Saturday, 29 August 2020

Several Things On The Go

 This has been a chilled week for me, with a couple of projects coming together nicely.

First up, I also got the Cypher Duos white painted the same day I did these 2, was a test piece for the coworkers blood bowl team, I just need to touch the teeth up on the mummy to be happy happy, but I can afford to wait on that until the other Undead team is released about Halloween time.

The other thing that came about because of the Cypher Duos was I stumbled across the rotar cannon arms, attached to 3 of the guys from the Cypher Chosen Formation, which were then separated and put to use to start making a different Eradicator squad. I decided to try magnets in the elbows and shoulder joints so I can swop the weapons out. Fingers crossed for actual rules though.

I'm leaving these alone to let the glue cure for now. I've got the other 5 40mm bases done with astroganite and washed and the 10 32mm bases just waiting for the astroganite to dry so I can give it a wash with agrax earthshade, plan is to build the blade guard and take them home for the now, I'm hoping to convert the Ancient into Azreal and hunting a cheap Asmodai to use to convert the Chaplain, which is a wait, I'm thinking about aiming to get the 10 Assault Intercessors done before the end of the month but I'm not really in a rush, I'm just kicking my heels till the 4th and I can order The Lion to ruin. 

Friday, 28 August 2020

Cypher Duos

Okay this one has taken a couple of days to get up to this point, and I'm still undecided on which head I'm going with, that not withstanding Cypher Duos is done.

Metal Cypher plasma pistol and Lion's Sword, power pack is from War Games Exclusive Cypher Ella, I was going to use the sword but went with the orginal, body is the Judiciar, bolt pistol arm is from the Outrider Sgt with the Cypher shoulder pad attached, goggles head is from the Eliminator box and the helmet head is from the Dark Angels Veteran box.

I tried a green high light on this rather than grey as a bit of a change and who it's supposed to be. 

Monday, 24 August 2020

6 Outrider Bikes

Yesterday and today where nice and easy, Saturday I picked up the bike sprue from my mate in Skavenblight, got it home, watched the stream, primed the bikes, uses up the last of the primer, 1 full Indomitus boxe, a full Primaris half and a G sprue with bikes, 1 Recruit Box and 1 Elite box, so plenty done with the 1 can. I also gave the bikes a black base coat spray to not kill my brush again. Tried my damned best to not get a gap but regardless of what I did it was there, I really do think the width of the frame was set as the internal width of the fairings.

Sunday was a building and rooting under the sofa looking for the bit I've just dropped day

Today was spent getting the 6 bikes painted, after I'd had a walk to the post office to pick up the Cypher I'd got off Ebay, for my next Judiciar project. 

Sunday, 23 August 2020

Azyrite Ruins

I know it's a twin tailed comet but I'm seeing molars embedded in the wall, lots of molars. We sure this isn't a tooth fairy ruin? 

A nice refreshing change from power armour today, one part of the Azyrite Ruin kit. 

Wednesday, 19 August 2020

Guess Who Got His Light Box Out?

 This dude.

Insomnia hit again today, I've been awake since early afternoon which gave me time to get the light box unfolded and get these pics done.

Lessons learned with these Outriders, prime and base coat on sprue with minimal connection left. The Eradicators are nice and easy to build, only issue is the hands and arms wondering if you don't magnets or glue it. 

Bob and Kate the Blade Guard ancient, as you know someone will be "that guy" over it. I was aiming for an Amber look on both the banners, with 4 reikland flesh washes over ushabati bone. Barten Wells the Chaplain was a rewarding paint job and Darling the Judiciar was a refresh uncomplicated paint scheme, outside of the 4 agrax earthshade washes and the dry brush with Steel Legion Drab then the highlight with 50/50 steel Legion Drab and Screaming Skull, on the robe to get a leather look.

Look for a conversion of this later with some Cypher bits. 

The Lieutenants George and Percy, I need to sort some heraldry for these guys but that's for a day off. 

Captain Blacathatair. I'd set myself the challenge of using as little metallic paint as possible on this one, so the belt trinkets got the reikland flesh wash aiming for that Amber look, the sword had 3 washes of nuln oil as I was aiming for an obsidian look with it.

The Blade Guard Veterans are the first unit to get the actual Deathwing Companions scheme, again still need to get the tilt plates done but need either names or background to give me an idea for heraldry. 

And the assault Intercessors, did I go to far on the plasma glow?

Assault Intercessors Squad Completed

The second part of the Assault Intercessors squad is done! As are the bases for the next set of bikes, going to leave off painting on those until I pick the next batch of 3 up from Skavenblight on Saturday.

Going to have to dig out some of the old World Eater Berserker minis I have knocking around, just to compare.

