Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Finished Daemon Prince

This is my completed Daemon Prince. As you can see I've altered it a lot from it's origins as a knock off He-Man figure, the chest plates are spares from the Venerable Dreadnought kit and extra armour from the rhinos, the shield is from a Chaos Warrior, I think. The leg plates are a mix of shields and dreadnought plates, and the arm shield is from, again, the Chaos Warriors. The Hammer is made from green stuff, an axle from a lego technic kit and 3/4 of a melta gun. The hand weapon is made from a cut off chaos chain fist and 3 other chain swords, cut off and green stuffed onto the hand. The injectors in the back are loose misslies from the Tactial Squad box set and the cabling is from an old USB cable I had knocking about and an old mileomiter from a push bike that I'd taken to bits and rebuilt a while ago that got pinched and then returned. I've painted the hammers holster and strap in that lurid colour to give the idea that it is actually daemon hide, and the shoulder plate is made from the Pink Horrors face.

Contempter Ideas

These 2 photos arwe the result of a conversation I had last night on face book about converting the Contempter into a breaching/ Ironclad type of dread. I wish I had a drill bit small enough to fit in the power fist recess but the ones in my tool box are just too damn big for that. The top photo is of a screw and the bottom photo is of a centre punch

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

WIP Daemon Prince

Here we have my work in progress daemon Prince for the Iron Warriors. I've added some more of the Dreadnought plating to the chest and am adding some shields I've got in my bits box to the legs and arms as extra armour bolted onto the body. The one on the shoulder does have a face mask on it and I am going to use this as it's legion badge. I've pretty much used up all of the extra plates that came with the Venerable Dreadnought

And on a side note for the first time I've had over 700 page views in one month!

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

First Apparence?

How did I miss this Contemptor? Added a bigger, if not better, picture. And why are the Iron Hands on the front cover of Fulgrims book, why not the Phonecian himself?

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Daemon Prince

So my quest for a large cyber-construct continues slowly, I'm currently building a temporary model from a, I think, knock off He-Man type action figure. I've cut the legs off and glued them back on, and cut off below the knees and reacted so as to loose the squatting on the toilet pose most of the figures come with. I've also cut one arm off at teh elbow and replaced it with the other part of the pen barrel that made the Baneswords cannon although on the proper model I'll be trying to make a 3 barreled cannon as Doom Bolt is an Assault 3 shooting attack. For close combat I've started to make a big war hammer for this to be armed with. I've got plenty of work to go on this model and will be busy with it all week. Paint job is going to be really easy, black gloss over everything, then give it a dry brush with bolt gun metal and tin bits.

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Daemon Prince

My orginal plan for my Daemon Prince was going ot be a conversion of the Dreadknight, the old Iron Warriors Lord had killed one in combat and taken the suit as his own and when he accended to Daemonhood his form assumed that of the suit. But my mate was taking to me the other night about how good a model the Contemptor is and had I not had thoughts of turning that into a Daemon Prince. Thanks Julian. I currnetly can't afford one let alone the other but it has got me thinking, damn it, about making my Iron Warriors Daemon Prince out of a Contemptor instead of the Dreadknight. My plan is to get a 2nd Contemptor and find some wings and fit it with the vibro looking cannon that is cominng and a power fist with a big hammer type close combat weapon.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Rouge Trader

The top 2 photos show the first 12 Chapters of Space Marines, as Rouge Trader is, supposedly, set at the time of the Great Crusade that means that these 12 are technically the Legions... And the bottom 2 show the Emperor enshrined in the Golden Throne during the Great Crusade, not after the Horus Heresy. The Horus Heresy only came about when GW brought out the Adeptus Titanicus as they couldn't afford to put a different race of Titans in and needed a reason to have 2 sets of the same Titans fighting and they created The Horus Heresy to cover it. Yes this is another hack for pics and to update my info as I find out the source.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Kallas's Razorback

This is just the repaint on my first Razorback. It was XIX Chapter at first but with their Fall to Chaos they are no longer allowed the Razorback so I've re-painted it for the Knights of Blood and given it to their Commander, Kallas. 2nd pic is a side view showing the Kallas coat of arms on the door And a rear view for the sake of completeness. 3rd photo is the rear hatch.

