Monday, 29 October 2012

Rumors from Facebook

From the Eldar Group on Facebook. Sanguinius Prime i here phill kelly is writing the next eldar codex Like · · Follow postUnfollow post · 19 October at 20:05 * * Seen by 56 Josh Slee and 4 others like this. * Nigel Bartlett Good. All is well in the galaxy. 19 October at 20:07 · Like * Giulio Lico I hope for the craftworld lists.... ;);) 19 October at 20:16 · Like * Dmitry Freyger Wing boy the eldar Dragon riders can we get some pics or descriptions? 19 October at 20:17 · Like * Giulio Lico I think they are Exodites Eldar on raptors!!! 19 October at 20:18 · Like * Dmitry Freyger great, because a proper 40k dragon would be a problem to build we get glorified cold ones 19 October at 20:19 · Like · 1 * Darrell Armstrong Sweet 20 October at 14:20 via mobile · Like * Joey Dixon Epic fail 20 October at 15:01 via mobile · Like * Ivano Stefano Russo Great Epic Fail!!!!!! 20 October at 15:07 · Like * Nigel Bartlett Joey, Ivano - why buddies. You don't like Kelly? 21 October at 08:09 · Like * Ivano Stefano Russo Nigel Bartlett I hope he does not write a new "brainless" codex! I want to use all units 21 October at 11:13 · Like * Joey Dixon He wrote the Eldar codex and the new chaos codex and they r not very good 2 say other dex however I thought he did a good job on the DE dex so I'm hoping for a dex like DE so I can use most of the Eldar models not just a select few 21 October at 12:56 via mobile · Like · 3 * David Briggs I use all of the eldar models in our current codex except for shadow weaver and vibro cannon because i do not own any of them.. Neither do i own the models for jain zar, baharroth and maugan ra yet... 21 October at 13:42 · Like * Joey Dixon David u want a baharroth 22 October at 05:39 via mobile · Like * André Gaudin Joey Dixon dont you like the new chaos one? 22 October at 06:19 · Like * Iain Scott I think its good! 22 October at 10:24 · Like * Joey Dixon Not really its bout as lame as the current Eldar codex 22 October at 12:40 via mobile · Like * David Briggs Is this baharroth for free or do i have to pay for it..? 22 October at 17:28 · Like * Joey Dixon Free I don't need him I have 2 22 October at 17:32 via mobile · Like * David Briggs Really? sweeettt how can i recieve him? 22 October at 17:39 · Like * Iain Scott Bend over and take him! 22 October at 18:34 via mobile · Like * David Briggs Bit harsh man.. thought you'd be a bit mature consdering your an adult. 22 October at 18:35 · Like * Joey Dixon Just pm me ur addy and I'll post him out Friday 22 October at 18:53 via mobile · Like · 1

8 Hours Work

So this weekend I had a fair bit to and on top of that I set myself the target of finishing these 17 marines, I choose not to do the guy with the autocannon, on top of shopping, the post I put up on Saturday, cooking tea for my kids on Sunday as I was on a sleep shift, and cooking tea for Saturday night and being a parent and cleaning my living room up a bit. The notes next to the photos are from the Facebook Group I put them up on, as well as the comments people put up
This weekends project, 4 space crusade missile launchers, one heavy bolter (the guy with the auto cannon isn't being painted), 3 Knights of Bloods who are going to be Sgt's, and 9 Marines, the armless guy is my counts as heavy weapon marine. If anyone has a missile launcher knocking about send me a message.
Undercoated. Person 1: I see some awesome Space Crusade guys there! Me:you do yes, I have a habit of not throwing stuff away, and this is only there 2nd paint job as well. Person 1: Yeah, I still have my Space Crusade game as well, and fully plan on using every available miniature on the tabletop. Me:I've cut some of the marines up and used the legs for some of my scratch built terminators, the orks are still in the box the genestealers have been used for chaos conversions, that I'm now not using, the Chaos androids along side some 2ed necrons form the core of my (old codex) chaos marine army, and the Dread is in my Marine Company. I keep looking on ebay for more of them as well.
Orange done. Cooking tomorrows tea now, male and multi tasking! Person 2(Female):Woohoo clever you :-):-) Me:When I was posting this I was on facebook, grilling sausages and had a wok full of butternut squash, red peppers, onions, garlic and Chirizo on the hob. 3 things! Person2:A man of many talents :-):-)
Khaki half done, now off shopping again for fajita mix for tea. Depending on time I'll wash first or wash after tea. Person3:Do I see some super sweet Space Crusade marines in there? :):) Me:Chaos Marines are my missile launchers, yes and there's 2 marines in there as well.
Done! Now on to tonights tea.
And my reward for this, and 3 of it's friends.

