Thursday, 28 May 2015

The Jokers Troupe

So with a 10am finish, I got home early afternoon after handing in my travel expenses and time sheet, good luck working that out, I'm struggling and I worked it. So rather than get a nap I pushed myself to get this Troupe finished, I touched up the green and added the dark symbol, did the faces, and then added a nuln oil wash to it.

Also in this Troupe there are 2 Hasslefree minis alongside the DE Wytches and one 5th ed metal and a couple of new plastic Harlies.

May Monthly Vow

Today is the last day of the month that I'll be able to do anything as I'm away with a client till the 31st

As the Jokers Troupe was the last thing left and I'm nearly done on them I can declare a monthly vow fulfilled, when I get home today and get them finished of course.

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Forge World Bulletin #61

Forge World Bulletin #61 has gone live, talking mostly about the Grand Re-opening; and the next open day with talk about what the designers are working on

Looks like an early Black Templar, and the blended Chaos Knight

With a couple of photos from the opening event.

Friday, 22 May 2015

Working Illeagely

Yes, it's an old trigger word for the spooks trap, look for Dave there dead.
So as it stands at 3pm tomorrow I'll have clocked up 220 hours with 70+ to go next week, so with those hours I've not had much time to do hobby things, the Herald Of The Cavalcade Of Entropy and the Voidweaver are both done. I started the Jokers Troupe today and will get them finished this weekend, with the other Troupe being started next week. Fingers crossed I'm not back to late next Sunday and can get some painting done. So keeping the figures low means you can do it, even when swamped with work.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Heralds Of Malal

So 4 out of 5 Heralds finished! Just need to buy the Herald Of Malal and get her painted up.
So I now have names for the 4 Aspects of Malal; Khorne is Malal's Burning Fury; Slannesh is Malal's Raging Excess; Tzeentch is Malal's Unfettered Change and lastly Nurgle is Malal's Cavalcade Of Entropy. I like the juxtopostion of a Cavalcade Of Entropy, a Cavalcade is a large gathering of horse riders that travel from town to town in a celebration.

I may take that plasma pistol off and replace it with a bolt pistol or flamer, depending on what the Primaris Power for Nurgle. I would most likely use it as either a plasma pistol in 40k or maybe an Archio tech pistol 30k if I ever do build an army for that.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Voidweaver The Big Stick

Finished the Voidweaver The Big Stick! All Voidweaver are in the Diplomatic Corp and have names taken from Iain M Banks books, the next 2 are Gunboat Diplomat and Zero Gracitas. When I paint other 2 I plan to add 1 orange streamer for Gunboat and 3 streamers to Zero, just seems a sensible thing to do.

The turret guns aren't glued so if I want to run it as a Starweaver then I can.

None of the guns are glued so I can.swop them out if needs be. And of course the gunner in this one is Hasslefree Miniatures Boudie.

Saturday, 16 May 2015

And What I Did Today

Mostly today has been spent relaxing and drinking and watching Mad Max Fury Road, brilliant film, go and watch it, I'd be surprised if you have come to this blog knowing what it's about and you don't like it.
So yes, last night I green stuffed magnets onto the second Spirit Warrior and this morning while sorting out film times took some photos of both Spirit Warriors with all weapon options.

I was trying to remember where the other scatter las was, it came to me that that was borrowed off one of the Vyper Venoms, so could do with finding another one.

Some Thing For Chaos And Sigmasund

No info on this one

Marine Command tank box

Khorne Lord Of Skulls mk2

Painted Sigmasund

Shielded Smurfs.

And a big Nurgley looking thing

Couple More.

Couple more photos from today.

Missed One

You asked for it!

And More From Warhammer World

More images from the grand reopening

It's Big

Weighting in at £1240 with weapons and standing by the looks if it about 3 feet high The Warlord is now out for sale, there are 8 made so far and I get the feeling these guys are going to be cast to order.

Friday, 15 May 2015

The Heralds Of Malal

So got lucky recently with ebay, picked up a Khorne Berzerker Champion and a Plauge Marine Champion cheap on there.

Here we have 4 of the 5 Heralds Of Malal, these 4 are the aspects of Malal that correspond to the other 4 Chaos Gods, at the back we have The Herald Of Raging Excess, The Herald If Unfettered Change and The Herald Of Malal's Burning Fury. At the front and in the close up is The Herald Of The Cavalcade Of Entropy, this one is a mid 90's Plauge Marine with Plasma Pistol.

I like his face, may just give this guy a fleshy face rather than half and half.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Herald Of Malal's Burning Fury.

So got home last night and pretty much went straight to bed. The Destroyer arm arrived at some point, so this morning after 10 hours sleep in my own bed I got up early, washed the arm and painted it, nipped out to pay my bills then glued it into place and added the shoulder paldron.

Fingers crossed some of the other stuff I've been buying from Ebay have arrived by the time I get home tomorrow, Herald for Malal's Nurgal aspect and 5 more harlies.

The Downside Of Woring Hard

So as it stands at the moment, I'm working rather a lot this month. I worked it out last night that I'll be about 21 hours short of doing 2 months worth of work in one month. Good job I'm not in charge of heavy machinery or someones medication or finances...
The major downside of doing these hours is that I have very little time to do anything else. So what's the plan with my mega wage next month? Well after the taxman lets me have what he thinks I need to live on I intend to pick up the 2 Voidweavers I have left to fill out my formation without proxing a couple of Venoms, I will be trawling ebay, I may also pick up another of the new Bjørn Dreadnoughts as well as I have another of the Blood Angel Dreads on its way. Next week is okay I'm only doing 43 hours I can get some painting done. Plan A for now is to finish off the Voidweaver, finish off the Hearld as the arm has arrived, get the counts as Nurgel guy painted as he should arrive before next week and watch Avengers Age Of Ultron next on Saturday.

Monday, 11 May 2015

Forge World Bulletin #59

Something gargantuan nears competion, still think the big announcement will be at the Warhammer World Grand Reopening.

And the other photos.

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Hard(ly) Work(ing)

Saturday morning I got started on the Herald Of Malal's Burning Fury

I had already given it a base coat of Ushabati Bone on Friday night so had plenty of time to go at it on Saturday

So first thing in the morning I washed it with Nuln Oil and the once dry I spent some time dry brushing half of him white, while I was doing that I was also dry brushing the sephia washed Void Weaver

I also got the 2 Ghost Glaves out of the way.

As well as painting the pilot with some orange and black.

I still have to put some orange on the sides yet as well as actually glue the canopy to the keel, but I put it together for this photo with the Hasslefree Miniatures Boudi in the back for my gunner. This gives me 3 more spare Harlequins to use in a Troupe later, just need to check ebay for guns now...

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Todays WIP

Had some time to myself today to get something done, as well as vote.

I was rather concerned that my 2 Spirit Warriors didn't have Ghost Glaves, so while digging for other bits for the Herald of Malal's Burning Fury, I found some pieces that I could cobble together to make Ghost Glaves, above are the photos of them, not sure if they'll be swopped around or one for each.

Close up with part painted.

This is The Herald of Malal's Buring Fury (Khorn) for my counts as Dæmons army, it's an old metal Champion of Khorne, I have a Destroyer Pistol arm on it's way from ebay to finish this fella off.
As well as the gunners for 2 of the Vypers.

The 3 Vyper/Venoms.

Lots of guns,

Fewer guns.

More guns.