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Finished Contemptor with others

All the Dreads in my army. From the left; a Space Crusade Chaos Dreadnought from the Space Crusade game painted for the XIX Chapter, My Contemptor Pattern Dread painted for the Iron Warriors, My Blackreach Box set Dread with a Venerable twin linked las-cannon, painted for the XIX Chapter, My only standard boxed Dreadnought, again painted for the XIX Chapter, And lastly my Furioso Librarian Dreadnought for the Knights of Blood Then side by side size comparasion with the standard boxed dread Then side by side with the Blackreach dread which is a little bit shorter than the others And side by side with the Venerable Dreqadnought which I made the Furioso Dreadnought out off. One of the good thing about going back and checking up on my old posts is that I can add stuff. Contemptor painted up in The Lions Blades colours and my Contemptor alongside his grandad.

Finished Contemptor Edited

This shows my kit all cut out and unassembled, with the dry brushing done. The second photo is the armless point. Yes i did post this just to make that joke... I'll get my coat. The third image is almost finised point, I just needed to go and paint over the few areas that the bluetac had taken the paint The last photo is the fully finished version of my Iron Warriors Contemptor Pattern Dreadnought. As you can see I've added 2 twin linked bolters with over the top mags, amde from Ork Shooters, to the outside of the 'hands' as a Legion like the Iron Warriors would go for ease of repair rather than looks, as if something went wrong with the twin linked bolters in the power fists the whole hands would have to be dismantled to get at it to repair it. This way it can be taken off and repaired, well in my head anyway.
And how it looks now, alongside the 2nd one for my 9th Company, I can't wait for the Dark Angel version to come out soon.

Friday, 12 August 2011



Okay tomorrow I'll be posting the photos of the Iron Warriors Contemptor Pattern Dreadnought also I'll be posting size comparasions with my Venerable/Furioso Librarian, my Dread, my Blackreach Dread and the Chaos Dreadnought from the Space Crusade game.

My next project is going to be a Daemon Prince for the Iron Warriors. Orginal plan was going to be a minor conversion of a Grey Knight Dreadknight (may just keep this as a long term plan) but with my current cash flow I'm looking at making something out of an IG Sentinel and a muscle wrestler type of doll.

Contemptor Pattern Iron Warriors Dreadnought(Edited)

This is my Contemptor Pattern Dreadnought that arrived from Forge World a week earlier than I thought it would. So far I've only cut and cleaned the parts and laid them out in the assembly positions. Would of been nice if Forge World would send an assembly sheet out with the kit though. I intend to use my own Twin Linked Bolters on the power fists fitted to the outsides of the hands, as I feel this looks better than the in fist ones that the kit comes with. And I've got images in my head of robots firring from the outside of the fists and I can't remember where they come from. Those robots are the ABC Warriors from 2000AD and the new Cylon Warriors from the re-make of Battle Star Galatica
Cut and laid out
Part built
And a different angle
Since these where taken I've repainted this into the colours of my Dark Angel Successor Chapter The Lions Blades.

Furioso Librarian Dreadnought for my Knights of Blood. Edit to include the newer version

Above is the completed Furioso Librarian Dreadnought for my Knights of Blood Chapter of Renegade Space Marines, they are what I like to refer to as Loyalish. Some times they will be fielded with the rest of my Chaos Force and some times, like the XIX, will be fielded as a Loyalist Marine force.

The second power fist has had the same paint effect used on it as the Force Weapon has as my plan is to have the Dread with the Smite psychic power and ther crystals are in the 'fingers' of the second arm. I've also added a 2nd storm bolter, I know this is against the rules for the Librarian Furioso, but it does look more kick arse this way and I feel somehow more fitting for a frenzied renegade chapter of Marines. I just have to remember that I can only fire one per turn.
This photo proberly wasn't the one that was up first time as I did the Furioso before the Contemptor.

Since I made this post I have changed the dreadnought that is my Librarian to one of the old metal Venerable Dreads.