Sunday, 10 January 2016

Tech Heresy

With this post I submit my application to the Dark Mechanicus, Oldhammers may consider this post a bit of a horror story as an old Razorback turret is about to get pulled apart.
My lucky find of the Spartan came with a the Razorback las cannon twin linked plasma gun turret

Now I plan to convert this up to be a Redeemed so I need to get the Flame Storm cannons out of storage and magnetise them to the sponsons, look for that this week. Over the weekend I took the turret and broke it down, barrels off, gunner off and I filed the hatch edges down and got them seated nicely
Next step is to get a couple of assault cannons and fit then onto the turret for the Redeemer.
As the las cannons are already maged I will swop out this turret with a Razorback heavy bolter turret if I want to run this as a standard Raider.

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