Sunday, 22 February 2015

Monthly Vow Update

Picked up the Harlequin Codex, not yet had chance to do more than glance threw it in the store. I like the map of the Web Way.
So onto my monthly vow; I let myself have a bit extra time on this one as I started on the 24th of Jan to the end of Feb.

Most everything that I've painted, forgot to add the Goon Troupe for the Harlequins but that one isn't finished yet.

These 2 bases are for a future Spirit Warrior project.

The Venom that my Incubi/Master Mimes ride in.

The base and the weapons have been painted this month.

This dread in it's standard rifleman loadout.

The lot for The Lion's Blades, the Mortis Fire Support Dreadnought, Timberwolf of Sah'Hal, Champion of the 1st Company and 3 DV Ravenwing Bikes.

The Storm Talon for the Knights Of Blood and a Death Company Dreadnought with Murderfangs claws.

The Raider for the Goon Troupe of my Harlequin army and the Venom for my Mimes and the 2 bases.

The commission painted Herald Of Slannesh, not mine but it was done this month.

The Contemptor for the Malal

One of Davain Thule, The Returned.

The 2 Bjørns. Got to say I prefer the new plastic version, but I would like to mix them and match the bits.

Start on my next Troupe of Harlequins, mostly DE Wytches, 4th ed metal Harlies and Andrea from Hasslefree Miniatures. This Troupe will have a couple the riders from The Starweavers to fill it and maybe a couple of more Wytches to round it out.

And lastly an attempt at this classic piece of art.

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