Friday, 18 January 2013

250th Post!

Well I've finially got my sticky little paws on an old style Chuck Dreadnought and it arrived in the post this morning, poor post was almost a snow man by the time I got to the door! first thing I did after unpacking it was to get the new Forge World version out and compare it size wise, and the old fella is only just up to the waist of the new kid. I'm also not to sure if my weapon load out I've received is actually leagel as it looks like I've ended up with both the Missile Launcher and the Las Cannon, but i know I can throw that out with the new DA Codex, so no worries there. My next step with the little fella is to get some more nail varnish remover and clean it up so I cna paint it up for the DA, it will be getting the Death Wing Vechiel upgrade as well, and, in background terms, is the Dreadnought the 9th Heavy Support Commander ends up in if it's vacant.

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