Thursday, 30 October 2014

November Monthly Vow

Nearly the end of the month, and this means a new monthly vow. Giving myself a bigger task for next month, first up is the delicate task of getting cutting those knives off the wytches and getting them on the hand of the Harlequin to make the Star Players Scarecrow. Next up are the green and white 'quins, I'll paint up one of the Death Jesters off the Raiders to match. Next up I plan to mix 5 Harlequins and 5 Wytches and paint 5 in black and orange and 5 in white and blue, both of these squads will be getting a Venom. After that I'm painting up the Glade Guard, I intend to use them as Rangers in an Exodite Eldar Army and all 4 of the Raiders as well. So big month. Plan to fill this out with some Inccubi and another Venom to use in a unit with the Succubus/Solitair, I plan to buy some older Inccubi minis, just to use 3 as the Body Guard.

Monday, 27 October 2014

Forge World Bulletin 38

Just 2 this week from the Forge World Bulletin, there are 4 photos up but 2 are the crowd at Warhammer Fest, so I've picked the Solar Troops with what looks like Vulkite weapons and a hot shot las pistol, and a Marine with plasma pistol cos player.

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Love The Computer

I follow Beasts of War on Facebook and they flagged something up last week that I thought was rather cool, Mongoose Publishing are bringing Paranoia to Kickstart. It went live yesterday and as of this morning was standing at £51000, a full £21000 over the target and £11000 over the stretch goal. Yes I have backed this at the Green Level, yes this was my November budget for 40k, but I have plenty to keep me going to January, without the need to buy anything but paint.
Is the link to the Kickstart. The Computer wants you to back this project.

Irillyth, Spear Of Twilight

As my little treat for finishing the monthly vow, I let myself paint this lovely, lovely little Forge World mini up. I got this one for £7+p&p on ebay which was the sole reason I allowed myself to bid on it.
It came primed black with the streamers painted purple, this showed none of the details on this guy, so I gave it a thin coat of white over which I washed it with the oxide wash. When that had driedbI dry brushed Ushabti Bone, then dry brushed it with Screaming Skull, then a 50/50 mix of Screaming Skull and white, I then did the raised areas with a lite dry brush of Lead Belacher and an edge brush of white. The Spear Of Twight got left after Ushabite Bone stage so I could wash it with sephia then dry brush with Screaming Skull, the vaines and crystal got a coat of white and, when dry, the vaines got a wash if Blood For The Blood God and the crystal got a wash of Oxide. Rules wise I'm using this mini with the Harlequins and Maugan Ra and (ad)useing them as counts as Shadow Specters as the shear movement allowed fits more with  Harlequins.
While I did the base coat of this one I also got the rest of the 'quin army out and did the bases with Bone and the Oxide wash. A whole army with bases painted is a first for me.

Friday, 24 October 2014

Something Different From Interesting Engineering

Was on Facebook today when I saw a post from Interesting Engineering, this is a link to the wikipedia entry for the plane .
If I was ever going to attempt to make a Stormbird I think the body of this would form the base, with lift fans in delta wings. Something for the future maybe.

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Chaos Dreads Through The Ages.

Finially go the Helbrute done and am bringing you today the Chaos Dreadnought family tree, just minus the boxed Helbrute and as my other Space Crusade Dreadnought is buried in a box, I left it out of line up. As you can see these guys have changed over the years. First up 4 of 6 but as the body is more or less the same apart from the lower arms I'm letting myself off on this one and have yet to buy the new box version.
Next up is Chuck of old and for my Chaos Fallen Army.
The next photo is the 2nd ed Chaos Casturferrum again for the Fallen Army.
3rd photo is the Space Crusade Mission Dreadnought Dread, this one is for The Lion's Blades and is a Mortis Pattern.
Last photo is the Dark Vengence Helbrute, this is painted up for the Sons Of Malice, I'm thinking if I ever do take Dæmonology I'll use Sons Of Malice as counts as Dæmons, thinking the Helbrute is going to be a Herald.

Monday, 20 October 2014

Forge World Bulletin #37

Forge World Bulletin 37 has gone live. Best bits are the 2 Legion Contemptors, Alpha Legion by the looks of it and Sallamanders, there's a nice robot and a picture from Warhammer Fest possibly, I wouldn't know I wasn't there.

Saturday, 18 October 2014

This Week I Have Mostly Been Doing Other Stuff.

Last weekend was Warhammer Fest and 2 things came out of the event that I paid most attention to; Dark Angels are at least 2 and a 1/2 to 3 or 4 years off and there's a new type of Dreadnought coming. From the Rouge Trader Era you had Deredo (Eddy), Furibundus (Fury) and Contemptor (Chuck). The 3 of them where more or less the same body, Eddy had wider shoulders, the main differences where leg lenght, Chuck had longer legs and weapon load out.
Now in 2nd Ed you got the new metal Dreadnought which went un-named till Forge World got there hands on it much much later (Casterferrum which means, more or less, Iron Fort/Army), this version also gave us the Blood Angles Furioso type and the Dark Angels Mortis type Dreadnought. The best example of this type of Dread is the Venerable and huge chunk of lead that I would not want to get hit over the head by.
Come 4th Ed and technology and health and safety have progressed and we get plastic Dreads, in 5th ed you get the Ironclad Dreadnought and the plastic Furioso dread. In 6th the new one was the Helbrute, a name change and a reintroduction of the bio-mechanical nightmare that was hinted at in the Chaos Chuck and much less in the metal Chaos Dread. In 7th we got the Space Wolf box and a box for the Helbrute.
Alongside this Forge World have been making Dreadnoughts as well, Casterferrum mk4 and mk5 in Legion markings mostly and then came the new Contemptor, which has very little in common with it's name sake of old, but I think that has more to do with what injection modeling is now capable of doing compared to back in the 80's, (look at a Rhino from the 80's there's no way 10 Marines are fitting in that, but if it had been to scale it would be as big as a Land Raider and no one would have bought it).
So up to date just one ommission- Space Crusade. The Dread in that was listed as a Chaos Dreadnought and did make it into GW production in Epic scale, I have also seen a metak pre-production version posted on a facebook Oldhammer group post of the plastic version I had put up, so GW retained the rights to the design. Now I was reading Imperial Armour 2 2nd edition, looking for Mortis rules for the Mission Dreadnought project I'm waiting on magazines on, and came across the Casterferrum name and there's a tiny bit that says how older Unity War Dreads could be piloted by none Astartes and how there was another type that had less armour to the fore, the unhallowed Lucifer. Taking the design of the Space Crusade Dreadnought is a Games Workshop IP, even if it is a rip off of ED 209 from Robocop, could we be seeing a version of this return in the near future, made by Forge World? Any answer is I'm buying the gorram thing regardless as I do like Dreadnoughts.

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Forge World Bulletin 36

Bulletin 36 has gone live. Nice view of down town Springfield with the Monorail.
The Las Rifle section with 20 Solar Auxilla look really nice andcare a one day buy. The rest of the pics show Terminal City battle boards.