Wednesday, 13 May 2015

The Downside Of Woring Hard

So as it stands at the moment, I'm working rather a lot this month. I worked it out last night that I'll be about 21 hours short of doing 2 months worth of work in one month. Good job I'm not in charge of heavy machinery or someones medication or finances...
The major downside of doing these hours is that I have very little time to do anything else. So what's the plan with my mega wage next month? Well after the taxman lets me have what he thinks I need to live on I intend to pick up the 2 Voidweavers I have left to fill out my formation without proxing a couple of Venoms, I will be trawling ebay, I may also pick up another of the new Bjørn Dreadnoughts as well as I have another of the Blood Angel Dreads on its way. Next week is okay I'm only doing 43 hours I can get some painting done. Plan A for now is to finish off the Voidweaver, finish off the Hearld as the arm has arrived, get the counts as Nurgel guy painted as he should arrive before next week and watch Avengers Age Of Ultron next on Saturday.

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