Monday, 27 March 2023

Another Yellow Fellow

Finished the Lieutenant off over the weekend with some high lights on the gun and blade and the wrist mounted thing, as well as giving the purity seal a sepia wash. 

Thursday, 23 March 2023

A Few Things Managed Yesterday.

Couple of things done yesterday. 

I picked up the Dark Angels from the Vastorr book, I took the Deathwing Terminators and Primaris Azrael out to the shed and got some primer on them, grey plastic primer on Azrael and in an attempt at cutting time, a beige primer on the Deathwing. 

The yellow Lieutenant got a second coat of flash git yellow and some detail work on the grenades, pouches, bionic and weapons 

 There's a couple of things I want to get done yet, like highlights on the pouches and some lead bleacher on the pistol and blade and a sepia wash on the seal and highlight on the purity seal. 

The Lion

 Yes, I will be adding this and the book when they come out.

I'm definitely seeing hints of Charles Dance as the Lanister with the face. 

Saturday, 18 March 2023

Yellow Phobos Lieutenant

Went through my paints before I started this and couldn't find the Averland Sunset and Yeril yellow, so I jumped on the next Wigan bus, hit the Wigan Warhammer store to grab the paint, almost bought a plastic Contemptor to go with the resin Dark Angels body I pre ordered yesterday, but chose to leave it and probably pick one up next week when I get the Vastok book. Sensibly I should leave it for next month. 

I gave a base coat of Averland Sunset and then the Crimson wash, I gave it a rough build to see how it looked. 

I gave it a coat of Yeril yellow and an orange wash. 

Last thing I did was actually stand it properly on the base and give it the flash git yellow layer. I think I'll give it another layer of flash git yellow and then finish the belts and pouches, weapons and optic.

Thursday, 16 March 2023

Monthly Challenge.

 One of my Facebook groups has a monthly challenge, it's a Calander month challenge so I'm coming in rather late I know.

I've had this guy knocking around for a while and this months challenge is to paint a yellow miniature, I'm looking at doing it the same way I was doing the yellow on the pre Magnus Thousand Sons, which is a base coat of Averland Sunset with a Crimson wash, a yeril yellow layer with an orange wash, then a flash git yellow hight light. 

Belts and straps will be agrax earthshade washed. Need to dig some stuff out of the tool box for this and hope to get to at least the orange wash stage tomorrow. 

Sunday, 12 March 2023

Monthly Vow 12th Of Feb To The 12th Of March.


Well looks like I smashed the target this month by 2 dreads!
Whats the goal for next month? 
I'm going halves on the Ark of Omens box with Dark Angels under Siege from the forces of Chaos, so there is a squad of Primaris, a squad of Terminators and a plastic Azrael, need to find the green wash for his robes, there's the strike force box with its brutalis redemptor fat Albert, the desolation marines and 5 heavy Intercessors and I have 5 Tartarus Terminators to repaint for my 1st Company. I'll be happy if I get half of that done and delighted if I can get all 35 marines and Azrael finished, I did promise the dread to a mate and I need to check if my mate in Japan wants the Lieutenant from the strike force box.

I was left in a good place last month with lots assembled. 

Everything was sort of done all at once this month, the first ones finished were the Cataphractii Terminators. Never having done a resin squad I can't compare, but these are a nice, easy build. 

The plastic Contemptor dreads. Again nice to build, would have preferred the company had kept the elbows the same but I suppose they have to sell the plastic weapons as well. I like them and will be adding a third one when the resin DA body gets released.

The Scorpius Missile Tank. Its a Rhino with a fancy hat. The mk2 Rhino is an old kit anyway and it had been a long time since I last put one together, there were a couple of issues but I think that that was more me priming and base costing on the sprue. Not that you can notice. I do like the launcher. 

And before I put it away I got a photo of it with its squadron. 

Blue sky/feeling flush with cash part 1.
Had a message from one of my game group pointing out a squad of Cataphractii Terminators, a Spartan and 20 marines for sale cheap. I picked up the Cataphractii and the Spartan for 58 quid. It was already built when I got it which gave me a couple of problems with painting, but once done you only see them if you go looking. 

Blue sky/feeling flush with cash part 2.
Next up was the second Spartan, this one new on sprue, prime and base coated a good 6ish hours assembly time and I didn't time myself on painting and I have a squadron of these.

I am thinking of adding a Thypon heavy seige tank as well, just because I enjoyed the build, but I really love my squadron of Spartans. 

I repainted Tinderwolf, giving him an upgrade with the Word Barers mk4 dread. 

And lastly there's the Grey Knight dread which had been a Heresy era Ultramarines dread, the icons got changed and the Dark Angels shin armour was added but that was all that was done. I'm not 100% sure but I still think I need at least 1 more Dreadnought building, will have to check my list. 
Target achivied and beaten and a stretch goal reached as well in month 2!