Wednesday, 12 August 2020

The Latest Master Of The Lion's Blades

I made a start on the latest master for The Lion's Blades about 7.30 this morning.

I'd set myself a task of using as little metallic paint as possible on this one, so I started with a full ushabati bone base coat, the belt got the 4 coats of agrax earthshade, and some parts got a nuln oil wash to get an ivory type look, the halo on the shield got that, then a coat of pallid witch flesh, the skeleton got a couple of washes of agrax earthshade then a dry brush of screaming skull. The hour glass got a coat of reikland flesh wash to try and give it a light Amber look.

Looking at it close up, I'm going to give it another go over with the reikland flesh wash tomorrow and touch up the frame as well. The icons on his belt both got 4 washes of reikland flesh wash with a couple of dry brushes, one of Yreil yellow and one of Troll Slayer Orange with an aim of getting it looking like amber.

I'm going to find the pot of gloss nuln oil to go over the not a heaven fall blade on its last coat to get an obsidian look. 

All the white areas are pallid witch flesh to represent ivory, {screw you PETA}. 

I added the chapter badge after I'd taken this picture, going to add some brass Scorpion on the Crusade badge on the forearm and the power pack. 

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