Tuesday, 18 August 2020

Blade Guards And Assault Intercessors

Still a couple of thinks left to do, like the tilt shields, but I think I need a day off to do those, and a couple of bits on the black need to be tidied up after the pallid witch flesh was done. 

I feel the black and ivory armour worked really well on these. 

And the assault Intercessors, really nice kit to put together and can be done really quickly of you want to. 

Monday, 17 August 2020

Blade Guard Ancient And Lieutenants

Kate and Bob are finished as Blade Guard veteran the armour is a mix of mix of black and pallid witch flesh, which is better colour match for what I want over the screaming skull, both banners have had a crack at being Amber coloured, not sure if I got there or not. 

The 2 lieutenants also got finished tonight, my eyes are gone, even with the magnifying head set so I'm leaving the buckler or tilt plate for now. 

Saturday, 15 August 2020

Chaplain Barten Wells And More

Keeping the theme we have Chaplain Barten Wells, again I tried the amber look on his Croiser and icons, I went with a screaming skull aquila rather than brass as I thought that it would look better, especially with the ribs on the armour. 

I also got the 1st squad of Eradicators finished today after starting both lots last night. 

Tonight I started with the Ancient, both versions, Bob and Kate.

Trying the amber again, the Bob has had a couple of bits painted orange and yellow before I started the wash process, still got 1 more coat to go yet, but I'm have my lunch break and posting this, also giving both of them a leather robe, as I like how they look. 

Just need to get a coat of agrax on the bones of Kates banner. 

Thursday, 13 August 2020

Blacathatair, Master Of The Lion's Blades 5th Company

I did the search of the Boarder Reiver Clans and Families last night, and there was a name, one that should be familiar to any one that watches English language TV, its a name I've used already as it's the name of river in the Scottish Borders. 

The Clan is a lordless clan and has been for about 400 years, has lands in Berwick Upon Tweed and Fife, it's Clan Blackadder, although I've used an alternative spelling Blacathatair, to avoid confusion with the Contemptor Dreadnought, one good think is this kind of gives me a theme to name some of the other characters with. 

Wednesday, 12 August 2020

The Latest Master Of The Lion's Blades

I made a start on the latest master for The Lion's Blades about 7.30 this morning.

I'd set myself a task of using as little metallic paint as possible on this one, so I started with a full ushabati bone base coat, the belt got the 4 coats of agrax earthshade, and some parts got a nuln oil wash to get an ivory type look, the halo on the shield got that, then a coat of pallid witch flesh, the skeleton got a couple of washes of agrax earthshade then a dry brush of screaming skull. The hour glass got a coat of reikland flesh wash to try and give it a light Amber look.

Looking at it close up, I'm going to give it another go over with the reikland flesh wash tomorrow and touch up the frame as well. The icons on his belt both got 4 washes of reikland flesh wash with a couple of dry brushes, one of Yreil yellow and one of Troll Slayer Orange with an aim of getting it looking like amber.

I'm going to find the pot of gloss nuln oil to go over the not a heaven fall blade on its last coat to get an obsidian look. 

All the white areas are pallid witch flesh to represent ivory, {screw you PETA}. 

I added the chapter badge after I'd taken this picture, going to add some brass Scorpion on the Crusade badge on the forearm and the power pack. 

Tuesday, 11 August 2020

Not Entirely Lacking Talent

Finished the Judiciar today, swopped out the hour glass for a chapter icon, as I just hit a blank on how to paint that bit.

This is a good mini to paint, almost as much fun as the Master of Possession to do.

I started off yesterday by priming a lot of stuff, and building the G sprue, a Captain and 2 lieutenants. 

Interesting chat this morning about seeing if you could mount the onslaught gatling cannon or the rotary cannon on the Gravis armour was had, yes that is being considered as a project... 

Back to the Judiciar, I gave the areas I wanted to do the agrax earthshade wash an ushabati bone base coat, before getting 4 coats of agrax earthshade wash on it, by which time it was dark, so I went to bed and had a crap night's sleep as the thunder and lightning kept waking me up. 

This morning feeling totally unrested I started on theblack, and hight lights. The metalwork I went with bronze as the Lion's Blades are not an ostentatious chapter, they had a high light of retribtor gold and storm host silver. 

I've just noticed the ring, okay will go back and finish that off in a bit but I really need a bath.

The helmet had a coat of screaming skull, then deepkin flesh before the head part got a pallid witch flesh high light on and the mask got a nuln oil wash. 

I also swopped out the hour glass for a chapter icon as I have no idea how I'd paint the hour glass itself, short of like a lava lamp with 2 fluids in it... 

Nice mini to build and paint, not up there with the master of Possession but really, really nice to do.