have it, me in my outfit that I'll be wearing for Cottonopolis Collectives next event on March 9th, Dirigable Racer "Sane Eye" Harris.
I would also like to point out I pulled a woman while I had mutton chops, yes I am boasting!

Monday, 24 February 2014

Forge World Blog 6

Forge Worlds 6th blog had just gone live and here is the brief, first up new merc from FW is coming, this t-shirt isn't the only design that they will have on sale at selected events.
The power claw is on an Isreal Gonzales mini that is going into production soon. My money is on a HH Techmarine.
And lastly Paul Rudges Death Guard showing off the Death Guard Upgrade pack.

Sunday, 23 February 2014

A Day Late And A Quid Short

So big news Knight Titans are up for pre orders, yes they look cool, yes one day I will have at least one, just not this day I can wait I need that 32 HDtv first for the PS3, and some repairs that the recent run of bad weather have shown need to be done. So Knights, don't they loom cool? In Ultramarine and Sons Of Horus colours? I look forward to seeing one in The Unhallowed's colours as that will be good.
Anyone who looks in here regular like will notice I like Dreadnoughts, I have a few in my collection,I've given some away as I had that many and what caught my eye more than Knights this week was the leaked images of the new Helbute. The long awaited plastic chaos Dread and from the images, unless (& this is just my point of view, not starting any rumores here) there is more than one box coming out you get a shed load of weapons in this one. Missile and Twin linked Las Cannon, looks like 3 Close Combat weapon, whip/tendrils/chains, fist and thunder hammer, flammer weapon and whatever else the other weapons are, I really can't make it out on these pics. While the weapons options ate staggering by the looks of it, I need to check the model out first in the flesh to see if I can fit it into my Chaos Android plan otherwise I'll just keep my eyes out for an Ironclad as the flesh metal look doesn't fit with my plan, but saying that the Khorne Dread looks more metal than flesh.

Saturday, 22 February 2014

WIP Medic Girl and Saber Tusk

You know you can rely on me to totally ignore the latest big release of the weekend and once again I don't touch on those lovely looking, ginormus, "minitures".
I pulled the bits box out and found a las gun to fit on the Medic Girl, I found my green and painted the helmet and first aid bag, still need to give her a nuln oil wash and touch up. I also dug out the old leader of my Corsair Band to remind me of what colours come next, I've dry brushed the coat with white and will be giving the pants, boots and hat another coat of sepia, the boots will be black with dry brushing of Ice Blue and will do hair black with a wash of Nihilakh Oxide to see how that works, the Saint will get striped, thrown in with the Venerable Dreadnought when that gets here. I'll give her a coat of black and an Oxide wash as well just to see how it looks.
Also yesterday I dug out some heavy weapons to go onto the Saber to give it full weapons options for a Razorback. Just need to paint them up and find a place to store all them guns, most likely those will go in the back of one of the modern Rhinos. Need to go buying a couple of things on ebay that are ending today.

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Imagine Cropped From This Weekends Release

Just seen on the GW Digital Facebook page. The Spirit Seer from the first Codex Supplement faces a sticky end? This image is an official release from GW Digital Facebook page.

Change of Policy?

After a stress filled 2 days at work, I popped into GW Preston for a brief scen at last weeks White Dwarf and a couple of other chaps where talking to the manager who was saying something big is coming on Saturday of course. What was interesting was the fact that the shop will be staying open late on Friday, 7pm, as pre-orders are going to be going live late Friday for "Big Releases".
Poxy Proxy Predator reporting half dead with sleep depravtion from the 125 bus from Preston to Bolton, just passing under the M65.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

The Saber and Saber Tusk

So 90+ at work last week and 1 day off, bet you thought I'd only got the ladies done? Nope I spent most of the time after I finished work on Saturday making a Pup Rhino that I'd won on ebay into a Saber, the other build you could make when you had assembled the orginal Spartan Assault Transport.

The Rhino had 2 of the accessory crates on the front, these I cut off, saving one to use as a mount for the Auto Cannon, I glued a magnet inside the box and then glued the box to the front. The cannon had some green stuff put on the back and a small magnet was inserted in there to make for safer transport. While I was doing this I thought that although I had made the Saber there where no rules to allow me to put it out on the table, so I had a look at the left overs I had knocking around and found the Las Cannon off the Russ that was used on the Mastodon, I cut the gun off the barrel, finessed the resulting edge down with a file and with dome green stuff put a magnet in there. Rule wise I intend to use this as twin linked Las Cannon Razorback, I added the plauge Zombie head as a servo skull to allow for twin linking. After I'd sorted that out I added the cannon off an old Dark Eldar Jet Bike to the top of the Las Cannon and I'm calling that the Las Cannon Twin Linked Plasma Gun Razorback. While I was building this, and I'm going to be rooting for an Assault Cannon and Heavy Flamer to give all options here, I was thinking of naming it, my first thought was Saber Back to denote the cross over of the styles of tank but then I thought what the hell, the single gun looks like a tusk, so call it a Saber Tusk.

Monday, 17 February 2014

Forge World Blog 5

Quick one this morning, Forge World Blog5 has gone live this morning showing off the armoured Saurian and show casing some more of Ian Stricklands Iron Warriors. Just wonder how goramm big that Saurian is and will it be smaller than Smaug?

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Saint, Medic and Pirate Lady.

Most of my time today has been taken up with building a conversion of the old Tony Cottrill built Saber tank that used the bits left over when you made the Spartan. I did give The  Saint another dry brush and Esme got a Seraphim Sepia wash, will need to dig my Corsairs out to remind me of the colours. I also got my youngest to dig out some of her Tank Girl Graphic Novels so I can copy the helmet.

The Saint Celestine And Boobs.

So I added a tiny bit of dry brushing to my dead space bird for effect. I also started the Medic for my Guard/AM army, it was a shame to cut the M4 off but not that much I'll be adding either a las pistol or las gun after I check the options in the current Codex.

Saturday, 15 February 2014

The Saint Celestine

While traveling between locations this week I sneaked into Preston GW and picked up some more Seraphim Sepia and bought some of that technical colour Nihilakh Oxide to give it a go ( thinking of using this on psykers to denote Force weapons). The manager suggestef that it does etherial figures well as well so I thought what can I try that on? With the Saint being dead, yes I know Living Saint, I thought I'd try it on this mini to see how it looks, and with this being metal it can go in some nail varnish remover to get cleaned up when I get round to the Black Sisters.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Heavy Metal Retrospetive

Was digging out some old metal the other day to show off a bit in The Oldhammer group on facebook. Very few of these have been in my collection from new, the vast majority have come from ebay in the last couple of years. The only 2 of these that have survived to now from my first time round collecting 40k, only ever had 1 game but I did play a lot of Bloodbowl back, are the Assassin and the Librarian. Top is the Chaplin Dread/ metal Venerable Dread, Librarian Furioso Dread/ metal Venerable Dread, most of my metal.

Monday, 10 February 2014

Forge World Blog 4

Forge Worlds latest blog is up today showing the show exclusive minis avaibul from them this year, I do like that heavy bolter, also meantioned is that the Open Day is already sold out and that the next Primarch to be released will be named there and there could be a limited number of him to buy. The other pics on the blog are from a 4000 point game played by a couple of the Forge World Team at Warhammer World