Thursday, 30 January 2020

Pair 6

The latest pair for the 30k board, the Word Barers Dreadnought The Herald of the Imperial Truth, as an Astartes he lost a finger to defend the Legion's first Commander, he chose to carry the wound rather than get a bionic replacement, the day he woke up in the Dreadnought and flexed 5 fingers he asked the Tech marines to remove the finger as it didn't feel right.
Just need to finish the tabard and get some text on the other part.
And the precursor Chaplain.

Tuesday, 28 January 2020

4th Pair, The Blood Angel Legion

Finally got the red on the mk4 Blood Angel dread, I started off with a base coat of Mephiston Red, when that was dry I added a light coat of evil Sunz Scarlet, then did the highlights with wild rider red.
I also made a start on next year's project for Armies on Parade by getting some red on the Furioso dread, while the Death Company dread got a coat of black.
The Death Company dread got left at this point, as I'm doing plenty of grey things tomorrow, so will highlight that when I'm painting 10 scouts, one mk4 Chaplian and the Word Bearers dreadnought arm grey.
The Furioso dread got the same treatment as the mk4 but also got some gold applied, which had a wash of agrax earthshade. I still need to give the black bits a light dry brush with lead bleacher before I call it done.
Rather happy with how these have come out.

Sunday, 26 January 2020

12th Legion Pair

Got the World Eaters pair finished today for the Armies on Parade board this year, bringing the completed tally up to ... 3.
The Space Wolf pair
The mysterious Lord of the First legion and rifleman dread
The 12th Legion Pair again
The 14th Legion Pair of Allurn of Dale and the heavy dreadnought his grand company designed, need to finish that plasma mortis mount and find where I stashed the other weapons...
The Blood Angels pair, need to get some red on that mk4
And the Word Barers pair are wip as well as the mk4 donated its chain fist to the World Eaters so am now working on a replacement fist for it and the mk4 chaplain still needs his grey paint doing. Also got a new phone today, and am very impressed with both the camera and battery life.

Saturday, 25 January 2020

Small Amount Of Progress

Got the brass scorpion on the areas I was after today, and fixed the axe and the melta pistol on the not Dante, next up is to do the weapons and touch up any black that requires it.
And I was rudely awakened by the post man today, who has brought this from Element Games which was a surprise after reading about the break on Thursday. Safe to say for now that Lazarus is being saved for next month.

Friday, 24 January 2020

World Eaters Pair For Armies On Parade

Had an increase to my work load, I've been trying that working smarter malarkey. With the painting tonight I broke the back of the World Eaters pair, the mk4 looks lovely in the Legion colours, the Cataphractii Armour captain looks good as well, both still need a few bits of brass doing but my eyes are going unfocused, even with the glasses.
Usually process for white of ushabati bone, then screaming skull, nuln oil wash, Deepkin Flesh then a light coat of white scar on both, the blue was a Macragge Blue base, altdorf guard then a highlight of Fenris grey. Still need some more brass on the shoulders of both of them .
I also picked up a metal Dante from the post office this morning, it got a bath and cleaned up, the pistol arm was held on with green stuff and it'd been bathed in glue. It got a Mephiston Red base coat, an agrax earthshade wash, then when that was dry a light coat of evil Sunz Scarlet, I went lead bleacher on the helmet and wings before using wild rider red as a highlight.

Tuesday, 21 January 2020

A New Journey

With the release of Mortal Realms series I thought it would be a "good" idea to jump to in at issue 1, worse comes to worse I've got 2 armies to sell when this is over.
So made a start and got these primed this morning.

Sunday, 19 January 2020

World Eaters Mk 4 Legion Dread

My day off yesterday was a taken up with some family meal time and catching up with The Good Place and watching Treadstone. As it got late I started working on the Word Bearers chain fist that had been magnetised on that dreadnought. I filed out the hole to get the right size to fit the shoulder mount.
The Forge World shoulder mounts it's hand weapon a little different from the gw version, it slips between 2 flanges, I trimmed the epic cannon down a touch and then filed it down on both sides to make a nice interference fit. I know I still have to work on the Titan fist and trim down the barrels a bit so it fits the fist and I need to either borrow the Chaplian dreadnought's ccw or have a go at building another one.

Friday, 17 January 2020

Plan I

I ain't dead, I've just had one of those weeks where I start work on Sunday and don't get home apart from a flying visit to feed the cats until Friday morning. So much for work life balance. I have a plan and with this plan I get to at least have my demi company of Primaris Astartes for this year's objective bought. With the Psychic Awakening book up for pre orders on Saturday, along with Master Lazarus, I'll be ordering them from Rogue Games in Leyland along with the box of Inceptors that I need to ensure I have all the minis I need to finish my target. As it is currently I got home at 7.40 this morning, fed cats and myself, then I went back to bed , I have yet to get up again.

Sunday, 12 January 2020

Monthly Vow January The 13th To February The 12th.

Had a bit of a spanner thrown into the works of the vow this month with the hospital shifts so the vow was altered to reflect this. For next month I've still got the irregular shift pattern for at least a week, maybe 2, so first part of the plan is minor, finish the sniper scouts and do one of the mk4 Chaplians to go with the Word Bearers dreadnought. Beyond that the chain fist from that dreadnought is going put on the World Eaters Mk 4, the shoulder will be getting a spare Reavor Titan fist, which I dug out last night, while moving the bits around I found something I think I can use to attach it to the shoulder, just need to get that one as well. As of today I'm not committing to much more with the Chaplian dread being the next big one.
Review Time
None of the planned buys happened.
The first thing I did was to get the Björns together for a review, I also pointed it up, and if I use the Scout in a 5 man Reivers Squad I can run this as 1000 point army.
Next thing up was the Forge World Grey Knight dreadnought, which was a bit of a rogue buy, I'd wanted to see how it looked. About now my work hours went bad.
And any plan I had was binned. I went ahead and made some effort to get some smaller stuff done so I could see I was achieving something, and to give me a back drop for photos.
I did one a day of the reactors and the plasma thing, mostly as a visual guide that I could see what I was doing
I also read a bit in the Codex and upgraded a spare Reiver to a Lieutenant and gave him a bigger base, which expands the Vanguard Company.
As a back drop for photos I like how this looks.
This one arrived and shared a bath with the Chaplian dread.
A Warhound titan gave up its feet for the World Eaters Mk 4 to replace the older version I had already painted for the Armies on Parade board.
Yes I do like the background now, some of Forge World mk4's .
This small conversion was the inspired by another hobbyist who'd already done this conversion, I took the Nurgle ly looking bits and pieces off, added a chainsword to the pole arm and then painted this one up in Legion colours for the Armies on Parade board.
I got one of the sniper scout squads done, but with the way I'm working currently I wasn't able to get the second squad done.
A mysterious Lord of the First Legion got painted up for the armies on parade board.
And lastly 3 of the finished pairs for the board.