Monday, 19 April 2021

Leg Day

 Spent more time actually working on the latest version of Björn the Fell Handed today rather than the Ezikael.

For Björn I chopped off the shin guards on the 3rd party legs I was using as the biker legs I did have spare are even smaller than these, and added lower legs from 2 different Gregor kits. 

For the latest Ezikael alternative I dug out a couple of 3rd party arms so I could take the hands for this one.

The swords are Ruststalkers kit, and will spend a bit more time getting the swords to sit better. 

I'm hoping to start painting these on Wednesday.

Tuesday, 13 April 2021

Monthly Vow 12th Of April To The 12th Of May

 Okay, not got there again, but with a total of 5 days off between the 7th of March and 12th of April, and 2 more adults in the house means its difficult to paint stuff.

So goals for this month, finish the Björn that came out of nowhere and get the Action Ezikael Primaris and classic metal Ezikael finished in time for The Fallen Index Astartes next month and have another look  at Beliel and see what I can do to make it better. I do have some time off this month so I can get some painting done on this.

Review Time.

I finished off the Primaris High Marshal Halbrecht, need to go back and redo the sword but this is still something I'm happy with.

I put some time in on the Mandalorian as a break from marines.

After that I got the last of the Blade Guard Veterans done.

I started a plan to make this one into a Judiciar, got a sword and found the hour glass and formed a plan but not much else.

And the last thing I got started was the latest Björn The Fell Handed, this one on a Thunder Wolf. 

Sunday, 11 April 2021

Björn The Fell Handed Again

Once again the Rift in the Engine Room pulses with unlight and waves of etheric energy ripple through that quarter of the ship, and from the Rift in Space/Time another version of the Wolf Lord steps through. 

 The Gregor Fell Hand arrived the other day, and I was able to get the arms off the body, but the torso and legs couldn't be broken apart and had to be cut off. Which means work in the legs to make the join to the body look comfortable.

I have also received another Ezikael, this one will be built as is to have a master and padawan vide to stand alongside the Primaris version, the Ruststalkers are part of the plan for a 4 armed, long legged Necron lord, but after looking at the sprues I'm thinking the dual bladed bad ass is going to come from this kit as well.

Friday, 9 April 2021

Finished The Last Of The Blade Guard Veterans

 This week I had a couple of days off, prior to that I'd had 2 days off in the previous 28 days, so I focused on finishing the Blade Guard Veterans, after I'd taken these photos I got the bases finished. With these done I have to lieutenant and 10 Assault Intercessors left to do, but still undecided on what to do those as.

When I was done with those 3 and had boxed them up I started on the next Björn the Fell Handed version, this time having him mounted on a Thunder Wolf.

I've used some 3rd party biker legs that had to be adjusted to fit around the Thunder Wolf body and I have yet another Gregor Fell Hand on the way to finish this one off.

Hopefully tonight I'm getting another Ezikael delivered along with some Ruststalkers, the Ezikael is going to stand beside the Primaris Ezikael and I'm looking at something to make a Darth Maul like character to go up against, the Ruststalkers are going to be used for bits mostly, with at least 1 being used to make a 4 armed Necron for the Action Ezikael to stand off against.

Saturday, 3 April 2021

3 Weeks

 It's been a while since I last posted, but I have not had an actual day off from the 7th of March until the 1st of April and there was also the fact my 2 adult kids have both moved back in with me. I was that inactive on Destiny 2 that got booted from my clan.

So on the 1st I put some time in on Destiny and found an invite to a new clan.

On Friday I started some painting, with the Blade Guard Veterans getting some belts and tabbards started. 

I then moved on to the lone Mandalorian I've built, I have the undersuit painted grey, gave that 2 nuln oil washes and a dark grey highlight, the straps got a steel Legion drab coat then an agrax earthshade wash, the bescar plates got a dry brush of leadbelcher, then a nuln oil wash. 

Being off Monday to Wednesday next week I'm hoping to get the blade Guard Veterans finished, which means I can put that Indomitus box with the Primaris and the 10th Company upstairs. 

I did get a Thunder Wolf off a mate the other day and I'm looking at Gregor Fell Hands on ebay to complete the Fell Hand Time Line sillines with a Wolf Lord on Thunder Wolf, but that's definitely an April project at the earliest.

Tuesday, 23 March 2021

High Marshal Halbrecht Finished

 I know I spent longer on this than I had intended to.

I was busy with work a lot for a few days. I got the retributor gold, then a reikland flesh wash on this before bed one night, before getting the a dry brush of retributor gold, a layer of Liberator gold then the stormhost silver highlight.

The shoulders were built up to Deepkin flesh, the black is black templar contrast.

The base had a coat of astrogranit with an agrax earthshade wash. 

Tuesday, 16 March 2021

Monthly Vow 12th Of March To The 12th Of April

 Excuses, excuses.

For some reason work is rather heavy right now, meaning little spare time.

While the 2 characters haven't had much progress from the start of the last post I've got a couple of the things I wanted to done and need to focus on the Action Ezikael, Halbrecht and the Beliel, although I'm thinking of pausing the Beliel until I get the Eradicators with the Imperium series.

So goals finish Halbrecht, finish action Ezikael, there is a 3rd metal Ezikael on the way that I'm going to paint as well, then I will need to do a Necron that can pass for Darth Maul to go with the classic posed Ezikael and a 4 armed Necron Lord to go with the action Ezikael, please don't sue me Disney.

I found I still have 3 more of the Indomitus box Blade Guard Veterans to do and then on to either the Blood Bowl team or the Khanite Shadowstalkers for the Harlequins.

Review Time

The Halbrecht got started with a few minor changes, the head was swopped and I eventually remembered where I had stashed the melta combi add on parts. 

Going with the one from the Tartarus box. 

I also got the Chaplain on bike built along with the Blade Guard Veterans box, the plan in general for all the tilt plates and the banner are when they have faced a battle and done something worthwhile they'll get a design based on that.

Lots of small bits on this mini, but worth putting the effort in for, all the leather has my usually agrax earthshade treatment.

The Blade Guard Veterans had a black templar contrast coat over a black base coat with some grey highlights.

I did a few panels and trim in bone to show a touch of previous action, again will be doing the banner and tilt plates when there is some noticeable success.

Finished the bike Chaplain as well including the indicators and brake lights.

Before moving on with/getting back to Halbrecht, that knee pad stills needs work, and I did swop the sword later. 

I started the action Ezikael, using the Phobos Librarian, there is a spare sword arm from the Blade Guard Veterans kit, a pointing left arm, the head has had a tiny bit of work by filing a bit of robe off on the inside 

Swopped the swords on both of these. The Librarian sword came from the mini I'd bought from the scrapped Librarian I'd bought for the old pose Ezikael, just the shoulder pad. 

The head needs a tiny bit of green stuff to get it looking right, which I haven't done yet. 

The Beliel was started, just not to sure which way I'm going with it and think I need some more Gravis armour minis to try the build on. 

With the straight sword that had come from the same deep dig the pointy arm had been found in. 

And the final step I got done before the 12th.