Monday, 29 August 2022

Rainbow Sparkle Power Friends Reunion Part 12

 The Knights of Sâl Arwydd Go To The Black Stone Fortress. 

"I'm so glad I don't have to clean up this glitter." Kat muttered, kicking at a purple drift, " Are you okay?" she asked Claire, who nodded. 

" I just need 5 minutes and to phone Morven's parents." Claire changed back into her street clothes and pulled out her cell phone, it wasn't getting any signal. She looked around," I need to make an international call, is there a land line around here I can use? "

"Given what we've just done here, I'm sure there's a phone at Windsor you can use, " Major Beckham replied, "it'll also gets you away from here for a bit." He slung the SA 80, "Follow me I'll drive you there." The pair of them walked back towards the passage that they'd first come through, and back towards the Land Rover. The other guys in armour were checking the creatures had been dispatched, the leader with the horse hair plume came over and took his helmet off, revealing a square head, short brown hair that was greying at the sides. 

"Colonel Michael Owen at your service," he was cleaning his sword as spoke," so you're the fabled Rainbow Sparkle Power Friends, it's a pleasure to meet you at last, Kat Green?" he held out his hand to shake Kat's, "Angel Perez?" again he offered Angel a hand to shake, "and Claire Diamond has gone off with Major Beckham. Tell me, just how different from the cartoon were your adventures?" Kat and Angel looked at each other, 

"It was a lot sleazier, 4 teenager girls going around beating up a bunch of religious zealots in their 20's and 30's and those wierd plastiflesh people they had closer to the millennium." 

"yeah, those ones really creeped me out, tough to take down too." Owen remarked. "What did you call them? We named them Jeanette's and Johnnies."

"Brads and Gwyneth's" Angel supplied. 

Kat looked the armour over, "So what's the story with you guys? How did you get your gear?" she asked

"If I tell you, you'll tell me the true story of your gear?" Michael asked. 

"It's actually fairly close to the cartoon, only things different are what we found out in the last few weeks." Angel answered 

"Which are?" 

"You owe us a story first." 


"Before you start, could I have a look at your sword?" Kat asked. 

"Here you go, take care its sharp. " he said pulling the sword out of it's scabbard and holding it out hilt first with a smile, Kat gave him a withering look, and took it, giving it a swing, Owen stepped back, "Well it starts in early 96. Each of us had a different reason for being in Glastonbury that bank holiday weekend," 

Kat held up a finger, "What's a bank holiday?" she asked

"It's a statutory holiday," Micheal answered, Kat nodded " well we all ended up on Glastonbury Tor, pissed or stoned or tripping. While sat on the Tor this wierd old guy with a long beard and wearing a rode said we should follow him, it seemed like a decent idea at the time we thought he was taking us to a party. So the 7 of us are leaning on each other as we stagger inside a cave that hadn't been there when we'd gone up. We walked down and down and into a chamber. There were 7 bodies on 7 stone tables, each one had the armour on. He told us to put the armour on that best suited us, we didn't really understand but we each felt a connection to one particular set, and so we put them on and felt... energised somehow. The hippy looking guy explained that the armour and weapons works by channeling the energy from lay lines and allows us to focus it into aggressive and defensive powers and abilities. He told us the the armour was made by the wizard Merlin to protect Arthur Gernow and his fellows as he helped the Welsh hero Culhwch who was cursed by his wicked step mother to only love Olwen, the daughter of a giant. Culhwch had to complete 40 impossible tasks to win her hand in marrage. Arthur and 6 of his best men joined in many of the tasks, including a monsterous boar hunt, killing a giant on the top of Snowdon, diverted the Thames from where it originally started from in Wales, the usual legendary stuff. "

Angel asked the question that had been bubbling away since she'd been able to think of something other than staying alive,"So why are you dressed like a Roman?" Micheal looked pained,

"The story we have is 3rd hand, so there could be some Chinese whispers here; okay so what was called The Dark Ages and is now referred to as Early Medieval was a time of great upheaval, the Britons and Welsh were being routed by the Angles and Saxons, some of the best armour available still came from the rements of the Roman Empire, and in 5th Century harkened back to a better time. Merlin is rumored to have reforged the armour with a more advanced form of metal working claimed to be Atlantian, carbon nano tubes that can pull energy from lay lines that allow us to do the fancy stuff." He paused," Do you have to call out the names of your attacks like that? "

"It helps to focus them, watch." Kat replied, holding the sword up above her head in the classic He Man pose," Cataclysm! "she shouted, lightning erupted from the sword into the dust cloud above their heads, from the cloud, bolts streaked down and hit the creatures around them, burning them up, she handed the sword back," was that better than what you can do? " Owen handed her the sword again, 

"Try something else, please." 

