Friday, 27 February 2015

A Week On, Harlequin Codex

My first thoughts after totting up costs, "This is not an army for small points games". All Troupes in my old army where 10 strong, lead by a Shadowseer and with an extra Death Jester so they numbered 11, so I had the option to use the Death Jester or 9 Harlequins. Now as I was sat down with the Codex I looked at my Star Player Troupe and have decided to make it a full Troupe of 12 Harlequins with an attached Death Jester and Shadow Seer to get the buffs. This is not a cheap unit, add in a Tantalos and I have 15 models with not much change from 700 points, these 4 extra Troupers will also be getting Trouprs I'm currently reviewing Batman Villians as we speak although I plan on sticking in a Troupe based on either Nightwing or Azreal for at least one Light Troupe. The rest of Troupes have the option of either a Death Jester and a Shadowseer with 7 Troupers and a Troupe Leader, this unit can also ride a Raider and I can take them as a Formation...
The 3 Vypers are getting a make over to become Voidweavers, 2 Haywire Blasters with 1 Prisma Cannon.
The rest, well I'm keeping the Wraithlords, the Razorwing, the Raiders, I still plan a to buy a Reaper and a Tantalos for this army of course.

Well That Sucks

So I got into work today and checked out the news and found out Galvatron had passed away
The End of Starscream (Blu-ray 1080p HD):

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Power Rangers Update Has Been Pulled.

Not 40k, not excatly safe for work/ under 15's either. Violence, blood, gore, murder, betrail.
I don't think Saban are impressed with the darkness of this, the version with boobs vanished yesterday and there's pressure to take this one down as well. But if this ever gets a full film I would watch it on the biggest gorram screen I could find.

Monday, 23 February 2015

Forge World Bulletin 23/02/15

New stuff from Forge World, Scyllax Guardian Automaton, rules are in the next Forge World book.

Some pretty images from The Heresy Weekender, Kruze


A very nice Seige Thalax isn't it?

And an Imperial Fist Sicaran

And an image from the Web Way map in the Harlequin Codex

Aren't they all in the hands of Abaddon after The Gothic Sector War?

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Monthly Vow Update

Picked up the Harlequin Codex, not yet had chance to do more than glance threw it in the store. I like the map of the Web Way.
So onto my monthly vow; I let myself have a bit extra time on this one as I started on the 24th of Jan to the end of Feb.

Most everything that I've painted, forgot to add the Goon Troupe for the Harlequins but that one isn't finished yet.

These 2 bases are for a future Spirit Warrior project.

The Venom that my Incubi/Master Mimes ride in.

The base and the weapons have been painted this month.

This dread in it's standard rifleman loadout.

The lot for The Lion's Blades, the Mortis Fire Support Dreadnought, Timberwolf of Sah'Hal, Champion of the 1st Company and 3 DV Ravenwing Bikes.

The Storm Talon for the Knights Of Blood and a Death Company Dreadnought with Murderfangs claws.

The Raider for the Goon Troupe of my Harlequin army and the Venom for my Mimes and the 2 bases.

The commission painted Herald Of Slannesh, not mine but it was done this month.

The Contemptor for the Malal

One of Davain Thule, The Returned.

The 2 Bjørns. Got to say I prefer the new plastic version, but I would like to mix them and match the bits.

Start on my next Troupe of Harlequins, mostly DE Wytches, 4th ed metal Harlies and Andrea from Hasslefree Miniatures. This Troupe will have a couple the riders from The Starweavers to fill it and maybe a couple of more Wytches to round it out.

And lastly an attempt at this classic piece of art.

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Harlequins Retrospective

Okay, did something stupid and deleted blogger app from my phone and now I'm not able to reinstall it, do trying something else as well as sending Google an email complaining about it.
So Harlequin Codex is on order, picking it up on Sunday, I'm rather worried that currently my army doesn't match any of the Formations that have leaked meaning I may have to work something out.

The Star Players, mostly based on Batman Villians.

The Master Mimes and my options for Solitairs with the Venom they'll ride in.

The Wraithlords, spent a lot of time playing Red Dead Redemption when I built the Shuriken Cannon Wraithlord, the other I got from ebay so had to make the most of the pose.

The Maiden, The Mother and The Crone.

The Razorwing, Malice Aforethought.

Troupe Freeze.

The Death Jesters, this unit will be most likely used as Shadow Spectors.

Troupe Scarecrow.

Troupe Milliner.

Troupe Creegan, this guy was based on a recuring bad guy from Cleopatra 2525.

The League Of Shadows, my Mimes.

Getting On

Still spending lots of time at work, so therefore not getting much time to do painting. The Raider is coming on slowly, the Venom is also coming on slowly, also think the new Codex is leaving me in limbo as I don't know what I can do yet, all the focus is on the new units. I want to know whats happening with the Raiders!

Tuesday, 17 February 2015


Starting work with Bloggeriod as I dropped the ball and deleted the blogger app.

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Amazing Mini

This flashed up on my Facebook news feed this morning, claiming to be the Avatar Of The Laughing God. Personally I think it's something someone has built themselves.

Saturday, 14 February 2015


Was just on Facebook and this photo flashed up in my feed from the 40K for Grown Ups group. Rich Finegan used a what I already have search on his iPad and grabbed a screen shot and posted it up there, so I've knicked it and put it up here. So Apple seem to think Sisters are next, no date was given.

Friday, 13 February 2015

Buy, Buy The Glorious 1000

With a heavy heart I post this link, but even a hoarder like me cannot justify having 2 Codex Marine Armies, so having cherry picked already the bits I wanted to keep here is the ebay entry for The Glorious 1000, all 39 of them.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Storm Bird Images.

When I first read about the Storm Bird in the Horus Heresy series I pictured something that looked like the Cold War era Vulkan Bomber with lift fans in the wings, more guns and of course bigger. Not a fat bottomed Thunder Hawk.