Friday, 6 December 2019

Last Of The Relic Terminator Suits

I started the night by adding a paw to the hip plate of the Björn as well as green stuffing the sword hand on the arm. While that set I set about painting the lightening claw Cataphractii and the 2 Contemptor multi meltas. The straps got the agrax earthshade wash treatment, the armour got an ushabati bone base coat, then 2 light coats of screaming skull, the cape got a base of Mephiston Red, then a light coat of evil Sunz Scarlet and then a highlight of wild rider red. I painted the badges on, only after I glued it together did I notice I'd painted the chapter and squad icons on the wrong sides.
The multi meltas got van ushabati bone base coat, then black, will do highlights and metallics tomorrow around assembling the various kits I'm building when I get back to work.

Thursday, 5 December 2019

Run In To The 12th

For the last few days of this Monthly vow I'm looking to get the 2 Cataphractii Armour marines done, after that the plan is put together the last few sprues of the Conquest Intercessors to see how many I actually have and how many I need to rob from elsewhere to make the number up to 30 Intercessors, 10 Hellblasters and 6 Inceptors, as I have 6 Boltstorm and Flamestorm Aggressors already. The next lot of Conquest magazine loot is the sniper scouts, so with the 10 I've had sat since the last lot of scouts I'll be doing December to January along with the 2 attack bikes and seeing if I can make enough bikes to get 2 more squads, again next month, I can sort that before the 12th but only paint and order any bits I need after the 12th. Any time left over I intend to try to finish off the first book in the Solar War series as I've asked my dad for book 2 or a bottle of Tequila for Christmas.

Tuesday, 3 December 2019

Weekend Off, Run Up To Christmas

Since Thursday I've not really done much, just stripped 2 old metal Sisters of Battle and that terrible red dreadnought. The Sisters are going in the band and the dread will be painted for The Lion's Blades to give me a seperate Mortis Casterferrum Talon, once we've got Armies on Parade 2020 out of the way, for now the Mortis arm is going on Allurn of Dale with dual plasma cannon. Speaking of Mortis weapons the 2 Contemptor multi meltas have been worked on with one side getting trimmed and magnetised, happily I guessed right when fixing the magnets and I can swop the gun around with most of the other Contemptor weapons that have got magnets on now.

Thursday, 28 November 2019

And Back To 40K

With the Basilisk finished on Tuesday and the long awaited issue 65 of Conquest magazine finally in my hands I was able to make a start on these 2.
Nit sure I can fit much more from the Gregor Fell Hand sprue on there, going to have to get some tooth picks and try sculpting some of the details on the leg armour. I have found that if I plan to do a Tartarus plate version I am going to need some Tartarus Terminators to do that with as I used my one spare in the next project.
The one I've been waiting for since February so I can finish the Relic squad, in the background for this squad, these are the company veterans of the 1st Company of The Lion's Blades, the last requirement to get into this squad is to have defeated a Space Wolf in the Honour Dual at some point in their time in the Chapter, the next step up the chain of the Chapter is the Deathwing Knights squad. This has been a basic hand swop, with the gun hand cut off at the elbow and replaced with a lightening claw hand , and a replacement of the chain fist arm with the other claw. Once finished it'll be joining the rest of the squad.

Wednesday, 27 November 2019

The Finished Basalisk

The Harry Potter Basalisk from the Chamber of Secrets box, the eyes aren't great but I don't normally bother as these are all so small. Mostly used washes and dry brushing, good job I bought a fresh base brush last time I was in Preston. I can't escape the feeling that those "spinal spikes" are actually part of the injection process. It's a lovely mini to paint, I just wish I hadn't glued the jaw in place before I started this but beyond my mistakes I'm looking forward to the Prison Of Azkaban box next year and I need some broom riding Death Eaters so chase Hagrid and Harry on bike and side car.

Tuesday, 26 November 2019

A Basilisk, In Blue

#HarryPotter #knightmodels #Basilisk started tonight, thinking Deepkin Flesh on the belly,where the ridge is temple Guard blue then thousands sons blue on the back, with Deepkin Flesh spinal spikes on the back.

Monday, 25 November 2019

Tom Riddell, Colin Creeve, And Both Arguss

Very lazy night just several shades of grey on the proto emo Riddell and Colin Creeve who was underfoot in book 2 and 3 then like a lot of supporting characters vanished into the background after that.
Argus got his ties done.
Did a search for snakes and this came up, I rather wish I had the talent to paint the Basilisk like this.
But I think I can get it looking sort of like this one, and with the Basalisk done I'll be finished with the latest lot of Harry Potter stuff.