"Here?" she asked, looking around the quadrangle they were in. 

"We can write everything off as battle damage," Owen replied, Kat shrugged and took the sword again, making sure no one was in front of her, she thrust the sword out point first, "tight beam!" a thin beam of white light streaked into the building, punching a hole in the brick wall opposite, she swung it in an upwards arc from ground to above shoulder height shouting "Arc Wave!" a chained wall of lightning slammed into the brick work, dropping the wall, Kat held the sword across her body,shouting "Shield!" and a white glowing wall appeared in front of them, stopping any rubble reaching them. 

"How are you doing that?" Michael asked

"The weapon has some memories of previous users, you need to meditate and focus on the weapon to unlock them, and yes it was Merlin that forged these, he used a method that's related to our gear with crystal attunement, mostly quartz though. There is an imprint of his memory on the crystal."

"Would we have to shout the attack name out loud?" He asked

"Probably." Angel replied. "And really don't bring that up again, it works, accept it." 

"okay," Owen replied, "so is there a chance you could lead us in the meditation technique to unlock these powers?" 

"We can but try." Kat answered, handing the sword back again. 

" A great master once said 'do or do not, there is no try.' "

" Are you seriously quoting Yoda here? "

Owen smiled, "Seems appropriate for the situation," he said with a shrug. 

"Is there a phone number I can reach you on, to sort out this meditating session? I don't have my diary on me in this armour," Kat changed back to her normal clothes, "or these," she finished, pulling her phone out of her pocket. Michael gave her a landline number. 

"you'll need to add 44 and drop the 0, if you're ringing internationally." Kat smiled sweetly at him. The others in armour had meandered over and had been listening to the end of the conversation. 

"We should get back to Tintagel, Sir." one of them said. 

"Yes Redknapp. Everything cleaned up here?" 

"That lightning strike did most of the work for us, which I guess was one of you?" the 5 men looked over there armour and weapons. 

"Kat of The Rainbow Sparkle Power Friends has offered to lead us in some guided meditation to open up some of those extra abilities. We're going to schedule a training session at her convenience." there was some groaning from the 5 other men. "It'll be less intensive than your usual training." Owen assured them. 

"And we might be able to upgrade your gear as well. Well not us, The Warden might be able to. We'd have to take some to her place, let her look over it and see if she can do something with it." Angel shrugged, "I mean we are talking about science that's borderline magic here."

"When do you think that'll be doable?" One of the guys in armour asked. Angel looked at Kat, who shrugged her shoulders

"Before or after that training session, or I can take a suit while you're doing it." Kat suggested. 

"I rather like the idea of looking around your base, so after would be better," Michael said.

"After it is" Kat said. Owen put his helmet back on and looked around. "One last thing, what's the time here? Need to remember time difference between San Demas and London."

"About 8 or 9 hours." one of the unknown guys in armour said.

"Okay so 6pm here is 10am at home... It'll be an evening session, unless my insomnia kicks in again. I suppose you'd better take me with you so I know where to head when I'm coming over for the training."

"Good point, we'd better get out in the open," Michael steered the group back out on to the playing field, seeing Captain Nahim he waved him over, " Could you call in Merlin please? This suit doesn't have a radio"

Nahim touched his throat mic and made the call, a couple of air ambulances had landed on the field, medics, running around the buildings suggested they hadn't been there long, a British army Merlin mk2 helicopter came over the castle on the hill in the distance, slowed and circled the sports field, looking for a place to land, it put down near the river, the party walked the length of the lawn to it, the crew chief handed out head sets and strapped everyone in, Angel and Kat looked around the spacious crew cabin. 

"The call sign is Merlin for your chopper?" Angel asked

"No it is a Merlin helicopter, we're given carte blanch when it comes to transport." 

"Is that Windsor Castle?" Kat asked pointing to the castle the chopper had come from behind.

"It is, and no the queen isn't home." Michael looked distracted for a second. "Okay flight plan is refuel at Portsmouth then fly down to Tintagel." The engine noise rose as the chopper took off. 

