Friday, 1 May 2015

May Monthly Vow

Or how I failed to complete my vow last month and got distracted by other shiny things...
So close again, I didn't get the Troupe done or start on the Titan, the Troupe was just time but the Titan, well I used up all my magnets and I'm still waiting for the slow boat from Hong Kong with more.

I did get these 2 done in my free time, with plenty of weapon options

And I got these 3 re-painted for the Exodites.

As well as the Goon Troupe becoming all Shadowseers

And some of their replacements

Azreil, former The Joker

Skeleton, Black Scorpion's Jack A Row Jones

And the new Joker.

As well as reboxing the Knights Of Blood project so I can see what I have to do with this and what I have to play with.

So for May I shall get the optional weapons painted for the Vypers, I shall finish magnetising the 2nd Spirit Warrior, I SHALL paint The Jokers Troupe and I have a Void Weaver on it's way that I intend to paint as well. I shall be picking some of the moss out of the lawn at work with the plan to drap it over the Spirit Warriors and weapons and Vyper/Venoms to show that these items are rarely used and overgrown, as well as reading through the Craftworld Eldar Codex, no more las lock = sad face, and deciding where to go with the Exodite project.

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