Thursday, 19 September 2013

Plans and Project M.

So last time I was in the library I wasn't able to get the blogger screen to load,so I wasn't able to put any photos on my last post and I'm doing this from my phone as it doesn't need any pics. Plans for The Glorious 1000 after readg Codex: Space Marine, I feel that at first glance the Ultramarine Chapter Tactic is going to draw a lot of kids and power gamers but each Tactic being usable only once a game, unless you take Pappa Smurf who lets you use one again, I don't think it's worth it. Personally I think I'll be using Imperial Fist Chapter Tactic and when I pad them out or I'll be using The Ravenguard Chapter Tactic, although I do plan to try the others at some point, I think the White Scars CT will be better fielded with the Lions Blades 2nd Company. Now onto PROJECT M; M for murder? M for my god wheres your money gone? M for my god what are you doing? M for Masterdon? A while ago I picked up a new Star Wars ATST to make a Scout Titan, now the version I picked up had a detachable head, which had been sitting around doing nothing all that time. I have read almost all of the HH novels and one of the things talked about was the Space Marine Mastodon, when I first read about it I wanted to buy one/make one. So after a chat with my oldest daughter about the art supplies at the uni shop she works at she's picking up some plasti card for me to make the body, just need to find a company that makes tracked bogies so I can buy 4 and some old engine blocks from Land Raider/ Dreadnought and some more heavy weapons to load it up. The Scout Titan hasn't really progressed beyond the bits legs and shell, still looking for a cockpit, I did see something a couple of weeks ago, but didn't have any cash to pick it up.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

6th Ed Plans, 12 Months On.

So 6th ed Codeices are coming thick and fast, so far the only one I've not picked up is Chaos Daemons, no my OCD is not showing honest, and I'm picking up the Space Marine Codex on Friday morning. The point of this podst is to talk about what I'm planning on next. The 'nid dex is not one I'm getting and if I do want to read it, and I will, I know my mate is a Nid player and I'll borrow the book off him if I want to. My next planned Codex buy is going to be Imperial Guard and possibly the rumored Ravenguard Suppliment for the Glorious 1000 so I can play them as a stealth unit, hence the camo on various squads. Beyond the Imperial Guard Codex I intend to The Blood Angels Codex and if the rumors are true a Flesh Tearers suppliment and run them as a Knights of Blood Strike Force with the spare marines I have mostly bring black already I only need to add the red bits. I need to massively repaint the command squad, Captain in power armour, Captain in Terminator Armour, Librarian in Terminator Armour and my Librarian Furioso Dreadnought. I also plan on getting the Necron Codex so I can build a Necron Force that I can also play as the Mechanicus Android Army, as it stands now I already have an HQ and 2 troops as well as linking this army to my Guard and The Poxy Proxy Banesword. The Ork, Dark Eldar and Grey Knights Codex only interest me in reading the background, but if Grey Knights is expandand to include the rest of The Inquisition I will be getting that one, if not I'll be picking up the Sister Of Battle book. Got to admit I'm struggling to think of what is left army wise. If the Fallen Suppliment does come out I will be picking that up, but thinking on it it's difficult to say which Codex A Fallen Supplimemt will be a suppliment to, as it could be Dark Angels, Chaos Space Marines or Imperial Guard.

Saturday, 7 September 2013

LAW Team for The Glorious 1000

So over the week I started to paint up the missile team for The Glorious 1000 I had intended to paint them up in the chapter colours which was why I'd got out one of my heavy bolter team to remind me of the colours and which way round they are.
I was 3/4 of the way through painting one up in blazing orange after already painting them all in kharak stone when I thought about it for a second and thought wouldn't a heavy weapon team use camo? They stay put most of the time and fire from cover, I know I'd want to be camoed up in that situation.
So I had a look online thinking ambush predators, I orginally looked at tigers then thought of the Amur Leopard, an advert had just come on my TV about adopting one, I thought I'd give that look a go.
I know it's not brilliant but it is close to what I was aiming for, and on a table top it'll be fine.
And the full unit painted up in the same style, just need to dig their Sgt out to update his paint job and swop some of my heavy bolters round as I have 2 new ones in my First Founding Chapter and older style HB in the new chapter.