"Is there any chance we could circle Windsor, I never thought I'd get to see it," 

"I should be able to do that," the pilot said over the radio, Kat grinned hugely, and got her phone back out and put the camera on. 

"My kids are never going to believe this," she said as the chopper took off, " flying in a helicopter over the Queen of England's House." 

"Around, not over. No fly zone over certain Royal residences." 

Friday, 19 August 2022

The Battle of Eton Field Part 3

 Leaving the last 2 golden warriors to Kat and Claire. One was armed with a rapier, the other had a Flamberge Zeihander, both had an arrogance to them that went beyond pride, they stood shoulder to shoulder, braced for the coming fight. Kat circled around, aimed her gauntlet at the warrior with the rapier.

"Rapid shots," she called as a quick fire series of purple arrowheads punched into the golden warrior, most of them dented the chest plate, one punctured it, and it's black blood oozed out. It looked puzzled at the damage, then roared at Kat, swinging the sword in a wide swing, she blocked it with the heft of her hammer, rolling under the blow, she dropped her left hand from the heft and punched it into the creatures wrist, "wide beam!" she shouted, the blast severed the creatures sword hand, it howled again this time in pain, the creatures black blood sizzled as it hit Kat's armour and its sword crashed to the floor. Kat stepped away, and the Golden Warrior stumbled and picked the sword up with its off hand, it's face worried, all arrogance drained away. It looked for its companion but had moved to far away to get any help there. It made several practiced swings with it's sword, forcing Kat back, blocking with her hammer as it sort an opening. Kat was running out of options, the creature was a very good with its sword, leaving nothing Kat could do to force an opening in it's defense, until she remembered a tactic from the army base. She deflected its next thrust, and went low, punching it in the kneecap, she shouted "wide beam!" and took its leg out, it toppled over howling in pain and defeat. Kat looked down at it, "Rapid blast!" the shots punched into it's face, ending it.

Claire faced the second one armed with a great sword, it sprang forward, sword used like a lance, she smacked it aside with her sword, and slammed the buckler into it's face, "Rainbow dazzle!" she called, the light hit it in the face, blinding it temporarily, it swung wildly with it's sword to make some space for itself. Claire stepped back to avoid the Flamberge, she swung the shield in at it's elbow, connecting with a dull clang, "Rainbow shield enbiggen!" she called, the segments lengthened and cut the arm off that held the sword, before the creature could react, she powered her sword into the gap at the creatures arm pit. She shrieked in triumph and pulled her sword out with twist, turning around she saw Kat busy with her opponent, the Romans starting on the first of the red creatures, and the 2 green things at the scar. "shield smaller," she called as she flicked some of the blood off her sword. "Rainbow blaze" she called out and the light spilled forth, washing over the green things, one was down and dissolving, the other was advancing on Angel and the red coats, she watched Angel fire a beam of bright orange at the creature that left a hole in its chest. Major Beckham moved around the group and headed towards the Romans. The Royal Guard reloaded, and dispatched one of the Troopers to get more ammunition from the back of the Land Rover, Angel came over to Claire.

"Healing Light" they both called out and watched as rainbow and orange light flowed into the scar. They didn't notice the green creature getting up, they did hear Kat shouting,

"Concussion Strike!" and felt the draft as her hammer windmilled close behind them. As the heft connected with the creature, there was a thunder clap and an arc of purple lightning. In the background they could hear several sharp fizzes and vwooppps and flashes of light and clatter of an SA 80 as the 7 people in armour fought the red creatures. Kat stompped behind them and grasped the hammer head, "If anyone asks, the head hit first." The Creature moved and groaned, Kat slammed the hammer into its head, picking it up she drew her wand and joined her friends and used her own healing power and a wave of purple healing light joined the the orange and rainbow light healing the scar, as they layered light on the Rift, they all saw a point of blue appear, it formed a hand, then a shoulder and finally a figure, that faded as the scar was healed. Angel asked first,

"You saw that as well?" Kat and Claire both replied with yes, "Does that mean Morven is still alive? Trapped over there all this time?"

