Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Heralds Of Malal

So 4 out of 5 Heralds finished! Just need to buy the Herald Of Malal and get her painted up.
So I now have names for the 4 Aspects of Malal; Khorne is Malal's Burning Fury; Slannesh is Malal's Raging Excess; Tzeentch is Malal's Unfettered Change and lastly Nurgle is Malal's Cavalcade Of Entropy. I like the juxtopostion of a Cavalcade Of Entropy, a Cavalcade is a large gathering of horse riders that travel from town to town in a celebration.

I may take that plasma pistol off and replace it with a bolt pistol or flamer, depending on what the Primaris Power for Nurgle. I would most likely use it as either a plasma pistol in 40k or maybe an Archio tech pistol 30k if I ever do build an army for that.

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