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Captain of my Codex Allies Chapter, The Glorious 1000

As you can see this is, if you have followed what I do here, my ususal method of painting officers, the exploded way. The bits used are a khorne Berzerker Power Pack, a fantasy orc spear arm, a Khorne Berzerker head and body and Warrior of Chaos legs. the right arm has an Empire fantasy pistol glued onto the end as a auxiliary grenade launcher with a shoulder mounted Plasma Pistol
By the time I'd got round to painting this one I'd found a symbol that I was willing to use and have added it to the 'belt buckle on this guy as both shoulder paldrons have moulded bits on. The keen eyed amoungst you will notice that the power pack has been painted the wrong way round, this was an accident but I'm going to bluff this out and say it's a Rnak thing and do this with Librarain, Chaplins and Forge Father, if I ever increase this allies to more than just a small detachment.
And in the last photo we can see the finished model, i've converted the spear by cutting off the rock head that was on it at first and filing out a gap between the prongeds that are modled onto the model so I could put the last of my ogre swords in there. I'm using this in game as a Relic Blade, the Captain is in Artificer Armour as well.

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Unnamed Codex Allies

Here we have the start of my Codex Allies for the Lions Blades. The as yet unnamed Chapter has only one Squad but I am one step on from yesterday where I didn't even have any Heraldry to put on their should paldrons, which is the Tutonic Cross Potent or A black heraldic Jerusalem cross, which I may just use on Captains and the like. So I started off using a the Orange Fire Angels Techmarine as my insperation and then added the split colours of the Howling Griffions as I do like the look of that, a cheat around this looking bad most of the Marines I'll be painting up for this force will have the bolter accross their chests so you'll not be able to see how crap I paint the dividing line between the 2
colours.So the one Squad and 2 Heavy Bolters that I've painted up so far have all been undercoated with the last of the Iyadin Darksun as I did try one with a Mechrite Red undercoat and it didn't look good, even by my rather lax standards, with half the body in Blazing Orange, which I think is a new colour and the other half in Kommando Kharki. I swopped the colours round on the Paldron just to break it up. Which if I'd thought about it for a bit I would have put the colours the other way round and had the Cross Potent on a field metal( sometime I even research the shite I put up on here), instead of the non regulation field orange, not even sure that that is even a Heradlric colour, but stuff 'um.
So the third photo is going to be my 2nd Company Captain, he's armed with a Plasma Pistol, Relic Blade, and Auxillary Grenade Launcher. I've also decied to change his legs and give him some Knight/Chaos Warrior Fantasy legs that I have knocking around and call it... the name escapes me right now, it's the one with the 2+ save. It's not mater crafted. So the plasma pistol is mounted on the Paldron this time out, this is another Chaos Lord Conversion piece that didn't see the light of day and has been laing in the bits box for a while
now, the Grenade Launcher is a Fantasy Flintlock pistol glued onto the wrist stump of the left arm. The Relic Blade and arm are both from a Fantasy Orc, I'll be painting it up like a cybernetic implant. The blade itself is the spear shaft with the stone head cut off, I filed the shaft out between the bolt plates on the spear and filed down the ogre sword to fit between the pronges and then glued it into place. The last 2 photos ate showing the Heradlry, the first is the Cross Potent which will feature on all the Squads, I might turn it side ways for the Assault Squads (if/when
I pad these guys that much,) the bottom photo is of the Cross of Jerusalem which will feature on the Officers. If someone wants to help me a give a name suggestion I'll be very happy, just something Germanic sounding I think owing to the Cross Potent being a Tutonic Knightly Order Symbol.

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Codex Allies

So after some nights spent in the office reading instead of sleeping at wotk I've come to the conclusion that I'm should do some Codex Marine Allies, as well as the other stuff I'm doing, (the 5th Compnay Space Wplves, the 8th Company as Blood Angels, the Corsair Eldar). So I spent some time digging through some old books, notably the Badad War Section in the old Compendium. I did some looking to see if I could get a good veiw of the Chapters on the poster that Forge Wrold released to go with part 2 of their Imperial Armour book on the Badad War, but couldn;t really find anything so I tried a basic online search and found this guy, now I know he is actually a Techmarine for the Fire Angels, but hell with that I'm painting one guy with these colours to see how they go with my chapter.

Friday, 5 October 2012

The First Squad

So as I said last week, I now have to pack up my stuff to decorate my living room, I have been putting this off for years now. These are the last few things I've done before it my kit gets packed up. The bikes are for my 2nd Company, and where a gift from a mate who brought his bits box to a game the other week an said help yourself. I of course checked that he was okay with me taking 3 bikes first.
The 2 guys on the base in the 2nd photo are both for my 5th Company, the one is the storm bolter is one of my 1st gen Deamon Hunters who has just been slowly updated to what he is now which is a Grey Hunter. The other is just made using some of the Wolf bits I've picked up over the years
This last photo just shows the other 2 bikes that I'd mage up, the weapon the SGT is armed with was for a Khrone Lord that never saw the light of day, who was armed with a Storm Bolter, power sword and plasma pistol. The storm bolter was mounted on a jump pack that I think might just get used on my 4th Company Commander. The 4 wheels that teh other biker is jinking around are from a tank kit that is for bits.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Living Room

That time has arrived. That much prophised date has finally caught up with me and my living room is my next project, sad sideways smiley face. Got my 3 Ravenwing bikes finished and 2 pack leaders for 2 different squads of my 5th Company.