"I don't know, " Claire looked at the point they'd seen the figure, "but next time I'm going through and finding her." Both Kat and Angel argued that they all should go, Claire's counter argument was simple, she held up 5 fingers, and counted down, 1 finger down with each name, "Valentine, Raul, Gabriel, Amy and Thea. They need you here, you cannot cross over and risk being stranded," she pointed at the place the scar had been, searching for the word but couldn't find one, "... There, with no way back." Kat and Angel looked at each other both thinking the same thing, that as much as they both wanted to bring Morven back, but didn't want to leave their kids alone, "you 2 will need to decide who takes the cats if I don't make it back though." 

"Okay" said Angel

"Sure", agreed Kat.

Far away, but just feet from them on the other side of a wall that wasn't there, surrounded by dead creatures of different types a woman in patched up armour of various shades of blue paint, slumped to the floor and cried, a very large hand rested on her shoulder, a great axe crashed to the ground next to her. She looked up at a face of a minotaur, the familiar metal plates that the healer that had saved her life had used to fix her face after they'd escaped the army looked back at and huffed and pulled her in for a hug, hair that had once been a a vibrant auburn, but was now sliver moved over her shoulders as she hugged her friend. Tawny eyes looked at the point where she had been so close to getting home. 

"Get up kiddo, we have a long way to go if we are to reach the next site before they can fix it and shut you off again." The minotaur huffed. 

"We'll need something that flies to ge us there." Morven's accent was a strange mix of So Cal and Lancashire, " what Warlord around here owes us a favour, Trix?" The Minotaur, Beatrice, reached into her bag and brought out a ledger and thumbed threw the pages, then brought out a map and compared the 2. 

" None near enough, but we do have one, Goleyingh Eater of Flesh that we've been asked to have words with." Morven sniffed, wiped her nose on the back of her gauntlet and stood up. 

"Let's go kill us a Warlord and steal his stuff, check around here there might be some things we can trade with on these dead arse holes." Morven went through the pockets of one of the green creatures they'd killed, she pulled out a clam shell out of ones pouch and looked at it. It sparked a memory in her, she fumbled in a pouch on her belt and brought out her communicator and cracked it open. It glowed like she remembered, "Angel, Claire, Kat can you hear me?" she spoke into it, "Come on answer me, Angel, Claire, Kat can you hear me?"

Claire's voice came out of the speaker "Morven is, is that you?"

"Yes! Oh my god yes! Oh it's so good to hear your voice." she walked around, tears in her eyes again. "Listen we're making our way to the where the next breach is going to be, we need you to hold it open for as long as you can so we can get across."

Behind the Claire's voice Morven could hear the sounds of battle, with Kat shouting "Concussive strike", and Angel calling "Beam blast" and well as the ringing of metal on metal

"We don't know how long it will be before it goes off on our side, but when it does we will be tbere, I'm going to come over and help get you back." Claire told her

"If you do, you'll be fighting your way through an army. I'll have a friend with me and possibly some others but there's going to be far more of the demons than there will be of us."

"Okay, but we are not going to leave you over there, we want to get you home, we miss you."

"I know. I'll see you soon, one last thing when I get home I want to watch The Lord Of The Rings, get a dvd sorted."

Tears fell from Claire as she replied "I'll borrow my cousins special editions on blu Ray."

She could hear the smile in Morven's voice as she came back over the communicatior, "I'll try to reach you when we get our rides sorted. Tell my parents I love them and miss them. Speak soon." she clicked of and smiled, for the first time in 2 decades Morven felt hope.

Claire closed her communicator and looked around several new holes and a dozen fires had sprung up, the Romans, duplicates, Kat and Angel had finished off the red creatures/demons. As Claire caught up, Kat was dispelling the duplicates, they desolved once again into smoke and glitter and went back into the hammer.. 

Friday, 12 August 2022

The Battle Of Eaton Field Part 2

 Angel looked at the officer, the Land Rovers driver had walked over and joined them as well, a middle aged man, with blonde brown hair and a none discript face, the uniformed officer acted subordinate to him, Claire took note of this as it suggested this guy was probably a spook of some type. He carried a tablet, and was tapping away quickly, Angel began, " They were tall, had bright red skin, muscular, they had backwards jointed legs, a long skull with a black iron collar on its neck and it looked like brass and iron plates rivited to their skin." the driver looked up, and turned the tablet around,

"Could you please repeat that again, I wasn't able to type that fast, you can press here," he pointed to the start recording button, "and repeat what you just said," Angel hit the button and repeated herself, "thank you." He turned the tablet round and muttered to himself as he swiped quickly, Kat was going to make a joke about this not being the time to be going through a dating app, when he flipped the pad back around with an image that looked similar to the creatures they'd just dispatched, that had been hand drawn and scanned at some point.

