Tuesday, 31 January 2012


So like a lot of folks out there when I first saw this model on my phone I though SHINY, MUST BUY! Then I looked at it again and then asked how much is it going to cost me to buy this, when I found out it was £20 I looked really close at it and had a think. I came to the conclusion that given access to a decent bits box I could knock up this model in half an hour. Personally I don't think much effort has gone into this.

And can I just add if GW are making so much of an effort to celebrate 25 years of Warhammer 40K why is Gandalf on the front cover? And why was so much of the mag devoted to Lord of the Rings?

To my mind that does not give the impression of a celerbration

Friday, 27 January 2012

Knights of Blood Daemon Sanguinor

This is the alomst finished Daemon Sanguinor for my fallen Knights of Blood, except when I'm playing them as loyalist when it will be a standard Sanguinor.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Brazen Sanguinor

Well I've gone and lost the sword arm I was planning to use on this guy under my chair in my living room, yes I have moved it around and lifted it up I still can't see it that dimensional rift must of opened up again..., so now I am using the big axe arm instead, which also give me a little bit of flex with using this guy as Asteroth in a loyalish army, just ignore the chaos icons on his bracers, as well as the big gold guy. So far the only other thing I've done with this since I took this picture is to paint up both the other sword arm and the axe arm. My next step is to make a cup from green stuff and some of the items from my bits box...

Monday, 16 January 2012

Hasslfree Miniature Sale!


Hasslefree Miniaturs a small family run company of Kev White and his wife Sally are trying to raise some money for a tax bill and so are having a week long sale with a massive 25% of everything when you put the Discount Code Taxbill in at the checkout.
Please held this talented scupltor carry on his work and buy something/anything from these gus as the stuff they do is really really good. It's just my photos don't do the miniaturse justice.

WIP Brazen Sanguinor

This is my WIP Daemon Prince/Sanguinor for my Knights of Blood Renegade Marines. I'm using this mini in 2 roles depending on how I'm playing the army; as a Daemon Prince for Chaos, and as a Standard Sanguinor when I play them as Loyalish. This is an out of the box and paint job, the only conversion work I'm going to do on it is to try and stance it like the Sanguinor model and also I have to make a cup to go into the empty hand.
The guy below was borrowed from Dakkadakka froum

Reenforcemants For The Black Sisterhood

These are all models from Hasslefree Miniatures that I've adapted into 40k with the addition of Bolters and a Plasma Gun and using the Grymn Jump Packs as Power Packs as well. Paint job was real easy, I base coated with Darksun, and dry drushed a light yellow over the top then gave the each mini a Leiche Purple paint wash, althought I had to give them 2 washes this time round as I'd thinned the Purple too much on the first one.

From Dan Abbnets Christmas Blog

I read through all of Dans Blog at Christmas and thought I would share some of the goodness of the forecoming HH books Working Titles;

At the last Horus Heresy planning meeting, us High Lords of Terra realised we were referring to future and forthcoming books in the series by odd, euphemistic nicknames and placeholders. I thought you'd enjoy the list (and they are all, genuinely, going to be HH books... probably... just not with these names):

The Motorway into Bristol.
Twatted By A Bloodthirster.
[rude word I really can't write here on a public blog] Attack.
Hammer In The Face.
Bastards Of Evil.
Fungus And Poo.
Traitor To The Traitors.
Wobbly Rum Baba In A Big Pond Of Chaos.
Khorne Worshipping Asshats.
Big Crystal B*ner.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Bit more Info

So I'm still reading Deliverance Lost by Gav Thorpe and there has been another little bit thrown in, besides the Hawkwing referece on page 147 that no one seems to have even looked at. In the latest bit Corax is asking the Emperor about how he only has 17 brothers and The Emperors eyes glase over with the remembered pain of the loss.

Friday, 6 January 2012



Just reading Deliverance Lost by Gav Thorpe and on page 147 while Corax is listing what took the troops to the surface of Isstvan V, Corax mentions Hawkwings. Could this be the new 40k Codex flyer?

Just asking this as it's already established that some snipettes of 40K Lore are being slipped into the Horus Heresy Books.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012


So every army since Guard have had a model mounted on the flying base
Guard have the Vendetta Gunship
Blood Angels and Grey Knights have the Storm Raven
Dark Eldar have theres
And the Necrons get 2 soon if the current rumors are true.
Only ones missing out where the Sisters of Battle.
Depending on the next Codex
either the Black Templars will show case what the rest of the marine players get as air support, which when you think about it doesn't sound quite right. Why would the Codex for a 2nd Founding Chapter get the shiny new war gear, don't GW like to keep that type of gear to the smurfs book? That line of thinking lends weight to a WD Codex for BT's.
And of course Tau who are getting lots of shiny new play things for the greater good.
Now who is left without air support?
Smurfs, unless their flyer turns up in C:BT
Dark Angels
Sisters of Battle

Sunday, 1 January 2012

I've talked about Hasslefree Miniatures before as I really like their work and how easy it is get in touch with the company and how nice they are. Well now on facebook Hasslefree Miniatures have just told us that they are holding a competion. The competion is very simple, all you have to do is 1 buy a Hasslefree mini, 2 paint it up and upload it to facebook, 3 tag Sally White and or Hasslefree Miniatures and you'll be entered into a monthly draw for the chance to win a discount code worth 25per cent off your next order.
Links wil posted when i can get fully.