Tuesday, 29 June 2021

Dread Filled 2 Months?

 Have I walked blindly into a another dread filled month? It kind of looks that way...

Yesterday once out of work I made a start by priming the above dread for The Lion's Blades, the other metal Björn dread

And the World Eaters Contemptor, although I'm missing a fist for this one.

As well as the mk2 chaos Björn 

One other think I did do yesterday was to pick up a missed package from the post office which had the Juggernaut of Khorne I'd bought on ebay.

A simple snip removed the Blood Letter and I tried one of the finished Björns I've bought.

With a shift of the claw up onto the shoulder I think this will sit and fit just fine. The only thing I'm thinking of doing is swooping the sword short sword for the Khorne sword on this one. 

Thursday, 24 June 2021

Björn Heresy

 Had a training course this morning and once I'd got home I finished off the first in the Dornian Heresy Time Line Björn the Fell Handed dreads.

I'm really happy with how this one came out, the grey is pretty much how I was aiming for with a storm cloud look, the ivory trim (so much trim) stands out really well, I think I did a good job on the horns...

Base came from Ebay, had a prime spray, a couple of washes with agrax earthshade and a mechanicus standard grey dry brush highlight. The skulls got an ushabati bone base coat with a seraphim sepia wash and a dry brush of screaming skull.

Tuesday, 22 June 2021

Steps On Björn

 Got some paint on the Dark Vengeance helbrute Björn the Fell Handed.

Started with grey over the ushabati bone base coat and the contrast flesh tone over the bio mechanical bits.

Then everything got a Sepia wash, with grey highlights started, dawnstone is up next on the grey areas.

I'm rather happy with how horrific this is looking. 

Saturday, 19 June 2021

Rough Fit On Björn Version 6

Edit for an updated photo with all the bits in place. 

 After taking some time out to get my drive back after photographing the 98 dreads yesterday, I put some time in on the Dark Vengeance helbrute Björn. This mostly consisted of filing down the 2 bits at the bottom of the crest that surround the head and trying to get a good placement on the heraldry panels, I need to file down the back of those as well so they fit better on the front of the hull they were literally never meant to sit on.

My first thought was that the horns have to go, but a number of people rather seem to like them. 

Just need a base and some serious time to put in on it. 

Friday, 18 June 2021

98 Dreadnoughts

 Not on the table at 1 one. 

I started with this to base line the dreads and to see how many I do have now and it's 98, with 2 more to buy for Dornian Björns. Need to check the bank and decide if I can get both of the dreads I need to get the project all bought and to get me to 100 dreads.

The Björn section

Those 2 pictures are from 2 boxes.

The Chaos box

Last years Armies on Parade.

Project Dreads box

The Exodite Aeldar

The Lion's Blades Dreadnought section. 

Thursday, 17 June 2021

Update On The Dreadnought

 I definitely need to update this one, as I've sold 6 of the Space Crusade dreads, donated the Thousand Sons dread, as well as picking up some others. 

Saturday, 12 June 2021

Monthly Vow 12th Of June To The 12th Of July

 And out of nowhere I'm now doing the Dornian Heresy Björn project, thank you Internet.

For this one month my target is fairly undefined I'm still waiting on a Gregor Fell Hand to finish on ebay and I have one that I bought today, and then there is the boxed Helbrute, the boxed Björn dread and the Khorne Lord on Juggernaut to buy, thinking I'll cash in the coin jar for those 3, or buy 1 a month from July as I've already spent most of the budget on Björns and dire Wolves this month, as well as the Wolfen Lord...

Outside of plans for the next few months, this month I fully intend to get The Lion finished...

Beyond that start on the Blade Guard ancient / Judiciar conversion and hopefully get at least one of the Chaos Björns moved on.

The metal Björn I had painted in the Pre Magnus thousand sons colours had been stripped and the serephon sepia has been bought so now it is waiting on some free time to start painting it. Helpful sometimes to have grown up children to do buying in Preston, but not helpful with time and space.

3 big things for the next month is okay, with the heavy Intercessors to add as a stretch goal.

Review Time.

The easy one first with the much better claw on the metal venerable Dreadnought version.

The Thunder Wolf mounted version came together really well, I just wish I hadn't lost the head from the brown wolf.

I finished the cloak for The Lion using the Coelia Greenshade wash method.

This bit arrived after I'd done most of the work on the mounted version, I ordered this to basically distract from how bad the leg looks.

The currently completed Loyalists Time Project. 
When I posted the Thunder Wolf version on Facebook someone helpfully pointed out to me that the Rift would cross infinite time lines, then surely there would be some chaos versions of Björn coming through as well which got me thinking and prompted the next project, as stated at the start of this post. 

So far I have the Dark Vengeance helbrute, the original chaos Dreadnought and the metal chaos dread in my possession, the vampire beast from Cursed City is bough just not on my hands, which leaves the unpictured box helbrute and a number of Gregor Fell Hands needed.

I stripped the pre Magnus Thousand Sons dread, as I know I can paint it better now, and will add this to the loyalist time line when I finish painting it.

I was lucky enough to find a Forge World Dark Angels Dreadnought on ebay, it was a bit more than I would normally pay, but it is worth it. 

The orginal plan was to change the Assault cannon on to it to this, but as I saw the mini and the paint job I let my higher self rule and got it in the box to avoid temptation, this is still being worked on and possiblely will go on one of the metal venerable Dreadnoughts as an alternative assault cannon. 


I started seeing how the chaos chuck would look, the chaos power fist is definitely option B if I can't source enough Gregors, just liquid grey stuff and blood for the blood god to mask any details, the Thunder Wolf head needs a bit of work to get a nice fit. 

And lastly what I started this morning after the Dire Wolf arrived was to test how the Wolf head will look sticking out of the dread head hole, I'm thinking of trimming at least one set of horns off and adding some furry bits to it, but it's still a few steps away from there. 

Wanted to check how everything looks the dread.

And the last thing started was a part replacement for the Storm Lord.