Around the group the soldiers assisted the nurse to triage the injuries, police, fire fighters and ambulance crew arrived, and started to ferry the injured to hospital. The group was discussing tactics and the driver was very heavily fishing for information about how the weapons worked, when a loud crack was heard coming from the Gothic building in the centre of the grounds that could be seen over the Tudor buildings nearer to them, all the colour drained from the Head Master's face, as a sound of breaking glass and sliding stones began. The driver got his phone out and dailed someone, "Right now, Eton playing fields." he waited for someone on the other end to reply before putting his phone away, and joined the red coated soldiers running to the back of the Land Rover, one had jumped in and was handing SA80's to the others, as well as 3 spare clips each. The 2 remaining copies of Kat came back and stood waiting for action. A lot of the children were still on the field. Kat looked around, "Protect the kids, get them as far away as possible, only let them into the care of police and if you can, come back, I think we're going to need you." The copies dissolved into smoke and glitter and moved to shepard the boys out of harms way.

"Form up on Orange, she's the centre," the driver ordered, 3 went on Angel's left, 2 and the driver on her right, Claire and Kat each took a flank. The squad advanced on a gap in the buildings the dust was billowing from, as they reached the ginnal there was several pulses of infrasound, and the Gothic building collapsed in on itself. The squad advanced through the narrow passage, Angel with shield and spear with a red coated solider on each side, SA80 at their shoulders. The officer spoke into a radio mic that was in his collar, "Nahim here, requesting heat detection equipment for building rescue and trained users. Send more troops as well." the ear piece precluded anyone else hearing what was said, "yes armed, potentially breach situation at Eton school." Angel glanced back at him,

"You say that like you guys have dealt with this type of thing before?" she asked. The driver replied

"America wasn't the only place that the Church of Joseph was active you know, we had are own response to their shenanigans." He glanced up and around as he said this, as if expecting something to happen right then, the only thing heard was the sound of sirens wailing and stones sliding. The squad reached the end of the ginnal and spread out, the near end of the building was intact, the damage was more towards the front of the building. They rounded the corner and saw the pile of rubble and dust, and in what would have been the centre of the building was a second scar on reality. Several of the red creatures had already pushed through, the first few were beginning to move towards the town. Behind them were a  few creatures wearing golden armour and perfectly proportioned bodies in the areas the armour didn't cover, as they took these in another creature pulled itself through, this was was tall and wiry, with green coloured skin and a single eye in it's head, a second one was quickly following it. This one turned around and started hacking at the scar with its jagged sword, making it bigger, something on the other side had started doing the same as cracks of eye watering colours appeared on this side, spider webbing out. A hand punched through, long green fingers unfurled, with jagged and filthy nails, they grasped the edges and pulled, breaking a large chunk off and pulling it to the other side, it wasn't long before it was back pulling more of reality away and casting it behind itself, the one on this side hacked and punched at the Scar, the one on the other side pulling the broken parts away, another of the green things pushed past it and through into the real world, closely followed by another.

"Sir?" One of the soldiers asked, the officer looked at the driver, just then the 2 copies of Kat arrived back, Kat looked around.

"Go to the street, stop those things getting into the town for as long as you can" Kat ordered them, they burst apart into glitter and smoke and streaked past the group of monsters and after the red things heading to town, Nahim looked to the driver, 

"Sir? Major Beckenham, sir?" 

"Focus fire on those at the  breach, the others should be here soon," he turned to Angel, Claire and Kat, "Angel, can you do what you did before on this Scar?" He asked her. 

"Yes, once it's clear." 

"Good, Claire and Kat you can expect some back up shortly move forward, take down everything that isn't human between here and the houses on the other side of the road, Nahim is there a perimeter set up yet?" 

"A basic incident tape line," He replied, looking at the creatures putting holes in reality. "Armed units are being rerouted back, 12 minutes out."

"We have a plan, let's make a start." Major Beckham stated, Kat and Claire moved around the group and headed towards the human looking creatures in golden armour, the soldiers opened fire on the green things, the SA 80's deafening in the enclosed space, Angel's spear blasts did far more damage to the creature but the shear weight of fire distracted the creatures from making the hole bigger. 

