Tuesday, 11 August 2020

Not Entirely Lacking Talent

Finished the Judiciar today, swopped out the hour glass for a chapter icon, as I just hit a blank on how to paint that bit.

This is a good mini to paint, almost as much fun as the Master of Possession to do.

I started off yesterday by priming a lot of stuff, and building the G sprue, a Captain and 2 lieutenants. 

Interesting chat this morning about seeing if you could mount the onslaught gatling cannon or the rotary cannon on the Gravis armour was had, yes that is being considered as a project... 

Back to the Judiciar, I gave the areas I wanted to do the agrax earthshade wash an ushabati bone base coat, before getting 4 coats of agrax earthshade wash on it, by which time it was dark, so I went to bed and had a crap night's sleep as the thunder and lightning kept waking me up. 

This morning feeling totally unrested I started on theblack, and hight lights. The metalwork I went with bronze as the Lion's Blades are not an ostentatious chapter, they had a high light of retribtor gold and storm host silver. 

I've just noticed the ring, okay will go back and finish that off in a bit but I really need a bath.

The helmet had a coat of screaming skull, then deepkin flesh before the head part got a pallid witch flesh high light on and the mask got a nuln oil wash. 

I also swopped out the hour glass for a chapter icon as I have no idea how I'd paint the hour glass itself, short of like a lava lamp with 2 fluids in it... 

Nice mini to build and paint, not up there with the master of Possession but really, really nice to do. 

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