Monday, 24 August 2020

6 Outrider Bikes

Yesterday and today where nice and easy, Saturday I picked up the bike sprue from my mate in Skavenblight, got it home, watched the stream, primed the bikes, uses up the last of the primer, 1 full Indomitus boxe, a full Primaris half and a G sprue with bikes, 1 Recruit Box and 1 Elite box, so plenty done with the 1 can. I also gave the bikes a black base coat spray to not kill my brush again. Tried my damned best to not get a gap but regardless of what I did it was there, I really do think the width of the frame was set as the internal width of the fairings.

Sunday was a building and rooting under the sofa looking for the bit I've just dropped day

Today was spent getting the 6 bikes painted, after I'd had a walk to the post office to pick up the Cypher I'd got off Ebay, for my next Judiciar project. 


James Tech said...
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Siph_Horridus said...

Sweet work, love the Outriders, and an impressive amount of basecoats