The Golden Armoured pair stood, proudly and watched as Kat and Claire advanced on them. Kat's hammer heald low, and gauntlet at her face level, Claire buckler high, sword pointing at the creature facing her. 

"Diamond brilliance!" Claire shouted, a dazzling rainbow of light blazed in the narrow passage, blinding the pair briefly, Kat stepped in quickly, swinging hammer in an upwards arc, catching the thing under it's chin, it staggered back, Kat twisted the hammer round so the spike was the striking face, stepping forward, she spun around, swinging the spiked end at chest height. It penetranted the armour with little effort, and dropped the creature to its knees, one last swing, brought down on the golden helmet ended the creature. 

Claire moved forward as the rainbow blazed, sword point leading, aimed at the neck of the golden warrior facing her. It staggered, throwing the sword off, so it grazed along the gorgout, Claire back handed the creature in the face with buckler twice, then punched it in the face with her sword hand, stepping back she rammed the sword into its face, the blade was covered in foul black blood. 

As the second creature fell a lightning storm hit, and 6 warriors stood there in armour that looked like late 4th Century Roman Centurions. All 3 friends could hear a faint hum, almost like the singing from their own weapons, coming from the armour and weapons of these new arrivals.

"You're late!" Beckham shouted over the rapid, semi automatic fire from the guns. The figure with the horse hair plume on his helmet stuck 2 fingers up at him and advanced on the red creatures. 

Monthly Vow 12th Of August To The 12th Of September


Okay, the Nundamn didn't even get out of the box, but the kaiju sized Mcfarlane Toys Sister Of Battle surely counts double for this?

Okay so plan A for this month, to Patrolman to be promoted and to get shields, think I'll toughen up the pair of shot gunners with a shield each. Beyond that, the tank at least needs a picture with the gang...

Build wise there are plenty of Sisters and I managed to get issue 49 so have a Penitent Engine to build, as well as the Nundamn. 

Review Time. 

The Cannoness, Jet Girl and Bruce all got the last little bits done.

The Cyber mastiff was painted next, still needs a name... And to be bought in game. 

The Mcfarlane artist proof Sister of Battle for a clients birthday present. As a project I enjoyed this, I found it a challenge in a different way, because of the size of it. I'm hoping we get an artists proof Dreadnought at some point. 

The Orlocks got built as one of the group wanted a first game, but that fell through. 

As the core colours are mostly the same I added the Kal Jericho mini I've had for ages into this lot as well and everything got the agrax earthshade leather process. 

This one is a regular patrolman rather than the named character with stub guns rather than Las pistols. 

The GW safe version of Tank Girl was done first, I just need to find an autogun that's not got a hand on it to give her. 

Boat Girl and Subrina 

The rest of the crew. I think I've deleted the Jet Girl pics on her own... 

The Sharp books side of the company

Still need something for Sub Girl to have her foot on

And everything bar the tank... 

Thursday, 11 August 2022

Painted Road Crew

 At last, I've finished Ricci's Company.

We have GW safe Tank Girl, Jet Girl, Boat Girl and Subrina, Sub Girl. 

As well as the other side of the crew. 

Tuesday, 9 August 2022

GW Safe Tank Girl


Was distracted yesterday and only focused on the Games Workshop shop safe Tank Girl.

Subrina Sub Girl and Boat Girl are the next focus, Boat Girl is mostly going to be the main colours of the rest of the gang with a Russ Grey base, agrax earthshade wash and fenrisian grey highlights. 

The rest of Ricci's Company., metallics to do as well as shirts and hair. 

Sunday, 7 August 2022

Finished 2 Minis Today

 Got the Orlocks built on Friday

And I made a start on painting everything yesterday, including the metal Kal Jericho I've had for a couple of years now. 

Jericho is going in the Enforcers as just a regular patrol man, if he lives long enough to get a promotion the sword might be a stun batton, one day may be... 

As I was focused on yellow today I also got the GW safe Jet Girl finished. 

Plan A is to get the GW safe Tank Girl and the rest of the Company painted up before the 12th.

Thursday, 4 August 2022

Ricci Sharp's Company

 Finial got the Orlocks of Ricci's Company built with a GW safe version of Tank Girl and Jet Girl. 

Hope to get painting these tomorrow.

Jet Girl 

Sub girl

Boat Girl