Friday, 29 August 2014

Joke Post!

Maybe I've had a bit too much sun this week.. Was out at a nearby mall in Portugal and saw a brilliant Ultramarine army in display. Also saw an immense picture of what a nebula would like if it was much closer and thought "is this the Cadian night sky?".
Fly back home Sunday, so normal shoddy service shall resume next week.

Monday, 25 August 2014

Forge World Bulletin 30

I love WIFI. I'm away but still get to drool over the amazing Raven Guard Contemptor, I fear/feel I'd have to get one of them for The Glorious 1000 one day and the other pic is a staffers Imperial Fist.

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Proxy's Away For The Week

So I'm posting from Villamora, in the room not by the pool, so nothing will once again be done this week! Photos on this blog are my Ra's ah Ghul/ Master Mime, the WIP Dr. Freeze, and as I have jet bikes not a million miles off this colour scheme we'll call that a bouns, next is my WIP Deathstroke, I'd already planned to do my 2nd Reavor Squadron orange and black so again bonus, and lastly my very WIP Poison Ivy, next up are pics of where the inspiration has come from. The last photo is my reading matter for this week...

Friday, 22 August 2014

Keeping To A Theme

The idea to do the Carnival Master as The Joker lead to the idea to swop the Star Players from Chorus Extras to individuals and base them on Batman Villians, so I started with the Shadowseer as Harly Quinn, then added some bits to make the Death Jester pass for 2 Face, the Master Mime I'm leaving as is as it's close to The Penguine or maybe Raa Al Guul. I was planning on adding a Posion Ivy, using some of the vines and twigs from the Treeman kit for that. I'm going to try my hand at green stuffing a top hat and doing a Mad Hatter. Someone on Facebook suggested Deathstroke, and after googling him the orange and black colours will go with the first unit of jet bikes I'm doing after I finish the Raiders. I'll add one in white and blue for Dr Freeze which I think will match the colours of the 2nd jet bike. Which takes me to 7 Troupers, Scare Crow is number 8 and Bane makes 9. I was thinking about doing Robin as Ras Al Guul is in black as far as I remember and I'm running out of Bat Man Villians. For Bane I think I'm going to have to buy either a box of Wracks or a Grotesque, with some major converstion/greenstuffing done on it to give it a big trench coat and I'd have to dig out a Marine in a breather mask as one of those was close to how Tom Hardy's Bane looked to get the look I want. The rest I can use Troupers for as normal.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Blood For The Blood God

I know it's not much but just on the claw and a light touch on the sword blade but as I got little else done today I thought I'd put these up.

Monday, 18 August 2014

Avatar Of The World Spirit

Was working on this a lot yesterday, I'd bought the mini off a guy on Facebook, all in £28 and pretty much as you see it in the 2nd pic, base coated in white. The only thing I put on the mini was the face. If I ever make another one of these I will be painting it before assembly as it was a bit tricky to do even in 2 parts. This was painted around a road trip to Preston and cooking a roast beef dinner. I base coated it white on saturday night, very little else of anything got done on Saturday. Sunday morning saw me putting the meat in the oven on a low heat then slopping off to Preston by coach as the train tracks are still being dug up to pick up the Lamentars Yellow Wash, I also picked up Scars for a bit of holiday reading. Once home i washed the body and legs with the Lamentars Yellow, I gave it a heavy wash. I then gave it a light brush of Yeriel Yellow all over, once that was dry I dry brushed with Troll Slayer Orange all over, then a dry brush with Evil Sunz Scarlet. After this I left it for it bit to finish the roast off. Once tea was over I started with a dry brush of Abaddon Black as it was getting dark by then I stopped what I was doing after I'd finished the coat, I just painted the sword blade with Ushabiti Bone and later gave that a wash with Sepia and sent a photo to a mate asking his thoughts on it. I took some photos in the morning in natural light as I thought I might need some more black on it, I think I might put some black on the arms, lower legs and those killer heels, I will be adding some Blood For The Blood God and some liquid green stuff onto the claws when I get home tomorrow, I'll also dry brush the sword with Screaming Skull.

Star Wars Leaks

Just a couple of leaked pictures from the set of Stard Wars 7. Really not sure on the helmet of the standard ST, it's too close to a motor bike helmet, but at least they've got guys in suits instead of just CGIing in all the Storm Troopers later.

Saturday, 16 August 2014

To Do List

Yeah that fracking thing just gets longer and longer. Still got the 3rd Chorus, Shadowseer and Troupe Master to finish, along with the Raiders and the Knights of Blood/Charcadons and I'd promised myself I wouldn't be buying anything till I'd finished the 'quins, one more promise I wasn't able to keep, but with the Treeman Ancient for £28 all in I couldn't pass it up. It galvanised me to finish a plan for my Eldar, an Expdoite World. I plan to fill out some slots with bits & pieces from the Wood Elf army, Rangers as counts as Storm Guardians and Glade Guard as counts as Rangers, the Forge World kit will make a squad of Corsairs to use with the Void Dreamer.

Friday, 15 August 2014

Massive Post Of All Sorts

Not got much done on the Harlequins again this week ( the third Chorus had been sat gathering dust and cat hair on the table), I had the Carnival Master done, then changed my mind from doing it as a Ring Master to The Joker, so I started that last. Also in this post are various pics I've found, Nagash, new Storm and Snow Troopers and a nice little Ecto 1 Skoda Converstion.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

And Another Sad Farewell

So Robin Williams passed away today, a great comedy actor a truely astounding straight actor, you really should see him out act Di Niro in Insomnia, and gone too soon. Rest in peace.

Speaking of resting in peace, who else caught this on Feait212?
Both systems have only three regular rule writer. The writers for 40k are Robin Cruddace & Simon Grant. Fantasy has Phil Kelly & Jeremy Vetock. Jervis Johnson is in both games the senior writer.Natfka at 9:00 AM
It would seem with a little digging BoLS Lounge has his linkedin profile which say our Spiritual Leader parted ways with GW at the end of May. Good thing or a bad thing?

Friday, 8 August 2014

Harlequins, Troupes and Star Players

So day off little bits have been done. The Star Players have been started and the 3rd Chorus have been undercoated, at first with Avenhiem Sunset, I tried some Yeirl Yellow over that and it didn't come out to well, so I went back to basics and my training as a painter in auto repair, if we had to paint something yellow we'd first try and talk the customer out of it then if that didn't work we'd spray it with a beige primer so I tried it over a Ushabiti Bone and that covered it so much better and so the rest of the squad have been given an Ushabiti bone base cost.
The Death Jester was taken out back and sprayed with the last usable squidge of black from the Halfords spray, when it had dried I dry added some Ushabiti Bone and then dry brushed some Bleached Bone over that.