Wednesday, 19 August 2020

Guess Who Got His Light Box Out?

 This dude.

Insomnia hit again today, I've been awake since early afternoon which gave me time to get the light box unfolded and get these pics done.

Lessons learned with these Outriders, prime and base coat on sprue with minimal connection left. The Eradicators are nice and easy to build, only issue is the hands and arms wondering if you don't magnets or glue it. 

Bob and Kate the Blade Guard ancient, as you know someone will be "that guy" over it. I was aiming for an Amber look on both the banners, with 4 reikland flesh washes over ushabati bone. Barten Wells the Chaplain was a rewarding paint job and Darling the Judiciar was a refresh uncomplicated paint scheme, outside of the 4 agrax earthshade washes and the dry brush with Steel Legion Drab then the highlight with 50/50 steel Legion Drab and Screaming Skull, on the robe to get a leather look.

Look for a conversion of this later with some Cypher bits. 

The Lieutenants George and Percy, I need to sort some heraldry for these guys but that's for a day off. 

Captain Blacathatair. I'd set myself the challenge of using as little metallic paint as possible on this one, so the belt trinkets got the reikland flesh wash aiming for that Amber look, the sword had 3 washes of nuln oil as I was aiming for an obsidian look with it.

The Blade Guard Veterans are the first unit to get the actual Deathwing Companions scheme, again still need to get the tilt plates done but need either names or background to give me an idea for heraldry. 

And the assault Intercessors, did I go to far on the plasma glow?

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